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Red High Heels – A Treat To Your Lovely Legs

If you are a woman and if you strongly believe in being fashionable as well as trendy, ignoring your legs may cost you a lot. Pampering your lovely legs can amplify your physical beauty. You can dress up your fine legs with the high heel shoes or sandals. While talking about the sumptuous women accessories, we just can not deny the importance of high heels. It has been in fashion for long but the latest fad is to match the colors of your dress with it. The heels not only beautify us physically but also increase the confidence that we have.

High heels are the perfect solution to add a new dimension in to your overall appearance. So if we want to give your legs, you can choose from any of these. These footwear compliments almost every sort of clothing and makeup therefore you can ensure that all of the gets ups can be matched up with the heels. It is a way to be distinctively feminine and flaunting your appeal. You can play with your color of imaginations and can make your friends envy.

Further in this article we are going to expand your knowledge base. Here, we will talk about the basic motives behind using these. Most of us are just ignorant with the other side of these trendy high heels. Some of the salient features are enlisted as follows:

1. The most important reason behind using these fabulous heels is to add on the physical appeal. It is the common cause that all of us know.
2. Apart from increasing the physical beauty, these high heels allow the user to look smarter, taller and in a few cases slimmer also.
3. You can hide your long foot using these high heels and make them look smaller.
4. An angle made with respect to the lower leg and foot can be changed by highlighting calves through the high heels only.
5. Being stylish, seductive and attractive is not an issue anymore as you can do all these using one that best fits your posture.
6. High heels shape up your leg muscles especially the lower part and using these you can define the beautiful arches of your feet.

The recent markets are flooded with the varieties of the high heels based on material, color, shape, design and different sizes based on material, color, shape, design and different sizes. You can own anyone that suits you and is really comfortable for you.

So finally, you are all set to flaunt your style.

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The Notable Plus Size Shapewear to Choose

The notable plus size shapewear must be something that you really need especially when you want to have the more improved posture. It will help you to burn your excessive fat of your body optimally just like what you can get from the best waist trainer for plus size. So then, you can have the more reduced waistline and flattened belly mainly if you use it while doing your physical exercises. Yet, you can find so many options of excellent shapewear to choose out there. Well, you can figure some of them when you keep reading below.

best waist trainer for plus size

The Workout Waist Trainer

It will be a very nice idea for you to choose workout waist trainer as it can generate the heat, so that you can sweat more. It means that you will be able to reduce the fat of your waist and belly in the faster and more effective way. Moreover, it has been featured with the adjustable straps to make it fit your waist so well. So, you will always move freely and comfortably when you use this shapewear even during your workout. In addition, you can get it at the affordable price which can start from $19.99.

workout waist trainer

The 2 in 1 Butt Lifter and Thigh Trimmer

Then, the next awesome option that you have to choose is the 2 in 1 butt lifter and thigh trimmer which is available for you at the price of $26.99. In the simple words, you will find that this particular shapewear can really upgrade your posture as it is made of the best polyester and compression garments. The combination of those materials will not only help you lose your excessive weight, but also relieve your pain quickly. Thus, it is so obvious that you can improve your body shape and health at the same time once you have used this shapewear.

2 in 1 butt lifter and thigh trimmer

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Eternal – Forever –everlasting Love Just As Diamonds

Eternal means never ending. The thought itself is so powerful that it often mesmerizes. If a couple feels that strongly about their union and togetherness there can’t be any other choice but an everlasting promise of love- an Eternity ring. These are mostly given as token of love by partners on anniversaries expressing the love shared between them.

However, unlike engagement or wedding rings they can be gifted on any occasion. It can be you first wedding anniversary, 25th, 50th anniversary or birth of your first child or getting over trying times or to make a re-commitment .A pair of eternity diamond rings can be touching can memorable gift by children to their parents .This will be a tribute to their mutual love that has meant so much to the children over the years. They are often custom made as eternity rings can’t be pre-fitted. Individual preferences and sizes vary greatly in eternity diamond rings. Due to these factors many jewelers don’t stock them and opt for custom designs.

Eternity rings are available in plenty of styles from full eternity, half eternity; three row rings, gold and platinum rings and infinity rings. In full eternity diamond rings, stones are set all way of the ring. And in half eternity diamond rings it is designed and set on the face of the ring making it a preferred choice. Most jewelers use square or rectangle shape diamonds to create an eternity ring as facilitates spacing. Eternity ring is essentially is a simple band or a circle of stones.

The setting styles also influence the pricing of the rings. They can also be using other precious stones like ruby, emerald, sapphire etc. They usually set in band forms of gold, white gold or platinum. Eternity rings are also worn with the wedding rings or engagement rings by women. It is also available in attractive designs for men. Their simplicity in designs makes them a favorite among one and all. You have an advantage of designing your bands personally as many stores are happy to deliver.

It is advisable to follow the rules applicable to buying a diamond ring, earring or necklace. The Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight is important. Authenticity can be determined by a experienced gemologist. He is a person qualified to grade a diamond. If the store already has certified diamond; it too can be considered for purchase.

Fake diamonds are also available in the market .They are true replica and has 99 % likeliness to the real ones. They are also known as synthetic diamonds. Real diamonds are formed in a million years around river beds or under huge mineral deposits making it one of the greatest gifts of Mother Nature. However, advance technology of modern times has made it possible for Man to create the artificial diamonds in a far faster way. Trends keep changing but the faith in love remains unchanged over centuries. Eternity rings become a part of family heirloom which makes its authenticity very important as they reflect the bond of affection from generation to generation.

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Men’s Jewelry – Becoming A Popular Trend

Generally while talking about jewelry, majority of the times we refer to women jewelry. However these days, men’s jewelry is also gaining a lot of popularity. Men have started realizing that they should wear more jewelry and not only the wedding rings.

There is a difference between men’s and women’s jewelry. Women’s jewelry is somewhat flashier and trendier whereas men’s jewelry is more on the sober side. You cannot exaggerate men’s jewelry. Silver and gold remains the most popular. However, there is a rapid change since industrial metals like stainless steel, tungsten and titanium have debuted. Watches are no doubt among the most attractive male jewelry.

Following it are the rings, necklaces and bracelets etc.

Men’s ring speaks about the personality of a man and its growing success. Those of you who are tight on budget they may go for a cubic zirconium silver or gold ring. You can either opt for traditional or something modern. The modern or industrial methods are gaining popularity because of their durability, as they have become symbols of energy and strength.

Men necklaces are often referred to as neck chains. These usually vary from 18-25 inches. This is large enough to prevent snoring necks, however not as much as string extends below the serum. There are some things that hang from the chain; these are called medallions and hanging. In general, pendants are sold along with chains. Even the dog tags appear to be very popular these days.

If you want to be flashier then opt for cuff links. They come with professional team logos, symbols, classic and abstract art grounds etc.

You will even find them in crystal and glass. These provide an opportunity to reflect a man about his ethnicity, employment, hobbies or himself. It allows you to display your fine jewelry that simply no one can overlook.

Until recently, men bracelets were usually unheard for. However, times have changed now. The gold bracelets, be it white gold, yellow, gold etc are among the most common with sterling silver and silver particularly chosen. ID bracelets are among the hottest men accessory sold these days. It is a waist chain that contains an engraved plate. You can get your name engraved, or of your spouse or kids. Also, you can go for a personal motto or something.

Earlier earrings were not at all preferred for men. However, they now are being accepted as a legitimate form of jewelry. Men obviously have got the advantage of wearing this jewelry as they require it to wear only in one ear.

Nothing beats anything better than money clips when it comes to men’s jewelry. These are basically designed to carry cash as well as cards in a secured and compact format. They are really very stylish and elegant.

The ones that are made up of tungsten or titanium are preferred. Before you make a major purchase, it is recommended that you opt for an independent valuation. Also, do enquire about the credentials of the store from which you are buying the jewelry.

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Luxury in Hong Kong



The article discusses the characteristics of luxury market in Hong Kong & the factors behind its fast growth. The article also covers the study of various consumer segments and their important purchasing habits.


Hong Kong has a deep rooted love for luxury and reason being the rich and wealthy Shanghaies and Chinese immigrants. Shopping is way of life in Hong Kong and the market is worth more than $ 3.5 billion. Hong Kong is duty free zone and thus luxury goods here are cheaper than anywhere else in Asia. Luxury brands are hugely concentrated here. Gucci has eight stores in Hong Kong but three in New York and Milan and six in Paris in London. Similarly Herms has seven stores in Hong Kong, two in New York, three in Paris, one in Milan and five in London. Hong Kong is at its way of life stage of the spread of luxury Model (Chaddha & Husband, 2006, p. 105). Hong Kong’s luxury market started blooming in the 1970s when its economy started picking up. Most of the luxury sales came from nightclub hostesses, whose status was judged by the brands they used to carry and who later on returned these goods for refunds. In 1980s and 1990s a lot of money started pumping into the local markets which lead to revolution in the luxury industry. The new money brought Hong Kong into the show off stage. A lot of Japanese tourists also led to the rise of sales of these brands. In a recent survey report from the Boston Consulting, it was observed that even now, a lot of shoppers from China prefer to spend a lot of money in buying luxury goods from Hong Kong as they not only find these goods cheaper here but also prefer it because of authenticity, wider selection and better services.


An important characteristic of luxury retail in Hong Kong is franchising. Most of the luxury brands used to sell through local agents in early 90s though most of the big brands started managing their brands post 1997. A few brands are still being managed by local agents including Kenzo and Givenchy. Like China and Japan, the first spots for luxury retail in Hong Kong too were five Star Hotels, the remarkable ones being Mandarin Oriental & Peninsula Hotel. Later on upscale mega-malls like Ocean Terminal and plush shopping centres like Landmark also became sites of attraction for luxury shoppers in Hong Kong.


In their book “The Cult of the Luxury Brand” Chaddha & Husband (2006, pp. 122-27) have identified three major consumer groups in Hong Kong: Tai-tais, high maintenance professional women & office ladies. Tai-tais are the wives of business tycoons who have the highest spending capacity. It has been estimated that each one of them spends around a million USD on shopping annually. Women professionals are either successful entrepreneurs or high level executives who are highly discerning and ardent lux lovers. They spend around 15000-50000 USD annually. At the lower spectrum of luxury spenders lie office ladies who generally are secretaries or junior executive & whose per head spend ranges from 500-2000 USD annually, spend a huge portion of their salaries at a single go. These women mostly buy luxury bags and shoes, items which are evidently visible. This generation of characterized by no saving habits which is quite similar to the single parasites of Japan.

How a state of this size could support so much of luxury retail, has been a subject of wonder. The major reason behind high sales in Hong Kong is low import duties ranging from 12-30 percent, no sales taxes and negligible corporate income tax around 16 percent which bring down the prices of these brands. Another important factor is tourism which pulls in a lot of foreign shoppers majorly from China and Japan. Also the stores and shopping centres are so strategically located here that you cannot avoid shopping. These brands go for prime locations in the city with a huge selection opportunity. Hong Kong has a mixed culture due to long colonial rule of the British which differentiates it from rest of the China. This culture well describes the shopping madness in Hong Kong.


About the Author


The author is Assistant Professor in FMS Department, National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Gandhinagar.

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The Boho Style – Bohemian Clothes for Any Alter

Boho garments, diamond jewelry and bags have rocked the fashion globe. Boho continues to be immensely popular both with celebrities and with masses alike.
Have you ever tried using bohemian clothing? The fashion of street clothes is also called as Boho type. And in case you are sick and tired of putting on the exact same old issue daily, then that is one option you might search into with regards to garments for the adjust.

Several would say that this among the most convenient method of dressing up since you do not have to spend that a great deal cash compared to designer’s apparel. It can be just a matter of mixing and matching your street outfits to create them look a little much more presentable, and a tiny a lot more as what you are able to call your own design.
All you’ve to glimpse into is always to wearing outfits which have a lot more shades of artistry in it. It should be somehow one of a kind in the plain and also the typical, and adding components to your outfit would surely highlight the style one of the most. You also ought to take note that bohemian clothing are much more of the loose type of clothes so it isn’t all about highlighting the shape of your respective curves as nicely as your muscles.

The notion of sporting this form of garments is introducing a far more at ease and more artistic means of dressing up. Rather of putting on the common skimpy dresses and body fit shirts, you now possess the choice for making use of bohemian clothing to your everyday outfit. This time around you will not ought to be concerned should the skirt that you are wearing is too brief or should the blouse you might be donning is extremely colorful. With all the boho dresses you’ll be able to assure your self that what you’re putting on is comfy enough to your everyday activities.


What’s additional exciting about this style of dressing up is that it is possible to include as significantly gadgets you intend to match these artistic clothes. You are able to be as a lot innovative in projecting your own personal individuality without obtaining to present off that much skin. A lot of would say that this is usually a more cozy, affordable and an out of this planet style of garments. Nonetheless, tend not to you consider it’s time for you to test it for the transform, so it is possible to stop questioning what it feels like wearing these varieties of clothes?
Let us have a look on Boho suggestions:
Fitting: Many individuals misconstrue Bohemian outfits as ill fitting outfits. If you’re acquiring these, assure it fits properly. The latest Bohemian clothes trend is all about lengthy skirts and tunic tops.
Brilliant Colors: Decide on a vibrant colored top on jeans or trousers or more than a prolonged skirt, Capri etc. Alternatively, put on a long dress with intricate embroidery or have on a free flowing Boho lengthy skirt to enrich your character.

Diamond jewelry: Boho trend just isn’t just about dressing up in Boho model. It is about your overall appearance. Boho jewellery is beautifully intended, hand produced organic diamond jewelry built of stones, beads, semi precious gems, etc. Boho diamond jewelry might be put on any event, pick light weight models for casual situation and one thing unique this sort of as peacock style or exquisite layout to be worn at formal events. If you’re donning a deep neck gown, don chunky Boho beaded jewelry to fill up the open neckline. Most widespread material utilized in Boho jewelry is wood, hemp, shell, stones and so forth.

Bags: Patchwork bags built in cotton or silk can be your fashion statement for just about any situation. Use smaller round Boho bag for formal event. When you are utilizing the bag for morning to morning requirements, this kind of as going to operate position or to college, then go for Boho bag in larger size to accommodate all your belongings.
Boots or shoes: Boho footwear are basically intended for convenience. They are typically observed in neutral shades this sort of as olive green, black, brown and tan. Mainly, these footwear have flat heels and the ultimate matter in comfort and ease. As far since the style goes, Boho covers a broad selection of designs from gladiators, to suede and boots, which include moccasins. These boots or shoes might or may not have beads, gems and so forth.You are able to include worth to some uncomplicated outfit by choosing fringed or beaded Boho boots or shoes.

As stated earlier, Boho features a broader point of view. It is about ‘you’. So, if you want to sport an awesome, casual seem, it is possible to go with Boho hairstyle. Boho hairstyle is about rumpled seem, and you can attempt your own personal Boho hairstyle depending upon your face cut. Bangs are most popular amongst Boho hairstyles.

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Stylish Benefits Of High Heel Shoes

Today’s high heel shoes can help make a woman feel leaner, taller and sexier while being the most important accessory to her outfit.

A high heeled shoe can be defined as a shoe whose heel is higher than the toe. The heels can vary in height ranging from a two inch kitten heel to stilettos that are over four inches. Most heels are not worn for practical reasons, but for aesthetics. Lower heels are usually worn for work or more serious occasions, and taller heels are worn for going out dancing or a night out on the town.

They can also help shorter women appear taller. Legs can look more slender, longer and accentuate a woman’s calves. Since they change the center of gravity, it forces a woman to carrier herself a little taller, which implies more confidence. They also alter a woman’s stride which can add an touch of elegance to a woman’s walk.

High heels can be paired up with almost any type of outfit, making them very versatile. Traditionally they have been worn with more formal attire such as evening gowns and cocktail dresses. These days they can be paired up with jeans and a blazer to take a more casual style and transform it into an outfit acceptable for an evening social event.

High heels have become such an important factor in a woman’s fashion ensemble that they can become the flashiest part of her outfit. A dull black dress can go from boring to fabulous by adding a pair of trendy red heels or animal print stilettos.

There is a high heel out there for almost any type of style, age and budget. They can be made from fabrics such as leather, suede, velvet or be bejeweled. They can range in color from black to fluorescent pink. Some designer labels can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, or there are more affordable versions available that fit most budgets.

As with all advantages there are disadvantages. Heels can assist in making an outfit more fashionable, but with that comes the possibility of an injury. Since the heels throw a woman’s balance off, there is a greater chance of a slip or fall. They have also been linked to lower back pain, knee pain and foot issues such as blisters, corns and bunions. Doctors say that high heel shoes don’t need to stop being worn, but it is recommended that they are reserved for special occasions and not worn on a daily basis.

To get the most from heels, it’s recommended to practice walking in them before wearing them out. It gives them a chance to break in and the wearer a sense of what they will feel like before taking them out. Also, when taking a step, straighten and extend the body from top to the bottom. This will give a more graceful appearance. Finally, be confident when wearing high heels. They can be one of the best fashion details, but confidence when wearing them can prove to be an even better accessory.

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Online Fashion Jewelry

Amongst the many options available to the general public for purchasing of fashion jewelry, online stores on the internet are an excellent source as well. The added benefit that you get from purchasing fashion jewelry (of any type) online is that, more often than not, you get discounts and sale on the retail prices and on various items of the jewelry, which are not available in the physical stores. The online stores are quite reputed and renowned amongst the internet using community and it is easy to figure out the most reasonable and prominent ones by carrying out a research on the internet or perhaps a suggestion from your acquaintances.
Also, the variety on online stores is a collection from around the globe which adds value and varying patterns of such jewelry and hence making the list of choice for you even longer. Such designs can be specific to the regions from where they are originating.


The competition is intense and intriguing amongst the online stores who are willing to offer the best prices to the prospective customers, as a result of which, the consumers benefit in leaps and bounds.

There is surely a high level of excitement given the wide array of jewelry that is on display on such stores along with its specifications. Having said that, it can be a tedious and time consuming task (however less time consuming then searching for fashion jewelry in physical stores) to search for the ideal and that special fashion jewelry piece that you are after.

Broadly, you can search from the fashion jewelry that pertains to antique, trendy or traditional styling and patterns.

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Nice Shoes Need To Be With Nice Pants

Compare to many women’s strictly to shoes wearing most men do not care about the shoes at all. I know many men will wear a pair of office shoe for working, and not change that after getting off work. Also, many guys wear shoes inappropriately to match bad color or style clothes.
The principle to wear men’s shoes is:
1. Remember to pick a pair of matching shoe, such as, be darker than pants.
2. Although not everyone can see your socks in the shoe, a bad match in a glance will looks so bad
3. If you would wear a belt, shoes must be match to it, because the belt can be very different colors and not every color shoe can be suitable

Men’s Shoes for Jeans
Jeans can looks good with almost any color, except for those shoes with bright and shinny colors.
Boots, sneakers, loafers and sandals can be easy matched with jeans, this means a style of shirt will helps you choose shoes in a convenient way.
For example, a sporty, polo shirt may work with a loafer, t-shirts match with sneakers or retro-style shoes, long, artsy button-downs match with sandals or now fashion styles.

Men’s Shoes for Casual Pants
No matter what you named the shoes, there are really so many kinds of loafers, oxford and other styles of shoes can work well with casual pants
To achieve the appearance, you can make the ornamentation and style of the shoe sure and it will come naturally
For example, dressy side with a little more tassle or a buckle, causual side with little more woven pattern or heavy stitching.

Men’s Shoes for Dress Pants
To match dress pants, you would better choose shoes that you may wear with a suit, Shinier materials will make shoes dressier. Pants color must be the same or lighter than shoes, some people may also wear belt, this also need right color shoes to match with that.

Color Matching for Men’s Shoes
Navy, grey or black pants work well with black shoes.
Tan, brown, beige, green, and other pants work well with brown shoes.
Burgundy shoes will bring better effect to khaki, lighter browns, blue and grey pants.
Earth tones, blue, beige, lighter tan or white pants work well with tan shoes.
Men’s Casual Shoes for Work
Nowadays, we do not need to wear uniform everyday and this sounds better to most office staff. So we need to cherish the chance of casual work surroundings, you can still look good and be respected and dress smart.
Dress oxfords together with jeans will make better feeling and is a must for casual work environment. Not neglect Clarks ‘Desert Boots’ or other suede boots when shopping in a store or online store, they are really good and give you special feeling, they are people’s fashion tendency.

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Unique, Trendy And Effective Promotional Tool

Wrist watches have always been one of the best accessories for men and women. Watches are available in numerous styles and design, since ancient times, whether its pocket watches or modern style digital watches their significance has only risen with the time. Despite going through various phrases of advancements, watches are still the best fashion accessory. Jelly watches are latest addition to this trend. These watches are fashionable, comfortable and eye-catching. Jelly watch is available in vibrant colors and with rubber straps making them very comfortable on wrist. You can wear them for long period and can also go trekking and hiking without taking them off.

Do not confuse silicone watch, just for kids as these watches are high in demand among adults too. Not just general people, but many celebs and owners of multi-dollar business tycoons can also be spotted wearing jelly watch. It’s true that these watches might not suit for out-and-out official meeting but it looks great with casual wear on vacations or at parties. The fact that design of these silicone watches is unisex; each member in the house can wear it despite age and taste differences. And as these watches are available in different colors, you can sport them with different attires on different occasions.

The greatest lure about any slap on watch is that these watches are extra durable because of the silicone body. They can firmly grip your wrist and can bear those extra abuses. Therefore, you are allowed to be slightly reckless when you are wearing them. As these watches are made from special elements they can be worn in all season under various conditions. So whether you stay in cold North or you reside in Hot desserts of Middle East, slap watch is a must have in your wardrobe.

Jelly Watches are available in both digital and analogue styles. Vast choices are available to choose from in terms of styles and colors. Also there’s an additional benefit that silicon watches are eco-friendly and skin friendly. Unlike many other watches that can harm your skin if worn for long or can be allergic, slap on watches are easy on skin and your health. And as they are made out of eco-friendly elements it doesn’t radiate any hazardous element in the environment. To top it all, jelly watches are ultra stylish and flashy to wear in those party and clubs to grab some attention.

This excessive popularity of ion watch makes it a great tool of marketing. With silicon body and rubber straps, printing company name and logo becomes very easy. So, if you are looking to target specific audience, you can distribute these watches and freebie or complementary gifts to entice more clients. With low cost of production and availability of printing option with manufacturer/dealers, you can get your own unique and effective promotional tool at very cheap rates. The market today is full of varieties of jelly watches and if you are looking for a marketing method to increase sales then get online and find some that can meet your brands promotional requirements.