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Brief History of Sunglasses

One should never leave home without your trusty pair of sunglasses, especially on a sunny day, no matter what season. Although fashion tends to dictate which styles of sunglasses are trendy, you should look to make sure that the sunglasses you decide to purchase are able to block out 100% of harmful UV rays. This article will explain a brief history of sunglasses starting off with the five most popular models of sunglasses that have been worn throughout the last 70 years.


Wraparound Shades


Largely first made popular in the early 1990s wraparound sunglasses are the number one choice for athletes, from regular teams sports to extreme sports.


Oversized Sunglasses


Oversized sunglasses first became popular in the 1960’s when women purchased them to mimic the ones famously worn by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. They have recently made a comeback once again in the 21st century and their popularity is largely due to fashionistas like Paris Hilton.


Teashade Sunglasses


Teashades, also known as John Lennon glasses, were very popular in the 1960’s, but have largely fallen out of fashion since then. It is rumoured that they are making a comeback with recent paparazzi photos of famous actresses and musicians sporting the teashade frames.




The Aviator design was introduced in 1936 specifically for U.S. military pilots and was not made available to the public until a few years later. In 1986 Tom Cruise popularized Aviators as ace pilot Maverick in the movie Top Gun.


Ray-Ban Wayfarer


Created in 1952 Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer sunglasses opted for plastic frames rather than the tradition metal ones. Originally developed for pilots, Wayfarers quickly became popular amongst Hollywood stars like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. In 1961 Audrey Hepburn wore them in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Tom Cruise sported them in the 1983 film Risky Business. Even today the Wayfarer is still a popular model of sunglasses.


Although sunglasses have been a popular fashion accessory in the last 70 years, sunglasses actually date back much further in history. The first ever ‘sunglasses’ were made from walrus ivory and date back to prehistoric times. Inuit peoples fashioned flattened walrus ivory with narrow slits to help protect their eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. In arctic regions unprotected eyes will be affected by what is known as snow blindness.


It wasn’t until the 12th century that we have written evidence of sunglasses being used in China. These first sunglasses where comprised of flat panes of smoky quartz and were used to protect the eyes from the sun. The 20th century is when the use of sunglasses really took off. In 1929 Sam Foster began mass-producing sunglasses for the American public and from there many companies flourished by simply making sunglasses.


So whether your choice of wearing sunglasses is due to fashion or simply a choice to protect your eyes from the sun, remember that sunglasses do not have to be expensive to work properly. They should however be able to protect your eyes from UV rays. A good pair of sunglasses, whether they are a designer pair or cheap knockoffs, should be able to block out 100% of harmful UV rays.

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Scarf: Wonder Accessory both for Man and Woman

Scarf is a long or square piece of cloth which is tied on head or neck. Normally people use scarf in cold weather to protect themselves from chilled air. But now they made it a fashion and use it in hot weather also. Scarf come in different style and colors which matches your cloth style.


Scarf was first originated in Ancient Rome but not to protect from cold but to keep clean. Its name was sudarium in Latin and was then translated to scarf in English which was used to clean sweat from face and neck especially in desert areas. In the beginning it was only the men who worn scarf around their neck or tie it to their belts but now it is becoming a hot favorite fashion in women. Women scarf is basically made up of wool, pashimina or silk.


The most common type of scarves used is embroidered scarf, silk scarf, designer scarf, head scarf, neck scarf, animal paint scarf, cotton-linen scarf, kids scarf, velvet neck scarf, winter scarf, fur scarf, knit scarf, etc. These scarves are made by designers, woven, knitted or machine made or just simply handmade. Just have a look at some of the scarf styles.


Embroidered scarves have tradition looks and are handmade. It is its beautiful traditional embroidery which makes it different from other scarves. Embroidered scarves were used in Roman times. It is an extraordinary work of art done by experts. Commonly these scarves are used in hot weather but now people are stepping towards the embroidered scarves made of wool which is used in cold weather. It is becoming a favorite piece of knitted cloth to be worn with any dress. It gives comfort and ads style to the clothes. Wool that is used to knit these scarves is made from the fleece of sheep.


Handmade scarves are also a beautiful piece of art from fabric paint experts. It comes mainly in bright colors and everybodys hot favorite. Painting is done on cotton, wool, chiffon, satin or georgette. Hand painted scarves are worn around neck, hips, head, as a beach dress and also matched with any type of cloth.


Silk scarves were used by warriors of a renowned Chinese Emperor Cheng. It was originated during 1000 B.C. They used it to keep their body warm in winters and now it is used for the same thing and for fashion. It keeps you comfortable in winters and is an addition of style to personality.


Beaded scarves are basically made for girls. In this scarf beads are woven on a piece of cloth. Different types of beads are used like golden, silver, white, etc. This gives a beautiful look to the scarf and is best for wearing in parties. Mostly people prefer white beads.


Finally whatever scarf you like and choose one thing that comes to the point is that it shows personality of a person and ads style. It is a wonderful accessory worn by both males and females.

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Tips For Choosing Charms

Charm bracelets are very popular these days. There are many charms to choose from. Filling your charm bracelet can be a fun and interesting experience. Your bracelet may take a long time to fill or you may want to get all the beads at once.

The modern charm bracelet uses a thick chain that will hold the various items. You can add clips to the chain that will keep the beads and charms properly spaced and stop them from moving too far around the chain. They are useful when you have large or heavy charms that tend to slide more easily.

Spacers are a very important part of designing the charm bracelet. The spacers are used to separate the charms from each other. Spacers are typically smaller in size and help to properly space out the larger charms on the bracelet.

Charms and beads are used to fill the bracelet. There are many different ways to design the jewelry to match your own personality. You’ll find that there are hundreds of different charms to choose from for adding to your bracelet. The charms can each be purchased separately. This allows you to add them individually to create a unique and completely personalized piece of jewelry.

Now the fun begins. Consider what you want the bracelet to say about you. Consider the piece as a way to display your own personality and the things you like. Each bead and charm can be chosen to represent a specific part of your life. For example, you can choose charms that represent graduation, marriage and children. You can add charms for your hobbies and interests as well as sports.

If you like, you can choose initials and birthstones to add even more personal meaning to the piece. Gemstones can be added as well. This can increase the beauty as well as the elegance of the piece. No matter what your personality, you can find charms and beads to exhibit the things you enjoy. Add as few or as many charms as you like to create a completely unique piece of jewelry.

Beads are available in a wide array of styles and colors. They can add some fun color to your jewelry item. When choosing items for your bracelet be sure to consider the overall look of it. The best looking bracelets are those that have charms and beads that are rather uniform in size. Choose different shaped beads and charms to create a look that is interesting and uniquely your own.

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Economical Shopping Bags

People are avoiding unnecessary now a days, because of the economic crisis. Thanks to certain groups that produce affordable items, it includes shopping bags, fashion accessories, clothes and other things. This group thinks that it’s better to promote this product because they can generate income at the same time help people to retain their budget. Now that they have a good cause, they are motivated to help other people and also Mother Nature to maintain clean environment, because by producing eco-friendly products they are campaigning to use products that made of organic material. There are many factors why we should prefer organic materials to be used for our needs.

Organic made products are easy to dispose because they can be decomposed fast. And when you use this things, they are not like plastics that when scratched you cannot repair them anymore. Unlike shopping bags that was made of cotton, they can be repaired and serve its purpose which is to provide comfort to its user. Different ideas can formulate when thinking about ourselves, then again we should not focus on ourselves alone but let’s try to consider the right of other people. By making a difference in our way of living, we can be a good example to others and soon we will realize that we helped them by showing them what they should do, for them to contribute in promoting a good cause.

In some shopping malls, they allocate certain day to sell economical shopping bags for their customer to use. It’s one way of promoting the products that was produced by our own people. It’s not as expensive as the branded ones but the purpose is still the same. One thing to consider why we should buy organic material bags because it is more eco-friendly unlike plastics, they can be the cause of floods when not disposed properly. So for the user, be responsible for your action because what we do today will have an effect to our future. Let’s give the next generation a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature that we are enjoying today.

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4 Types Of Cool & Trendy Kipling Shoulder Bag

Kipling Shoulder Bag – Introduction

Kipling brand originated from Belgium in 1987. The brand is glamor with the concept of bag should be fun, colorful and functional. Kipling bag first started with backpack. Then it continues with other bags like shoulder bag and handbag.

Kipling Shoulder Bag – General Features

Kipling shoulder bag is very convenient in use. They are the best bag for many casual occasions like party and gathering. Kipling shoulder bag is unique and fun. Each one of them has included one signature round logo and a fun monkey chain.

Kipling Shoulder Bag – Popularity

Kipling shoulder bag has been featured on many top rated television show. They have become the favorite among celebrities like Tom Cruise, Jim Carey and John Travolta. They also created the wave of trendy on casual bags.

BAGEL Hobo Leisure Kipling Shoulder Bag

This is a slouchy versatile shoulder bag. They provide soft and feminine feel. The bag is made from high qualitative genuine Italian cow leather. They are soft shaped with zipped roomy compartment. The zipped main compartment contains zipped pocket, cell phone pocket and pen pockets.

Large A4 Kipling Shoulder Bag

This is a large Kipling shoulder bag. The bag is installed with exclusive magnetic buttons closure. The bag contains two main compartments. The magnetic buttons lead you to access to these compartments. The compartments contain one zipped pocket, two pen pockets and one MP3 player pocket. The bag is suitable to use for keeping documents and files.

EMMET Kipling Shoulder Bag

This Kipling shoulder bag keeps limited amount of item. They are made from top quality leathers. Unlike other Kipling shoulder bag, they are no buttons on the front pocket. The bag is attached with an adjustable shoulder strap. They are three main compartments of this bag.

LAURENA Kipling Shoulder Bag

This is a classic Kipling shoulder bag. The bag is made from quality Italian lambskin leathers. They come with double leather shoulder straps. The front pocket of this Kipling shoulder bag fixed with two side zippers. This bag met two timeless details with modern trends. These timeless details are inclusive of great leather and stylish shape.

DRYBAG Kipling Shoulder Bag

This is a common use Kipling shoulder bag. The bag is design by one of the favorite designers, Cathy Pill. The bag is made from lambskin leathers. This shoulder also attached with a flexible shoulder strap. It also includes with two vertical zipped side pockets. The bag is accessible through top and side by side zip and magnetic buttons.

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Ways To Find The Ideal Running Shoes For Kids

There are some neat ways to find running shoes for kids. When a consumer is hunting for the right pair of sneakers, there may be some points to look out for. Ensuring that the toe has support and that the item fits the foot properly, will allow the child to have comfort. Most parents want the item to last a long time and not wear out before the child outgrows them.

When footwear needs to be picked up for children, they can be located in a few ways. The internet may have some sources online where items can be ordered. People can glance at the products and view the specifications on them. Once the order has been made, the product can be shipped to an address. When a size is already known, then it can make it a handy way to order items. Retailers that carry only kids shoes and places that sell both adult and child models may have a wide selection.

When choosing a brand, both parents and kids may have their own ideas. There could be a few brand names that are popular at school and are well advertised. Shoppers may select a pair of sneakers from a list of high quality named products.

Each brand will feature its own make and model for shoppers to pick from. A certain brand may be known for a particular style of footwear. There could be some that are geared for basketball and some that are designed for running purposes.

Parents may view the bottom of the sole to see how durable the rubber is. Customers may look at the traction on the sole along with the grip. A great grip will allow kids to have lots of control on the court or on the field when playing sports.

Breathable material will keep feet from sweating when running and engaging in sports. A mesh material will allow the air to breath in and out of the material. Feet will not sweat due to the constant air supply found inside.

The right cushioning will provide support in all the right areas. There are certain spots in the arch, heel and toe area where extra cushioning and support could be placed. More toe support could prevent the toe from causing a rip in the front of the shoe.

When looking for running shoes for kids, a shopper will want to ensure that the footwear product has everything that is needed. The quality of the material will need to be strong and durable. Breathable mesh material will keep feet feeling great when playing sports. The right cushioning will keep the child blister free when engaging in active sports. Finding a brand name that kids enjoy may also help a person like the shoe that they are wearing. Some kids will use the product for a year and will need the item to be high quality.

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Novel Beachwear Designs for Eco- conscious Wearer



Design of a garment today is influenced by globalization, industrialization, science and technology. The drawing board concept has changed and there has been a shift in the designing field to cater to the needs of the consumer in terms of performance and comfort. Beachwear which is in its infancy stage in the Indian garment industry scenario is the focus of the research and the researcher has attempted to apply innovative concepts such as usage of eco-friendly fabrics bamboo and modal with the application of UV finish and water repellent finish. The collection designed has been derived from out of the box concept to attract the consumer both local and global.


Design development is an integral part of product development. Design of a garment focuses on 3 important aspects-comfort, fit and aesthetic appeal. Performance enhancement has become a necessity rather than a luxury. The consumer has grown over the period of time and has come out of the ‘wear and throw attitude’. Garment designing has scaled new heights. It has come out of the boundaries of just casual wear, formal wear or party wear and reached every sector of garments be it sportswear, intimate wear, beachwear or bodywear.


Swimwear, a decade ago was a taboo and its status in the Indian garment industry negligible. But with the fitness boom, globalization and international exposure, the industry has grown from its infancy stage and taken small steps in the global market. And designing of beachwear, improving its performance properties to cater to the needs of the consumer has acquired significant importance. But in spite of its international demand, it is surprising that not many manufacturers or designers are venturing into designing of beachwear, considering that it is a territory that has very little competition in a country with a climate which is most suited to beach and swimwear.


Beachwear is defined as clothing worn on the beach. It is clothing that is close to the skin or like second skin. A survey conducted by the researcher to study the trends in beachwear in the market for design and use of fabric aspect showed that the most commonly used fabrics were cotton, man-made fabrics and Lycra blend. Today’ consumer is eco-conscious and wants to do their bit in reducing the carbon footprint.

The author is associated with Smt. VHD Central Institute of Home Science

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Rotary Watches – Affordable Yet Fashionable

For over years, Rotary Watches has devoted in designing and offering cost effectively stylish, classy and professional timepieces. It comes on different types together with traditional thought, classics and contemporaries that swimsuit to all and very talked-about in 35 countries. Modern women and men love to put on these trendy watches as no longer most effective do they pass along neatly with all apparels however are also reasonably reasonably priced as well.

Every other factor why Rotary watches have been well-liked is that they have made in prime quality and reasonably priced value. Leading the best way in watch manufacturing, Rotary presented its first surprise evidence watch in the mid 30′s until 40′s. That 12 months, the Rotary watch corporate had also introduced an eye fixed that was powered via the movement of the wearer and in the yr 60′s the company had grown to some degree where staff could experience newly introduced schemes to coach and growth in the company. They offered quarts watches by means of the year of 70′s.

Rotary watches are unbelievable investments for their quality. The trade continues to be circle of relatives owned and run, permitting it to carry real to its traditions and high standards. Unlike many other watch manufacturers, this one is best the way in which in offering high quality and ultimate style. Rotary watches have maintained their reputation in the trade for being a durable and fashionable logo that offers the most productive price of money to its customers. On and off rotary watches are offered as vintage and professional timepieces depicting the touchstone of different decades.

Rotary have identified and perfect described to convey some of these antique-time classics. Unfashionable model is bang on development this year with good informal being the glance to head for. The classical nature of the Rotary emblem as well as the look of these heritage watches is what’s going to drive model watch fans to Rotary over the following year. Rotary’s keen pricing may even make many type fans a lot more accepting of wearing a Rotary watch fairly than choosing to buy from one in all their competitors. Rotary have also introduced a range of quartz History watches, the vast majority of the new watches are aimed at the men’s watch market.

Rotary watches are a singular mixture of high quality timekeeping technology with very good value. No longer strangely, the emblem changed into such a success and famed for its reliability that Rotary turned into the legitimate look ahead to among happy users. It was once subsequent to not possible to discover a house the place the Rotary brand was no longer known. All the time one step in advance of the contest and eerily in song with the wants and needs of the patron particularly for girls, gents or even for unisex consumer watches for any taste.

Simply as all the different watches via this producer, this assortment also options numerous types that make it uniquely fashionable and adaptable to any fashionista. The manufacturer these days focuses on the designing of trendy and reasonably priced time pieces. The wide array of Rotary wrist watches include every distinctive design that suits all. Anyone must in point of fact be happy with dressed in it.

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Trendy And Stylish Dolce & Gabbana Leopard Print Bag

This is not the first time we focuses on the animal prints especially the leopard trend. Actually, animal prints really add fashion look to our appearance. They style is found everywhere. From clothes, to shoes, to D&G handbags and watches. Various of top designers strongly like to use the print on designer handbags this year.

Dolce & Gabbana just keep up with the trend and introduced the wide range of leopard print canvas bags. They features leopard print canvas with fine black calf leather trimmings. Alongside the print, they are the silver hardware pieces and bang on-trend studs which definitely add richness to these bags. Besides, the leather handles with square rings and the logo plate on the front come in a different shade, which all the more makes this ornate. Thanks to the spacious interior, there is no need to worry about space and organization. They have enough capacity to hold as many different things as you deem necessary. No matter what you are the person who like the print or not, you have to admit that they are trendily energetic. Compared to the classic leather bag, this pattern reflects nature far more than the common blacks that we are used to seeing on them. Hobos, totes, shoulder bags, messenger bags are available. Just be sure to pair them with something casual and considerably plain so as to keep a somewhat elegant look.

Since exotics are indeed a trend that could work from season to season, the striking D&G Leopard Print Bag is absolutely a worthy addition to your collection.

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Emerging Women’s Fashion

Totes can either make or break an outfit. Gals who are into totes know this fact and are really much careful in picking up the bag that could suit their outfits. If you are somebody who’s greatly into fashion, you most likely have the feeling of lusting over gorgeous trends of totes. People, particularly women, always appear for something clean that will complete their wardrobe. It’s a constantly emerging trend each 12 months. And this is what women look forward to. As the 12 months begins, new styles of handbags and purses will definitely entice the craving eyes of fashionistas. Like other types of style, footwear and clothing, the trend of bags is another performs of background. It comes and it goes and it arrives back. What makes it fresh may be the color and outfit it perfectly goes with. To make your whole 12 months fashionably ideal, get to know the emerging trends of handbags and purses for these 12 months.
Clutch Ladies handbag

It’s the hottest shape of the year. Grab one for your own. With this vintage and retro-looking handbag, you’ll certainly sport a flair for an antique design. A cluth ladies handbag is perfect for ladies on the go. Many businesswomen like it simply because they are able to just consider it anyplace they go. This little cute point is really big enough to hold your points.


Patent Handbag


It’s a chic ladies handbag for everyday use. Whether you’d like to go on a formal meeting or spend a night out with your buddies, this patent handbag goes perfectly with any occasion; smooth or funk.


Mini Ladies handbag


You were drowned by final year’s large totes. Now may be the time to go mini. Get the basics, put them within your mini handbag and you are prepared to go!|


Metallic Handbag


With its luster, no wonder it is been coming back again the trend. Just pick some fabulous colour and have a refreshing appear about the metallic trend that’s been a part from the past.


Convertible Handbag


Hang it across your body or over your shoulder or use it inside a ladies handbag mode, it doesn’t matter. This provides the lady the usually prepared effect. Convert it, pull the strap longer and you are about the go mode. Convert it and pull the straps shorter and you’re now in the chic mode.


Pocket Ladies handbag


Ladies are fond of little points in nature; wallet, coin purse, crucial chain, mobile phone, organizer and others. But the thing is ladies are also forgetful in nature. Thus a pocket handbag is ideal for these ladies. With lots of pockets in it, all your little points have a space without providing you the hardship of looking for them within your tote.


White Handbag


With all the different colors that go along with the trend, white stands out. Practically nothing feels fresher than carrying with you a clean white handbag. It is trendy and refreshing.
Remember that a handbag is a large part of one’s outfit. It ought to fit your physique kind. Being within the trend is a plus but examine if it’s right for you. Don’t be shy to attempt on these handbags in the store. Check if it appears good on you and if it feels comfy wearing it. If not, don’t hesitate to attempt another one. Do not forget that bags can really flatter your looks as much being a pair of jeans does. Moreover, totes don’t ruin your appears. So set some sense of style and taste when picking a tote of the option. You already know the hottest handbags of the 12 months, now is the time to examine your wardrobe.


Do you’ve them? Should you do, check if the colour goes with the trend, take them out and give some refreshing look on them.