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Era of Gothic Dress Culture

Gothic Dress is a stark black or dark style of clothing worn by the members of the Goth subculture. Gothic fashion clothing, which is considered by many as a protest against the extravagance, can be described as a profusion of dark velvets, fishnets, lace, tight corsets, gloves and leather shaded with scarlet. Gothic clothing also features Dark make up such as black lips, dark eyeliner, dark finger-nails and black dyed hair.

The Gothic time dress is usually divided into two periods, Early Gothic period (1200-1350) and Late Gothic period (1350-1450). The outfits in the Early Gothic period were more sophisticated, graceful and simpler in cut than the Romanesque period. Sleeves used to be tight and the forearms were given more importance. Minimal trimmings on the Gothic clothing were also a feature of the Early Gothic period. The Gothic dresses were usually longer and the necklines were deep. Styles changed quickly during the Late Gothic period. The period moved from the earlier flowing draperies that metamorphosed, into fabrics that kept on becoming more and stiffer with the passage of time. During the 15th century, the extremes were mostly in the upper silhouette. Crisp pleats, tight belts, padded doublets, leg-o-mutton sleeves were also some of the important features of the Gothic clothing in the Late Gothic period.


In the Early Gothic period, men wore hair at a sensible length often in a bob to the jaw line with a bang across the forehead. Men often bleached their hair as blond hair was popular. Few men wore beards. In the Late Gothic period, men wore hair bobbed with neatly curled ends. Young girls in both periods wore their hair loose, flowing upon their shoulders. But after marriage, they used to confine their hair in a bun at the nape. They also used to wear many types of hair pieces, such as wimple and gorget, to cover it.

Gothic corset is an important piece of Gothic dress. It shapes the body of a girl like an hourglass. It was very popular during the Victorian and medieval ages. Even today, Gothic corset is widely popular as even today, hourglass shape of a girl’s is considered as aesthetic and flattering. At the outset, a Gothic corset was very uncomfortable to wear. It is only with the passage of time that the garment became more soft and convenient to wear.


Gothic outfits like fishnets are summer temperature friendly. Fishnets can be worn on arms, legs or even as shirts and jumpers. Cotton bloomers, lace-trimmed long skirt and flowing gauzy skirts are some of those parts of Gothic clothing that are very comfy to wear in the summer. Men wear shirts with ruffles, buckles and lacing that look just like pirate shirts. In summer, male Goths wear light natural fiber shirts and short black trousers, accessorized with wide-brimmed hats, black umbrellas and silver ornaments. Gothic clothing is incomplete without Gothic boots. Female Goths usually wear dark black boots with high heels, while Gothic men wear dark black flatted boots, which are usually heavy. However, one can also come across Goths wearing bloody-red boots.

Fashion Dresses

Trendy Ladies’ Office Dresses for a Sizzling Hot Summer

Office fashion doesn’t have to be dull and boring! This Summer Season, open your doors to a more trendy chic and stylish fashion makeover by spicing up your work ensemble with lively, bold prints and edgy dress designs.


If you’re hard-up for cash, there are some great online shopping deals that you can avail of. If you are into those Mediterranean style stripes, a brand called Betty Basics have dresses in their collection that would fit that look – the Betty Basics Arethea Tee Dress, for instance, can also be worn to bring in that somewhat fun and playful look into your regular office ensemble. Pair it with a black or dark blue blazer and pump shoes, accessorize, and you’re good to go!

If you’re the type who likes colorful printed dresses, the brand Azucar has a number of sheath dresses that will brighten up your office environment and compliment the warm humid summer sun! Some of their short sleeveless dresses that are on offer can be paired with white or neutral colored heels or flats for that chic yet fresh office look. Another great fashion brand is Salsa Trends, with their colorful and bold patterned fabric, giving off that sultry and fun vibe from every piece! One dress in particular from their collection comes to mind, the short sleeveless, Sabrina Cut dress, which is a sleeveless dress in green, yellow, blue, brown and white jagged patterns. Pairing this with your plain black office blazer and office heel shoes will give it that added accent!

For women that want a more edgy office look and are looking for cool fashion when doing their online shopping, Freeway gives an interesting take on the whole fashion scene altogether, with its Art Collectors’ Collection that features colorful rural and urban scene prints from the Philippines’ renowned visual artist, Vicente Manansala. Freeway also offers all fashion fanatics an oriental twist to apparel. It’s collection of short dresses are comfortable and stylish, with its bold red colors and oriental prints that run across one side to accentuate the piece. Match it up with your favorite pair of office stiletto shoes and go to work in style!

Some career women prefer daring and bold colors as opposed to prints. Bayo offers a good collection of dresses that can also be used for both office and formal occasions depending on what they are paired with. The Kayti dress from Bayo comes in an elegant and bold royal blue color that can give you that understated yet contemporary glam. Plains & Prints also has great shift and sheath dresses collection to add to your fashion ensemble! One bright, red dress from their collection comes to mind – an olive red ruffled dress that is accentuated by a metallic gold belt. W, another chic fashion brand, also offers people who enjoy online shopping a low V-back sheath dress that comes in red and white. One can also come across a fashionable silky chiffon dress in a cool, mint green color from Tantease when doing an online shopping spree.

Whether you love bold or bright colors, prints, or that edgy look for your office ensemble, online shopping can help you find some very trendy ladies’ dresses at affordable prices!

Fashion Dresses

What Makes The Little Black Dress So Special?

The Little Black Dress, or LBD, as it is affectionately called has become a staple in many women’s wardrobes because it tends to be highly versatile and appropriate for all sorts of occasions. As a rule, fashion dresses are somewhat easier to wear than separates because all a woman needs to do is put a dress on and dash out the door as there is no coordination of separate garments involved. However, there is something special about ‘little’ dresses that are black. In fact, the Little Black Dress has achieved such a level of popularity nowadays that it is often referred to as having an iconic status.


But what is so special about fashion dresses of the ‘LBD’ variety? Well, apart from being versatile and easy to wear, they possess a certain mystique that is reminiscent of the inky-hued garment made famous by Audrey Hepburn in the movie ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’. Somehow, the LBDs of today manage to embody the glamour of the Hepburn original but this is not simply by virtue of being black. Certainly, the fact that this iconic dress is black helps contribute to its attractiveness because black pretty much goes with everything and is a very popular hue to wear these days. But aside from the popularity of the shade, the allure of the Little Black Dress is largely due precisely to the indefinable quality that it has, a quality that the French refer to as ‘Je ne sais quoi’ or ‘I don’t know what’ – a phrase that regrettably does not sound quite the same in English.

Nevertheless, while Audrey Hepburn brought the LBD into the limelight, it was originally Coco Chanel who first saw its potential. Givenchy, the designer of Audrey’s gown for the film, gave the Little Black Dress its fame but it actually originated in the 1920s. During that decade, Coco Chanel took the black pigment that was traditionally reserved for mourning clothes in the West and made it into fashion dresses that any woman could wear. Add to this the simplicity and modernity of line that was characteristic of Chanel’s approach to dressmaking and you’ve got the recipe for the super-success of the LBD.

That being said, it also takes the woman wearing it to make a Little Black Dress ‘shine’. In actual fact, it could be said that it is the woman who should be the true star of the show, so to speak, and not the dress itself. A good garment always acts as a backdrop for the wearer’s face and personality and should neither overpower nor detract from their appearance. In this sense, the LBD takes a supporting role: helping the woman to feel confident that she looks good in what she is wearing and leaving her free to be a star. That is what makes the Little Black Dress truly special!

Fashion Dresses

Prom Dresses 2011 – Making Your Own Style Statement for the Upcoming Prom Season

Every new season delivers its own unique style. You should be conscious of some of the hot styles to make your own style statement for the forthcoming prom season 2011. But most prom dresses remain in style for a long period of time, with a few small changes. Deciding on a color also makes a superb difference in your appearance. You can choose a color combination of black and white that will suit both, younger and full-grown, women.


There are several style patterns which you can follow and bring your own taste to make it appear unique. Long prom dresses, short prom dresses, prom dresses beads, multi-print style dress can be surely a show-stopper. If you want simplicity in your prom dress, select the foil chiffon prom dress. Faviana Style: 6564 is a celebrity dress. It’s an elegant gown, beaded chiffon with ruffle back detail and rhinestone straps. The dress is suggestively sexy.


Yet, fashion experts comprising the panel all appear to be promoting the most sexy short prom dress styles for 2011. Straying clear of the common, traditional prom design, short and sexy prom dresses showcase elegant styles with a contemporary style. Discrediting antiquated perceptions of the past, shorter prom outfit nowadays is viewed as appropriate and entirely relevant outfit for prom fun. Shorter formal outfits offers a particular chic appeal that does really well within conventional gowns and usual long dresses.


Most of these brand new Hollywood-inspired styles are actually fantastic for today’s modern woman. Although a number of short prom dress sorts take an edgy, ground-breaking look, some others present a whole new point of view on a few basic and authentic types. Whether or not you decide on a fairly simple, hot product or the supreme sexy outfit, you will find some of the top sexiest short prom dress styles of 2011. These important fashions have been repeating concepts in a few of the world’s most envisioned catwalks and designer fashion shows.


The one-shoulder pattern has been popular in all sorts of outfits, from dressy shirts to evening gowns. This season, one-shoulder outfit is creating a fantastic appearance in proms. Starting from a sleeveless dress to a mid-length sleeve style to a long-sleeve attire, the eminent one-shoulder look can be embodied in a wide range of styles. La Femme Style: 14612 is a sexy and great dress. This one-shoulder dress features blossoms around the strap that continues over the shoulder to create a perfect back. Material gathers on entire dress and consists of a shape fitting yet comfortable light stretch knit fabric which can be found in black or white. Wearing this dress could make you look your very best.
The strapless outfit from a classic strapless neckline to a heart-shaped style, the strapless prom dress is one pattern that never goes out of style. Although typically women had been afraid to put on a dress that was short and strapless, a few of the sexiest short prom dresses for 2011 are actually strapless and that they absolutely find it irresistible. The key to putting on a strapless, shorter prom dress is to go with a dress that is just a few inches over the knee and that is not fixed all through the garment. Remember, a sexy prom look is attained by blending a classy style with just the right level of appeal.

Fashion Dresses

Evening gowns define fashion

Chic, stylish and elegant evening gowns are the best suited attire for evening events at formal occasions. Evening gown is elegance and style personified. An exquisite evening gown can remarkably transform any average looking woman to a glamorous diva. The grace and charm of the long flowing evening gown cannot be replaced by any other dress. There are long flowing gowns, A-line, mermaid, layered or pleated gowns and countless types of necklines to mention. Each style gives a distinct identity.

Sleek cuts and shapes are the fashion flavor of this season. Pair up your gorgeous gown with the right accessories and perfect stilettos and you are dressed to kill. Remember that it’s not only about wearing the right gown but about enhancing the overall look. Glamour and luxury is associated with evening gowns. Therefore gowns are designed using materials like silk, velvet, satin, taffeta which look a classy and chic.

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Summer Dresses 2007 – Hot Dresses For Summer

Dresses are back in a big way this summer and are perfect for the hotter weather and there are styles to suit everyone and every occasion. Let’s look at some style ideas for summer dresses, great colors and essential accessories.


Waist sack dress.

Cute, comfortable, feminine, stylish or casual this dress is made for warm for warm weather and a great choice is a simple brilliant white.

A-line dress

Most will be styled to be just above the knees, with a billowing sleeve. While they have never really been out, they are more in than ever this year.

Trapeze Dress.

The trapeze dress flairs out from under the bust line and normally finishes somewhere above the knee depending on brave the wearer is!

The Shirt Dress,

A classic style which is never out of fashion, It can be worn both casually and formally. Most styles this season are above the knee or shorter and belted with matching belt.

Patio Dress

Patio dresses this season will see hems fall above the ankle or to brush the top of the foot. Great for the huge range of floral looks that are around this season for a relaxed feminine and stylish look.

3 Great Colors

Yellow – This color is everywhere from bold banana yellow to a softer lemon and is the very essence of summer.

Royal Blue – An eye catching color that looks good on any skin type or with any hair color it can be fun sophisticated or sexy depending on the way you want to wear it.

Black and White – Simple black and white is back in a big way and polka dots look set to very popular this season.

Define Your look With a Belt.
It can clinch your curves and define your shape and add the finishing touch to your look.

Accessories Go Bold

This season choose bold, gold chains and large pendant necklaces – strings of oversize crystals, hooped earrings, bangles and hair bands are all in.

There are dresses for everyone this summer to enjoy and although hemlines are on the rise, ladies with less than perfect legs needed worry with the popularity of floaty longer dresses.

Dresses are back with a vengeance for the summer of 2007 and there is a style for every occasion and every women to look their best.

Fashion Dresses

Where Can Wholesale Cheap Dresses?

Some out of business, first of all want to do is professional clothing. Because it is close to life, and the cost is less. Everyone wants to wholesale to cheap quality and nice clothes Cheap Dresses to sell. Do a lot of clothing factories are very good. But now many of the web sites of the supplier’s information is not true, so it’s going to take a stage for later will know the market. Of course first also want oneself to have a knowledge understanding. So that we can guarantee he will not be deceived. Also can more quickly find good products.

1.How about Cheap Dresses Chiffon Dresses quality? It is depending on the price of the clothes and fabric. Because the material is the key to cost. Look at the clothes fabrics bellowed:

Pure cotton

Just as its name implies is to all cotton as raw material to make, with warm, moisture absorption, heat resistance, alkali resistance, health etc. It is mostly used to make fashion, casual wear, underwear and shirt. Its advantage is easy to keep warm, soft person, hygroscopicity, permeability is good. Its defect is easy to shrink, easy to knit, easy pilling, appearance beautiful, not in wearing lingua must often iron.

2.Second, fine thin cotton: the correct statement is “fine shuttle cotton,” said simplicity is woven with good is better, and it is pure cotton. This kind of fabric can maximum limit to prevent the ball.

3.Three, terylene: It is blended with cotton, relative in polyester and cotton blended. Is it relative to “fine shuttle cotton” to easy pilling point? But for polyester composition, so relatively pure cotton fabric, it a bit soft, not an easy corrugate, but hygroscopic than pure face some difference.

4.Four, washing cotton: Washing cotton is cotton as raw materials, through special processing after fabric surface color, luster more downy, feel more soft, and the slight wrinkle degree reflects some old material sense. The clothes washing are not easy modifications do not fade, no ironing advantages. Good washing cotton surface and a layer of uniform plush, have a unique style.

5.Ice cotton: Ice cotton to thin, breathes freely, is characteristics of cool against summer. Popular point said, is the cotton he adds a coating, color with a single tonal give priority to, there are white, army green, shallow pink, pale brown, ice cotton has the characteristics of ventilation, cool, feel smooth and soft, cool cool feeling, the surface has natural fold, wore the book and opaque. Suitable for lady making Cheap Dresses, 7 minutes of pants, shirts, etc., it does not have a style, it is summer clothing made of fine fabrics. Pure ice cotton is will not shrink!

Besides, lycra cotton, the cotton is to add a lorica. Leica (LYCRA) is dubious sole invention produced a kind of artificial elastic fiber, can freely spin 4 to 7 times, and in the external force after release, quick to respond to letters to the original length. It should not be used alone, can with any other artificial or natural fiber mixed use. It does not change the appearance of the fabric. It is a kind of invisible fiber, can greatly improve the performance of the fabric. Its special stretch and recovery performance on all fabric are much grace. Including lorica clothing not only comfortable to wear fit, act freely, and unique super fold restoring force. Clothing is not deformation.

Mesh cotton: Mesh cotton and pure cotton, they are only weave and general differences. And more absorb sweat and not easy to deformation.

Mercerized cotton: choose cotton material more high-grade, and through a series of strict processing procedure, its product is successfully, the best not only reserved the pure cotton soft and comfortable, wet absorption gas natural advantages, but also has many unique advantages: 1, yarn strength increase, not easy to break, 2, glossiness increases, there are silk general brightness; 3, improve the dyeing performance of bright color, not easy fade, 4, yarn breaking depth with tension and decreases, which is not easy to spin and modifications.

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Fashionable Dresses – The Strapless Cocktail Dress

A cocktail dress is one of the most popular styles of dresses to wear to many different events. The reason for the popularity is because people of all different styles and body types can wear a cocktail outfit and it is suitable for a wide variety of occasions. There are many styles of dresses, a popular one being a strapless cocktail dress.


A strapless cocktail dress is popular because it is very sexy among women and is an attractive style of dress. A strapless dress is very simple because there are no straps but it still gives a very elegant look when worn properly. There are many types of strapless dresses you can wear, for cocktail parties for example; a simple design will be the most stylish. The length of the dress can be anywhere from a few inches above the knee to a few inches below the knee depending on the occasion and level of dress that is required.

The biggest reason why a strapless cocktail dress is popular and attractive is because it shows a lot of skin. This is wanted by many women but some women may also not like this. Not all women have the same level of style and feel comfortable in most outfits, so some women may not like to show off too much skin. For women like this, you can still wear a dress like this but cover up shoulders with a shawl. This is practical as well as stylish because for cooler climates, a shawl or scarf will keep you warm and let you stay stylish.

There are many designs and patterns you can wear with a strapless cocktail dress. These dresses are very popular during warmer climates since you reveal more bare skin and you stay cool throughout the day. A great strapless dress during the summer is a summer dress which primarily has many floral designs or is a solid bright color. On the other hand, a good strapless dress for the winter or fall is dark toned solid colors such as black or dark brown.

There are many different designs and patterns to wear of a strapless cocktail dress. This large array makes this type of cocktail dress very popular since it is suitable for a variety of occasions and body types. You can also accessorize the outfit with jewelry and other things such as shoes or hats. The possibilities are endless but fun to mix and match to find the perfect outfit.

Fashion Dresses

Fashion Trends In Spring Dresses

Spring dresses are light and trendy in vibrant color hues to add vigor to life. There are lots of options for women during the season but something in white and light pastel colors looks most exciting and charming.

White spring dresses is something that everyone enjoys wearing as it delivers a feeling of lightness and coolness. Nothing beats the charm and appeal of white dresses during the season, delivering a romantic and innocent femininity. These are classic summer staple that gives a fresh airy feel and can never go out of style. The only thing that changes over a period of time is the fabric, design, shape, and style of dresses. These blend beautifully with all skin tones and also hold the power to make any woman stand out. Available in a variety of styles and designs, this dress of the season gives a bold and beautiful look on any occasion.

Apart from whites, variety of dresses in vibrant colors like shades of greens, blues, and pinks also adds to the list of spring dresses. The colored dresses in combination with white shades and contours are extremely captivating.

The most common types of fabrics used during the season are cotton, chiffon, and georgette. These materials give an airy kind of feeling that enhances the level of comfort on a warm sunny day. Flattering designs and prints like the flowery prints, geometric prints, diamond pattern, block prints, and flowery lace work adds elegance and excitement to these dresses.

Furthermore, the kind of necklines and designer sleeves are also excitingly attractive. Necklines like boat neck, V-neck, sweetheart, collar, and high necks are best options to beat the heat and sleeves in the form of bell, mega sleeves, short, and long transparent sleeves are rocking.

Apart from these, the running fashion trends in spring dresses are the wrap dress, sun dress, short skirts, and a long piece. Wrap dresses are utmost popular with their trendy appeal and feel. These are long piece of cloth available in variety of colors, designs, and prints and are wrapped around the waist. These look elegant with short tops or designer kurtis. A Sun dress is just a name given to pure cotton attire that simply defines the start of the summer season. These are simple yet attractive casual clothing that delivers high level of comfort. Adding to the list, short skirts and a long piece in white or pastel shades is something that adds to the cheerfulness of the spring season.

Fashion Dresses

Right Dressing Sense for Men

Men want to dress as perfectly as same as the women may want to wear their makeup. A good dressing sense can do wonders with the right kind of fashion, cut and color. One also should be particular about the comfort level despite the fashion, adding confidence which corroborates to a high self image.


There was a time when men thought that it is just plain white and black for them which prevented them from going for patterns even, let alone choose a color. Most old fashioned men spent whole of their lives without realizing that they could have looked striking handsome, if only they would have chosen better dressing.

Each shirt in the wardrobe does not need to be of the same outline, design or color. Each is a different one with a little variation. One can always put a hundreds of permutation and combinations according to the choice, occasion and fashion. The men’s dress shirts do not require being of sameness and dulling in outline, fashion, and design. One should keep in mind that designs are dependent of fabrics. Fashions are also about style, collar, placement of buttons and pockets.

Purchasing a branded shirt can limit one’s choice to maneuver perhaps it is a style statement all the same. But in tailor made shirts one can play around with one’s own expectations and ideas if one is little innovative.

One has to pay attention to the suiting and the pants which have to go with the shirt’s design. However, it is more important to have the confidence to carry anything that one wears. With colors, or patterns, and ties maybe one easily come near the sense of self.

Of course one can look smart with a freshly pressed shirt and neatly smothered pants. The casual attitude should be careful of the look that is expected of him which is an acknowledgement of somebody looking at the person.

Light fabrics with well defined seam are considered to be the sign of a person who is soft with a firm approach towards his goal. It is a perfect statement in the business fraternity.

It does not cost anything to be knowledgeable about fashion. It saves one from spending otherwise in building an image which can be instantly done through a fashionable approach.

Choosing colors that do not clash

Many men have the best of intentions when they attempt to dress themselves. Unfortunately, many of them do not have a keen sense of suitable colors. Have you seen the look on the golf course? The pink plaid pants with yellow collared shirt that make your eyes burn. Here is a guide to choose colors that look great together!

Back in kindergarten, boys learned the primary colors-yellow, red, and blue. Those shades then branched out into complimentary mixes that boys loved to create using nothing more than a sloppy mound of paint and their fingers. The problem is that those boys grew up to be men who still could not decipher the colors that suit one another and the colors that look horrible together. Taking the staple fashion colors-black, white, yellow, red, and blue-a woman can usually pick out the colors that work. Sadly, I’ve seen a pair of bright green tie with a shirt carrying red stripes. Short of during the Christmas season, those colors are not meant to be worn together!

Men know the color combinations-red and blue make purple. Though the colors can be blended, not all colors should be matched in an outfit. A purple shirt with a red tie looks like something straight out off a clown. In any fashionable outfit, men should start with a base color, something neutral like pale beige or gray. Pair a beige shirt with a blue tie would compliment you being handsome.

Because extreme contrasts catch the eye, it is best to avoid pairing a dark shirt with light colored tie. Too many intense shades can cause the eye to ache. If you are out on the town trying to capture a woman’s attention, a black shirt with a pale blue tie will be too much. Instead of drawing attention to your clothing, the opposite will occur. However, if you pair a light shirt with a dark tie, the limited amount of contrast will draw attention to you.

Colors that never be paired are easily remembered. Dark blue and purple are not flattering. White with cream will wash you out. Red and purple boggle the eye. Green and red or green and purple are awful together. Orange with green or purple should be avoided at all costs.

In general, black shirts work well with a lighter colored tie. White shirts offer a wider array of choices, as anything goes with white. This year’s fashionable colors include all shades of brown, slate blues, navy blues, pale blues, black, and pure white. These color choices are easy to work with and very versatile. A pale brown shirt will look fantastic with a chocolate brown tie. Mix a gray shirt with a slate blue tie and you will look amazing. The choices are endless, as long as you remember to start with a neutral shirt and then find complementary colors.

Fashions for Big Men

The good news is that you are not alone. Many men are carrying extra weight. These same men opt to dress baggy clothing thinking they can hide their beer bellies with loose t-shirts. Would you like to know the truth? Baggy clothing actually makes you look bigger than you probably are.

Color is the most important aspect in dressing to look slimmer than you actually are. Stripes are your worst enemy. Dark colors-black, chocolate brown, charcoal, navy blue, and dark gray-offer a more slimming look. Browns, blacks, grays, and navy blues happen to be this years “in” colors. You get to wear fashionable trends while also appearing slimmer. Make sure your suit jacket and shirt are similar in color. Contrasting hues draw attention to the point in which they meet. The point at which the colors meet will create a line that adds the appearance of bulk.

When purchasing a suit jacket (and every man needs at least one jacket), look for two-button suit jackets in dark colors. Once again, the dark colors are more slimming. In addition, a two-button suit creates a streamlined look that makes your waist and stomach look tapered and trim. Do not buy a jacket that is too loose. A loose appearance will add the appearance of weight. You also need to avoid purchasing clothing that fits too snugly. Clothing should fit comfortably with no more than an inch of space at any given point.

Though Hawaiian prints are in, large patterns give the appearance of bulk. Stick to small vertical patterns that make the torso appear longer and slimmer. Always rely on vertical patterns and never horizontal patterns. Stripes that are horizontal add a round look and can make you look a lot heavier than you are. The same applies with buttons and zippers choose small, narrow fasteners.

Shiny satins, rayons, and other fabrics add weight. Any fabric with a bright sheen will make you appear larger than you are. Stick to clothing that has a brushed appearance without any shine.

If you have a chubby, round face, do not purchase turtlenecks. Turtlenecks can make you look heavy in the neck area. Instead, choose shirts with angled v-necks or leave the top couple of buttons on a dress shirt undone so that there is an angle that slims the face and neck.

Sticking to these basic rules can turn a rotund man into someone looking svelte. Just remember vertical lines, dark colors, and similar shades, and you will look great!

Fashions for Skinny Men

Just as overweight men have serious issues finding a fashionable look, men who are underweight can have just as many difficulties. Scrawny men want to look larger than they are without appearing sloppy. Building the appearance of muscle is impossible, but choosing fashions that add the appearance of bulk can be accomplished.

First and foremost, never purchase baggy clothing. You will wind up looking lost in the outfit and that makes you look slimmer than you actually are. You need to choose pants that fit snugly without being tight. Slim, non-tapered pant legs work well. Low-rise pants look great. Leather pants are a great item to own. Skinny men can pull off a pair of tight leather pants. The snug fit will accentuate your lower half and definitely draw attention. Avoid any jeans with boot cut legs or flared legs as they make you appear to be drowning in your clothing.

Choose single-breasted jackets with small shoulder pads. The shoulder pads will add a muscular look, but make sure the shoulder pads are small. Larger shoulder pads always look like nothing more than shoulder pads-think 1980′s shoulder pads making people look like linebackers. You want the appearance of muscle, not the appearance of shoulder pads.

Skinnier men can easily add stripes to their wardrobe. Choose thin stripes and patterns that are close together, either vertical or horizontal. This adds the appearance of bulk, especially if you use horizontal stripes or patterns. Make sure the shirt fits nicely; you want the fabric to cling to your form.

Skinnier men also have the option of choosing any color that appeals to them. Where larger men need to stick to dark colors, skinny men can mix and match. Adding contrast breaks up an outfit’s lines and can add the appearance of weight. Light jackets paired with a darker shirt can add the guise of bulk around the chest and waist.

Do not wear sleeveless shirts. Tank tops and sleeveless t-shirts will highlight the fact that you have little to no arm muscle. Stick to well-fitted t-shirts, dress shirts, and long-sleeved t-shirts.

Fabrics with sheen can add the appearance of weight. Silks, rayons, and satins can all make you look bulkier than you actually are. Consider adding a couple of shiny shirts to your wardrobe. I am not talking disco shiny, but something with sheen.

Being skinny does not mean you must dress like a stereotypical nerd. Choose fashions that you like and that do not drown your body shape. Follow these simple rules and you will look brilliant in no time!