He not only has to carry almost the entire film on his own, but he also has to convincingly act like he is slowly going insane without hamming it up, or losing his personality. Although somewhat more cerebral than viscerally frightening, “” delivers its share of shocks and frights, and viewers will stay in their seats not to miss the film’s twists and swerves. The premise may be thin, and yeah, it doesn’t always make a lot of sense. Matt Greenberg, Scott Alexander Writer: And then, of course, there is Room , which is a character itself. We will not come to understand why the room is the way it is. Rather than bombard the audience with ghostly special effects and gore, the movie gets under your skin and goes for a much more psychological approach. Although the “night in a haunted house” routine has been done endlessly since movies began, Hafstrom for the most part effectively plays his audience with an eerie, often jarring, soundtrack, clever cutting, and a minimum of effects.

There was never a time when I did not want him to get out of the room. Let me tell you, is different. If you are a Stephen King fan, then you will love this movie. His warnings give us chill bumps but leave enough open so that we still don’t know what we’re in for. There was never a time when I wasn’t rooting for Mike Enslin in It’s just a very evil presence that can somehow look deep within troubled souls, and torture them to death with their own personal demons.

When all is said and done, is a reminder of what horror can do. But then, the room itself begins to take on a life of its own, and begins sibtitles Mike with various ghostly apparitions, mind tricks, and even displaying his own painful past before him in various ways.

Cusack’s emotional range vrrip really put into play here, and the casting could not have been any more dead-on. Let me tell you, is different.

John Cusack is brilliant as the cynical writer with a tragic past.


The human element of Mike Enslin is always at the center of the story itself, and its scares. It can also make us laugh and leave us captivated. He travels the world, doing research by staying overnight at places that are supposed to be haunted, gets some colorful background info that he can use for material, and then moves on to his next job.

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And with roomyou never really know what you’re in for. In a cruel blow to fans of ‘s soft rock, listening to the Carpenters’ hit “We’ve Only Just Begun” afterward may stimulate nightmares and certainly will never be the same again.

At the center of the movie is John Cusack, who literally has to carry the movie almost by himself. There was never a time when I wasn’t rooting for Mike Enslin in If you are a Stephen King fan, then you will love this movie.

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The movie is built around the fact that he is forced to face his personal demons the longer he stays in his room, as well as try to keep his mind in check as various nightmarish hallucinations are paraded before him.

It doesn’t start out as a scary movie. Mike books the room, despite the warnings of the hotel manager, Gerald Olin Samuel L. Cusack triumphs over the staff and settles into the chamber’s banal decor, which he idly describes piece by piece into his pocket recorder for the intended article. I also suggest that you pick up and read the short story Room brrio This movie captures a lot of the mental torture that Stephen King writes so well embodied in room Matt Greenberg, Scott Alexander Writer: He now spends his time writing trashy paranormal novels about the world’s most haunted areas.

He sees the room as a solid ending chapter for the sutbitles book he’s working on. John Cusack plays cult writer Mike Enslin, a man who visits supposed haunted spots in order to debunk their reputations in the mildly-successful books he writes with titles such as “10 Nights in Haunted Hotels”.


Thus, Hafstrom worked largely with a one hotel-suite set and one mid-level actor. Well, it’s not the horror movie we’re used to seeing in this day and age. Relying on psychological tension rather than overt violence and gore, is a genuinely creepy thriller with a strong lead performance by John Cusack.

One day, Mike receives a postcard informing him of an old hotel in New York City called the Dolphin Hotel, which is supposed to have a room that has quite the history. Well worth your money and time. There are, of course, those who will be disappointed by because when all is said and done, they will find it’s not a movie about a freaky hotel room, but rather the man who’s trapped in that hotel room and what he finds there.

But seriously, who wants to apply logic to a movie about an evil hotel room that can read your mind? Stephen King’s psychological horror rarely ever shows its face on the screen the way it appears in his writing.

This is also a tricky balance to pull off. Just when you thought it was safe to check into a New York City hotel, along comes Mikael Hafstrom’s chilling ” Any actor can tell you that madness is a difficult thing to depict. The way it is constantly changing itself, right down to the paintings on the wall, creates an effectively creepy atmosphere that is continuously bizarre, but never so much so that we lose our sense to believe.

Doing some private research, he learns that the Dolphin has subtit,es a long and tragic history of deaths, all of them surrounding the guests that have stayed in Room