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Trendy And Stylish Dolce & Gabbana Leopard Print Bag

This is not the first time we focuses on the animal prints especially the leopard trend. Actually, animal prints really add fashion look to our appearance. They style is found everywhere. From clothes, to shoes, to D&G handbags and watches. Various of top designers strongly like to use the print on designer handbags this year.

Dolce & Gabbana just keep up with the trend and introduced the wide range of leopard print canvas bags. They features leopard print canvas with fine black calf leather trimmings. Alongside the print, they are the silver hardware pieces and bang on-trend studs which definitely add richness to these bags. Besides, the leather handles with square rings and the logo plate on the front come in a different shade, which all the more makes this ornate. Thanks to the spacious interior, there is no need to worry about space and organization. They have enough capacity to hold as many different things as you deem necessary. No matter what you are the person who like the print or not, you have to admit that they are trendily energetic. Compared to the classic leather bag, this pattern reflects nature far more than the common blacks that we are used to seeing on them. Hobos, totes, shoulder bags, messenger bags are available. Just be sure to pair them with something casual and considerably plain so as to keep a somewhat elegant look.

Since exotics are indeed a trend that could work from season to season, the striking D&G Leopard Print Bag is absolutely a worthy addition to your collection.

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Birth of Costume in Indian Cinematic World (Part 1)

(Note: The information provided in this article is a result of the doctoral research conducted during time span of five years between 2005 and 2010 in Indian film industry. The information was collected through observation of the process along with personal interviews, questionnaire and group discussions with the personnel working for the industry, critics, historians and in-charge of the organisations responsible for functions related to costuming work in Mumbai films.


The creation process of a costume will be discussed in eleven steps, an introduction to which is available in initial part of the article. The flow chart is given in figure 2, yet while explaining, the last three steps have been modified for convenience of understanding. The matter will be presented through a series of three articles with first four steps discussed in this one. )


Film making process can be divided into three stages namely: Pre-production, Production and Post-production (Bension, 2008).

Pre-production is the planning phase, which includes casting, location selection, set/costume creation and overall scheduling. Production involves the actual making of the film i.e. all activities which are part of the shooting process. Post-production activities include editing, recording, advertising and marketing. Costuming, as a process, is centred more towards the initial phase of film making, although the use of costumes carries on during the complete production.
About the Authors:


Dr. Sarita Kataria is a Ph.D. scholar, Delhi University


Dr. Seema Sekhri is an Associate Professor at the Department of Fabric and Apparel Science, Lady Irwin College

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Hong Kong Fashion Week – World Boutique Win Accolades both From Exhibitors and Buyers

Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/ Winter and HKTDC World Boutique, Hong Kong, which opened on 16th January and continued through 19 January at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter, the largest event of its kind in Asia, and World Boutique, which marks its 10th anniversary this year, welcomed more than 110 buying missions representing over 5,300 buyers from 43 countries and regions. New participants included Denmark, Jordan, Nepal and the United Arab Emirates.


Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter, the largest event of its kind in Asia also introduced three new product zones – Denim Arcade, Handbags Select and Salon of Scarves and Shawls. Combined with World Boutique, the two fairs staged 20 fashion shows, including signature events Fashion Extravaganza and the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers Contest. There were also catwalk shows spotlighting such exhibitors as IKA, Modessa and Tattoo from Hong Kong, Group Pronuptia from France and the BD Somani Institute of Art and Fashion Technology from India. The Knitwear Innovation & Design Society and the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association presented new collections from their members, while the International Fashion Designers’ Show ran throughout the fair period.

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Online Fashion Design Schools

Online fashion design schools meet the growing need of the people who do not have the time and resources to go for full time course, but still want to learn the nuances of fashion design. These schools provide all the information and knowledge to the students through their online course material. This lets the students familiarize themselves with all the skills and technicalities of fashion design from the convenience of their homes.


Though conducted from a distance, the online fashion design schools keep the students abreast of the latest trends in the realm of fashion design. So the knowledge imparted is practical.

The advantage of such schools is that no campus attendance is required. Hence, there are no deadlines or commuting hassles. The students can gain the knowledge at their own pace and according to their own grasping ability.

The examinations conducted are of the open book type and guarantee the student a diploma or degree that is nationally accredited. The online fashion design schools do not have specific enrollment dates. So the students can take up the course at their own convenience. They have the flexibility of completing the course according to their own schedule. Moreover, the content of the course is almost the same as what is offered by the regular schools and colleges. The tuition fees are without any interest rates, which renders the whole course affordable. This flexibility and affordability assured by the online fashion design schools makes it the one of the favorite options for national and international students.

The online fashion design schools offer different programs such as high school diplomas, career diplomas, associate and master?s degree. The degree or diploma offered can be earned anywhere and is recognized by the concerned industry. Thus, after completing the course, the students can jump-start their career in fashion design.

The enrollment for the course can be done online, by filling out the online application forms. The online catalog provides all the requisite information to the candidates.

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Fashion Trends During The Summer Season

Each season, fashion style and trends change. What is trending in winter is not popular on summers and vice versa. An example of trending clothes during summers is short spring jacket and sleek retro dress. Here are some of the trending fashions during summer seasons.

Floral Fashion

One of the most popular outfits during the summer is clothes with floral patterns. You will see a lot of girls wearing clothes with floral patterns during the summer and spring. This trend is similar to the floral patterned shorts and dresses you see in the ‘60s movie with a little bit of modification to fit in modern fashion styles. In easy words, you can describe it as retro/happy flower wear.


Fashionable denim shorts are trending clothes during summers. Clothes with stripes and a little graphics are also popular among the girls. If you are planning to buy denim outfits, always remember that you should that the bolder the colours the better your denims are.

Sleek and Slinky

Sleek and slinky dresses have been popular during the ‘70s era and now this fashion trend is making its way back to the spotlight. Satin dance dresses are one of your best options when trying to select summer clothes. They can be worn to dinners, galas, events and even dinner parties. Sapphire and ink emerald is a perfect match of colours for satin dress. You can wear this dress in simple occasions as well as in special occasion.

Full Skirts

Another popular trend of the 1970s is making its way back to the market. These clothes are full skirts. These types of outfit make a girl look sexy and are available in various styles and length which will make it difficult for you to choose because they all look good. If you are trying to buy one always remember to choose from long, short, sheer or full skirts.

Wide Pants

Wide pants are popular trends which is also adapted from the fashion trends of the decade of 1970s. The summer is like travelling back to the ‘70s. If you want to save money, you can go to your mother’s attic and you might find a desirable outfit for you.

There are many fashion trends during the summer season, if you want to know more about it, you can try searching the internet. Furthermore the internet will also allow you to purchase those clothe online.

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Power Dressing For Corporate Success – Five Trendy Tips For Women

First impressions could bring about disaster or success most especially in the business world. Appearance is the foremost article people see. Assumptions are frequently made on the personality and ability in just a few seconds.

Knowing how to dress for work can occasionally be overwhelming to most women. This is because women’s business outfits have a wider range of choices than men. Style, colors, fabric, accessories and make-ups should be considered. A lot of women fail on these and made poor choices.

Getting dressed for work doesn’t need to sacrifice your own personal style. Just keep in mind to dress professionally rather than trendy. As a business woman, be sure to choose simple yet elegant clothes.

Professional yet Fashionable


Color plays an important aspect in professional appearance. Traditional dark colors like gray gives an aura of being conventional. Black signifies chic and navy blue says you are responsible. Red on the other hand represents aggressiveness. Aqua or pale blue and dusty rose shows feminine yet authoritative. White leaves an impression that an individual strives for perfection and has impossible ideas. Brown means honesty and wholesome or practical.

It is advisable to always go on solid prints. As much a possible, avoid prints that are “blaring”. The five shades: Black, brown, navy, gray, camel and white are the basic colors to go corporate. Preferred colors can be worn on day blouse. A lot of women choose colors of their blouses that will complement their hair and skin tone. There are even times they choose colors based on their mood.


High heels are nice and stylish; however, beware of the narrow stiletto types. These are not only inappropriate but they can be absolutely discomforting. In the busy business world, walking up a flight of stairs and standing for long periods of time on bustling days should always be thought about. Corns and calluses are something you cannot afford when you are on your toes every day. Closed shoes and pumps with heels are more acceptable in the corporate world. Open-toe shoes and sandals are considered inappropriate when wearing suits. Most definitely no athletic shoes. Be also wary and always check if your shoes look too worn out for comfort.

Wear stylish yet appropriate shoes for business attire. It is advisable to wear wider and thicker type of hills to give your feet support and comfort.


A self-assured woman does not need to wear a lot of jewelry. Wearing too many accessories could draw negative or excessive attention causing distractions and intimidation of other people.

It would be perfect to wear stud earrings and a simple necklace. A silk scarf would give the business outfit a polished look.


Women should be careful on putting makeup. The business arena is the last place for heavy make-up and cosmetics. Keep the make-up as light as possible. Go for natural colors to have a fresh look. It is easier to re-touch and doesn’t smudge as much.


Choosing the appropriate type of bag is as critical as the others mentioned above. It is also a part of your business attire. It has also a great impression on your individuality. A slouchy bag looks unprofessional. Bags should be elegant but project an organized image as well. Choose a bag that has many compartments to fit office as well as personal things. Some women prefer to have a coach bag where in they could put a lot of personal things like make-ups and perfumes. Laptops and other paper works could perfectly fit inside the bag as well.

Initial impression is vital in a business world. Be careful and conscious on how you dress because it only takes a few seconds to create an impression on your abilities and skills as a person and as an executive or employee. Be careful in selecting dress colors and shoes to wear, accessories, makeup and bags.

It is critical for business women like you to dress that would express your identity. It will propel your career without compromising your fashion sense. Your attire should confidently say you are smart, intelligent, competent and organized.

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Let the T-shirt speak your Personality

T-shirts are trendy, easy to wear and no fuss ensemble. How about personalizing it a bit further to reflect ones own personality?


A pair of jeans with a well fitting T-shirt is the most preferable modern day uniform for both men and women. This costume is worn in both social occasions casual weekends, and is also considered trendy for ones night outside. To make the wearer stand out of the crowd with this common attire, a bit of creativity and extra flair is required. This will make a versatile addition to the wardrobe while keeping with the trend. T-shirts can be easily worn with designer items also giving an effortlessly cool look. Anything like ripped jeans to diamonds can be worn with a T-shirt.


Seamless & Collarless T-shirts:


Adding ones own personality with the T-shirts will add a fresh edge to the wearers look. Many teen idols are now choosing to customize their T-shirts with an untailored look. These apparels are either without a collar or with a short bottom. Fashion boutiques, and manufacturers are catching on with this trend and are now coming up with apparels made from light fabrics, and unfinished seams.


Art of Customizing T-shirts:


Manufacturers are now making T-shirts customizing to the individual preferences of the wearer. Britney Spears is currently making a fashion statement by adding her words on her T-shirt. These apparels are designed taking into consideration, the body structure of the wearer. A bit costly though, this apparel is very popular among celebrities.


T-shirts with DNA:


An innovative clothing line is introduced using the DNA strand line. The individuals own genetic code is used to create and personalize this apparel. The individuals DNA is selected from his saliva, and a small segment of DNA is magnified. This DNA is then run through a gel to make it visible. The image is made bigger and little imperfections are removed. This is later printed on the T-shirt.


Fingerprint T-shirts:


Each and every individual have their own fingerprint. Each one is unique in its own way and does not match with that of others. This individuality is reflected in the making of apparels where customers can share this unique trait in an attractive manner.


T-shirts with a persons lip signs:


Some characteristics of an individual are unique and cannot be represented by another individual. A lip sign is a symbol of femininity and beauty. This exceptionality of a persons lips is used with creativity that it is reflected in the T-shirts also.


Trends in t-shirts for 2010:


To stay ahead in the world of fashion, one should always know what is getting popular and what will be the trends popping ahead. Vintage T-shirts reflecting an authentic look or images and sayings provoking a retro feeling seem to run their course and will be in vogue. These designs while more subtle will still make a fashion statement. Printing techniques such as 3-D prints, custom tag printing, and foils will become popular. Cool T-shirts will be sold online, to satisfy the expectations of T-shirt lovers.


Continuous growth in the T-shirt industry is foreseen by industry experts. Understanding the customer psychology, and following appropriate marketing techniques by envisioning normal things in a bit different way will help the manufacturers to capture the market.

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Some Tips For Choosing Formal Dresses

This is excellent to do as well, but it allows to be ready beforehand so that one does not have to invest too a while in the shop Some shops are devoted to promoting formal outfits and they are generally a bit costly. They need to know their system as well. If a individual chooses on a attire that everyone else is dressed in, they can take a position out using the right components.

Color is also essential and one should have some understanding of their epidermis shading when buying a particular attire. These are just a few recommendations that females can use when looking for formal outfits. One should always aim to be relaxed and to be themselves. There are many circumstances where one lady would wear a attire that another lady is dressed in.

Hairpieces and jewelry this will can consist of pantyhose. Most periods, one is advised beforehand as to the form of collecting they will be joining. It is more essential to discover a go with or something that is near to it. One can then take plenty of a chance to examine out different shops that bring these kinds of outfits when a option has been made on how much would be invested.

It is best to examine out several shops determining on one. This way one can know if it is a celebration or another formal establishing. To create the right option one has to know what the particular event is all about. It’s not necessary to go with your complexion exactly. They are usually used for a exclusive day of some type such as a marriage or a food.

The figure also contains your experience appearance as well as their dimension. They have to think about how much they will have to invest when one has obtained the details they need. Many periods a individual might not obtain these additional products as they might already have some of these products at home.

Many are fast to select dark-colored because it’s an easy option. Accessories should also be selected according to your figure and experience appearance. It is essential to get a jump start in looking for the ideal attire. This is excellent if dark-colored is your preferred shade.

Here are some elements to consider when making a option. Each individual has a different system shape and one has to discover out what they have before they choose a attire that does not fit their appearance. Others have a area in their shop that provides exclusive products at a reduced cost. There is always a need for formal outfits in the life of females. This can be very frustrating if one wants to be exclusive.

This will give a individual a chance to get the details they need on what to anticipate. One can use a headscarf in your best shade as an feature if a dark-colored attire is used. One should also consist of products that will be used with the attire when determining on a funds. Before viewing the shop one should also know what their figure is like. Most people simply to go the shop and create their option by trying on different outfits until they discover one that performs.

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Relaxing & Trendy Footwear

India is the second largest footwear producer after China. In the footwear marketplace, stylish and trendy sandals, slippers, shoes, belly and much more are available to attract consumers. These days, footwear market is one of the most emerging markets which is generating high revenue. Leather slippers are very much in fashion. Mostly ladies desire to wear different trendy footwear, which make them distinctive from crowd. In past year, People used to wear comfortable footwear which should be more relaxing and have long life. But now, demands are changing as per the fashion changing itself. With comfort level, people wish to wear something different and according to the latest fashion which offers unique and trendy look.

Paragon footwear is known for their best quality and comfort zone. Paragon is one of the major market holder firms of footwear. Paragon footwear is available in wide range of shoes, slippers, belly, sandals and more. Paragon footwear is too comfortable and caters to each age group whether it’s for kid or senior citizen. For every age group, Paragon serves the best kind of footwear and provides the best level comfort zone. Paragon footwear can be buy at reasonable prices and available at every shoe store or showroom.

Indian footwear market is diminishing these days; reason is the high demand of foreign footwear brands. Indian footwear companies provide best quality products at reasonable price but still the foreign brands which are highly expensive are more in demand. These foreign brands offer wide range of trendy footwear which is the major reason behind the popularity of these brands. Indian footwear market has make changes in the product quality and style as well.

Paragon Eva based footwear is made up of natural rubber and have huge portion of ethylene vinyl acetate in the footwear. Eva stands for ethylene vinyl acetate. EVA is the kind of polymers which provide softness and flexibility in the footwear. Paragon Eva based footwear is available in diverse range of colors and sizes ranging from 6 to 10, 4 to 5, 1 to 3, and 9 to 13. Paragon Eva based footwear offers diverse category of footwear which include shoes, sandals, slippers and much more which integrated with the high portion of ethylene vinyl acetate.

Paragon rubber based footwear is less slippery, very smooth and available in beautiful colors. It is manufactured by the natural rubber which offer soft feel to the feet. These are highly in demand and available at reasonable price. Paragon rubber based footwear offer wide range of stylish footwear and provides relaxing walking. This is comfortable for the daily use and have long life. Basically Paragon rubber based footwear used in bathroom because it is less slippery and water resistant.

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Expanded Hong Kong Fashion Week

Expanded Hong Kong Fashion Week Boasts of 1,300 Exhibitors



Prospects were very sunny for this year’s Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer, thanks to an 11% growth in exhibitors, with almost 1,300 taking part in the fair. What is particularly encouraging is increased participation from places such as India, Indonesia and Taiwan.


The World of Fashion Accessories zone registered a very impressive 35% growth to 107 companies, while the Sewing Supplies and Fabrics & Yarn zones have also posted good increases in exhibitor numbers. These uplifting statistics underline the fact that Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer has evolved into a very meaningful platform for buyers to conduct one-stop sourcing, encompassing finished garments, designers labels, fashion accessories and raw materials.


A growing number of exhibitors – 1,300 – at the 17th Hong Kong Fashion Week looked forward expectantly to some 5,500 decision making level buyers from as many as 70 countries, opened on 3 August 2010 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). Hong Kong Fashion Week featured exhibitors from 21 countries and regions and four group pavilions from India, Macau, Taiwan and the Chinese mainland. The mainland pavilion features group exhibitions from Hangzhou, Jiaxing, Ningbo, Shaoxing and Wenzhou.


“For decades, the Hong Kong garment and textile industry has attracted buyers from all over the world because of its outstanding manufacturing craftsmanship and flexible trade and sales services,” said Vincent Fang, Chairman of the HKTDC’s Garment Advisory Committee. “Hong Kong fashion designers are trendsetters who understand the market,” he added. “The ultimate advantage of Hong Kong is its ability to reach the massive market on the Chinese mainland,” said Fang, noting that the fair is an outstanding sourcing and marketing platform for local companies. Fang also predicted that Hong Kong Fashion Week will help exhibitors reach out to global buyers to win more orders.


As always, a number of product zones were set up to ensure that exhibitors are able to introduce their products to potential buyers in a well-organised and customised setting. These zones included:


Fabrics & Yarn – for wide array of fabrics, fibres and yarns, including functional fabrics such as cotton and linen, high-performance fabrics, lingerie fabrics, man-made fabrics, knitted fabrics, as well as silk, wool, ramie, and embroidery.


Infant & Children’s Wear – for clothing for little ones for all occasions.


Bridal & Evening Wear – for unique and beautiful apparel and accessories for men and women to complete that special occasion.


Fashion Gallery – for high-end, designer pieces for those who want nothing but the best. Garment Mart – for high volume and value pieces with mass market appeal.


Garment Mart – for high volume and value pieces with mass market appeal.


Sewing Supplies – for must have tools of the trade for all designers and manufacturers.


International Fashion Designers’ Showcase – for cutting edge designers to showcase their collections, discuss their work and potential business opportunities.