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Luxury in Hong Kong



The article discusses the characteristics of luxury market in Hong Kong & the factors behind its fast growth. The article also covers the study of various consumer segments and their important purchasing habits.


Hong Kong has a deep rooted love for luxury and reason being the rich and wealthy Shanghaies and Chinese immigrants. Shopping is way of life in Hong Kong and the market is worth more than $ 3.5 billion. Hong Kong is duty free zone and thus luxury goods here are cheaper than anywhere else in Asia. Luxury brands are hugely concentrated here. Gucci has eight stores in Hong Kong but three in New York and Milan and six in Paris in London. Similarly Herms has seven stores in Hong Kong, two in New York, three in Paris, one in Milan and five in London. Hong Kong is at its way of life stage of the spread of luxury Model (Chaddha & Husband, 2006, p. 105). Hong Kong’s luxury market started blooming in the 1970s when its economy started picking up. Most of the luxury sales came from nightclub hostesses, whose status was judged by the brands they used to carry and who later on returned these goods for refunds. In 1980s and 1990s a lot of money started pumping into the local markets which lead to revolution in the luxury industry. The new money brought Hong Kong into the show off stage. A lot of Japanese tourists also led to the rise of sales of these brands. In a recent survey report from the Boston Consulting, it was observed that even now, a lot of shoppers from China prefer to spend a lot of money in buying luxury goods from Hong Kong as they not only find these goods cheaper here but also prefer it because of authenticity, wider selection and better services.


An important characteristic of luxury retail in Hong Kong is franchising. Most of the luxury brands used to sell through local agents in early 90s though most of the big brands started managing their brands post 1997. A few brands are still being managed by local agents including Kenzo and Givenchy. Like China and Japan, the first spots for luxury retail in Hong Kong too were five Star Hotels, the remarkable ones being Mandarin Oriental & Peninsula Hotel. Later on upscale mega-malls like Ocean Terminal and plush shopping centres like Landmark also became sites of attraction for luxury shoppers in Hong Kong.


In their book “The Cult of the Luxury Brand” Chaddha & Husband (2006, pp. 122-27) have identified three major consumer groups in Hong Kong: Tai-tais, high maintenance professional women & office ladies. Tai-tais are the wives of business tycoons who have the highest spending capacity. It has been estimated that each one of them spends around a million USD on shopping annually. Women professionals are either successful entrepreneurs or high level executives who are highly discerning and ardent lux lovers. They spend around 15000-50000 USD annually. At the lower spectrum of luxury spenders lie office ladies who generally are secretaries or junior executive & whose per head spend ranges from 500-2000 USD annually, spend a huge portion of their salaries at a single go. These women mostly buy luxury bags and shoes, items which are evidently visible. This generation of characterized by no saving habits which is quite similar to the single parasites of Japan.

How a state of this size could support so much of luxury retail, has been a subject of wonder. The major reason behind high sales in Hong Kong is low import duties ranging from 12-30 percent, no sales taxes and negligible corporate income tax around 16 percent which bring down the prices of these brands. Another important factor is tourism which pulls in a lot of foreign shoppers majorly from China and Japan. Also the stores and shopping centres are so strategically located here that you cannot avoid shopping. These brands go for prime locations in the city with a huge selection opportunity. Hong Kong has a mixed culture due to long colonial rule of the British which differentiates it from rest of the China. This culture well describes the shopping madness in Hong Kong.


About the Author


The author is Assistant Professor in FMS Department, National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Gandhinagar.

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The Green Fashion Challenge

An Overview of the Current State of Ecofashion


When you hear the words “eco fashion” what image comes to mind? Cameron Diaz in an $11,975 dollar organic dress on the cover of Vogue? Some message on a canvas tote? Maybe nothing at all?


Unlike other facets of the Green movement- organic food, beauty products, home supplies – eco fashion hasn’t made a big a splash in the public consciousness. It’s not as talked about or obsessed over. It’s the Green movement’s reclusive aunt.


There isn’t much diligence or attention to what eco fashion even means.”I went to Rainbow the other day to get my friend a cheap gift,” says Cary Curran, an actress living in New York, “and they had green shirts with glittered letters that said ‘Green is the new black.’ I don’t even know if it was organic cotton.”


The insiders have had enough. “Walk down the street, in the city, 2 out of 10 women will have a canvas tote with some kind of green message on it, like the “I’m not a plastic bag’ thing,” says Molly Garretson who founded Project Earth Day, an annual fashion show and student design competition in its 4th year. “Yes the message is getting broader and spreading, but it’s getting kitschy.”


Mottainainy Purple Shibori Shirt, $230: When taking your eco-vacation, it’s best to wear something that didn’t poison a river in China while it was being made. Purple shibori shirt is hand dyed cotton from Japan, plackets on sleeves. See Mottainainy. com

About Mottainai:The name (pronounced moe tie nie) is an old Japanese saying that roughly translates to “what a waste.” Japanese kids were told to finish their rice or the Mottainai ghost would come.These clothes are shockingly fresh, slick and wearable and are for globally aware guys who know that if we don’t change our habits, a much scarier ghost is going to come.


This all may be about to change .The United Nations declared 2009 the International Year of the Natural Fibres and Stella McCartney was listed as one of Times 100 most influencial people for her work creating cruelty-free ,high fashion clothing.


Meanwhile,out in the fashion trenches,manyeco-conscious designers are starting to find their voices.Mociun and Bahar Shahpar make gorgeous sophisticated clothes for women who can afford to wear them.


Popomomo’s simple, adorable dresses and shirting are artsy in a Zooey Deschanel kind of way. Mottainie’s slick, put together men’s clothing would appeal to cool choosy youth who wear Y-3 or APC. And, in the bright, eye-popping, work of UK-based Junky Styling, Eco fashion may finally have its Vivienne Westwood-a design collective that is giving sustainable clothing a noticeably different, innovative look that looks more like a cultural movement than a simple trend. Still, its not like the garment industry is uniformly enthusiastic. Like any corporate beast, (see meat industry, health care industry) it is slow to change, especially when it involves lower profits. Just a glance at the boom in cheaper textile production in China is an indication that there is still a ruthless bottom line that supercedes conscience.

“I feel like there is a movement toward Green practices, but for my clients it’s still about cost,” says Lisa Wisely a manufacturer and producer in Brooklyn who handles merchandising for large productions and businesses. Wisely is always trying to introduce “green” practices to her clients, but it is still an uphill battle “Basically it costs $7.75 for an organic tshirt. A basic cotton average shirt, dyed with chemicals is five bucks. In terms of bulk production, $2.25 a tee shirt is a big difference.”
“It’s a dilemma,” says a designer at a large clothing brand. “Especially in this economy when companies are so obsessed with making their bottom line to the point where they debate whether or not to omit ONE button to cut costs. I don’t think organic / green initiatives will be priority.”
It’s possible eco fashion has a harder time creating awareness because is so difficult for consumers to identify what actually makes clothing “green.” It’s not easy to fathom. “There are a million different things going into textile production, when you’re weighing the creation of a product,” says designer Bahar Shah par. “You have fiber, you have processing, dyeing, finishing, production, trade, labor, transportation, shipping, packaging.”


Even within the organic industry, it’s hard to nail down what is truly organic. “Bamboo is being marketed as a natural fiber. But it’s bamboo dissolved in a strong caustic solution and extruded through a shower head type device,” says Johnathan Silberman, chair of Textile and Marketing at FIT.

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Demure to Deviant : Ladylike Fashion in the Twentieth Century

There are many meanings and uses of the term “ladylike”. Ladylike as a concept can be defined through the language of fashion but it can also be used as a moral or religious standard. Ladylike is a contextual idea. Within the fields of fashion studies and the commercial industry of fashion “ladylike” has varied meanings depending on the context in which it is visually presented. Within the fashion industry itself, the concept of ladylike can be presented in a somewhat straightforward “modernized traditional way” as in the “new classic” available at the US based retailer Talbots or deconstructed as a concept and presented in a self referential way such as French couture house of Dior had shown on the runway and in print advertisements throughout the tenure of creative director John Galliano. Additionally, defining ladylike in terms of fashion can be problematic as its visual signifiers change rapidly over time. Rules of etiquette and appearance relax and bend and sometimes come full circle when they are concerned with sartorial acceptability within a given group or society.


According to Vogues Book of Etiquette, even though decorum, which in the above quotation can be presumed to mean “rules of fashion”, may have relaxed from the early decades of the twentieth century, but at the time of publication, deviating from the norm when dressing was still considered offensive, indiscriminate and exhibitionistic.


This article was originally published in “Fashion Colloquia London, September, 2011”.

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The Boho Style – Bohemian Clothes for Any Alter

Boho garments, diamond jewelry and bags have rocked the fashion globe. Boho continues to be immensely popular both with celebrities and with masses alike.
Have you ever tried using bohemian clothing? The fashion of street clothes is also called as Boho type. And in case you are sick and tired of putting on the exact same old issue daily, then that is one option you might search into with regards to garments for the adjust.

Several would say that this among the most convenient method of dressing up since you do not have to spend that a great deal cash compared to designer’s apparel. It can be just a matter of mixing and matching your street outfits to create them look a little much more presentable, and a tiny a lot more as what you are able to call your own design.
All you’ve to glimpse into is always to wearing outfits which have a lot more shades of artistry in it. It should be somehow one of a kind in the plain and also the typical, and adding components to your outfit would surely highlight the style one of the most. You also ought to take note that bohemian clothing are much more of the loose type of clothes so it isn’t all about highlighting the shape of your respective curves as nicely as your muscles.

The notion of sporting this form of garments is introducing a far more at ease and more artistic means of dressing up. Rather of putting on the common skimpy dresses and body fit shirts, you now possess the choice for making use of bohemian clothing to your everyday outfit. This time around you will not ought to be concerned should the skirt that you are wearing is too brief or should the blouse you might be donning is extremely colorful. With all the boho dresses you’ll be able to assure your self that what you’re putting on is comfy enough to your everyday activities.


What’s additional exciting about this style of dressing up is that it is possible to include as significantly gadgets you intend to match these artistic clothes. You are able to be as a lot innovative in projecting your own personal individuality without obtaining to present off that much skin. A lot of would say that this is usually a more cozy, affordable and an out of this planet style of garments. Nonetheless, tend not to you consider it’s time for you to test it for the transform, so it is possible to stop questioning what it feels like wearing these varieties of clothes?
Let us have a look on Boho suggestions:
Fitting: Many individuals misconstrue Bohemian outfits as ill fitting outfits. If you’re acquiring these, assure it fits properly. The latest Bohemian clothes trend is all about lengthy skirts and tunic tops.
Brilliant Colors: Decide on a vibrant colored top on jeans or trousers or more than a prolonged skirt, Capri etc. Alternatively, put on a long dress with intricate embroidery or have on a free flowing Boho lengthy skirt to enrich your character.

Diamond jewelry: Boho trend just isn’t just about dressing up in Boho model. It is about your overall appearance. Boho jewellery is beautifully intended, hand produced organic diamond jewelry built of stones, beads, semi precious gems, etc. Boho diamond jewelry might be put on any event, pick light weight models for casual situation and one thing unique this sort of as peacock style or exquisite layout to be worn at formal events. If you’re donning a deep neck gown, don chunky Boho beaded jewelry to fill up the open neckline. Most widespread material utilized in Boho jewelry is wood, hemp, shell, stones and so forth.

Bags: Patchwork bags built in cotton or silk can be your fashion statement for just about any situation. Use smaller round Boho bag for formal event. When you are utilizing the bag for morning to morning requirements, this kind of as going to operate position or to college, then go for Boho bag in larger size to accommodate all your belongings.
Boots or shoes: Boho footwear are basically intended for convenience. They are typically observed in neutral shades this sort of as olive green, black, brown and tan. Mainly, these footwear have flat heels and the ultimate matter in comfort and ease. As far since the style goes, Boho covers a broad selection of designs from gladiators, to suede and boots, which include moccasins. These boots or shoes might or may not have beads, gems and so forth.You are able to include worth to some uncomplicated outfit by choosing fringed or beaded Boho boots or shoes.

As stated earlier, Boho features a broader point of view. It is about ‘you’. So, if you want to sport an awesome, casual seem, it is possible to go with Boho hairstyle. Boho hairstyle is about rumpled seem, and you can attempt your own personal Boho hairstyle depending upon your face cut. Bangs are most popular amongst Boho hairstyles.

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Stylish Benefits Of High Heel Shoes

Today’s high heel shoes can help make a woman feel leaner, taller and sexier while being the most important accessory to her outfit.

A high heeled shoe can be defined as a shoe whose heel is higher than the toe. The heels can vary in height ranging from a two inch kitten heel to stilettos that are over four inches. Most heels are not worn for practical reasons, but for aesthetics. Lower heels are usually worn for work or more serious occasions, and taller heels are worn for going out dancing or a night out on the town.

They can also help shorter women appear taller. Legs can look more slender, longer and accentuate a woman’s calves. Since they change the center of gravity, it forces a woman to carrier herself a little taller, which implies more confidence. They also alter a woman’s stride which can add an touch of elegance to a woman’s walk.

High heels can be paired up with almost any type of outfit, making them very versatile. Traditionally they have been worn with more formal attire such as evening gowns and cocktail dresses. These days they can be paired up with jeans and a blazer to take a more casual style and transform it into an outfit acceptable for an evening social event.

High heels have become such an important factor in a woman’s fashion ensemble that they can become the flashiest part of her outfit. A dull black dress can go from boring to fabulous by adding a pair of trendy red heels or animal print stilettos.

There is a high heel out there for almost any type of style, age and budget. They can be made from fabrics such as leather, suede, velvet or be bejeweled. They can range in color from black to fluorescent pink. Some designer labels can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars, or there are more affordable versions available that fit most budgets.

As with all advantages there are disadvantages. Heels can assist in making an outfit more fashionable, but with that comes the possibility of an injury. Since the heels throw a woman’s balance off, there is a greater chance of a slip or fall. They have also been linked to lower back pain, knee pain and foot issues such as blisters, corns and bunions. Doctors say that high heel shoes don’t need to stop being worn, but it is recommended that they are reserved for special occasions and not worn on a daily basis.

To get the most from heels, it’s recommended to practice walking in them before wearing them out. It gives them a chance to break in and the wearer a sense of what they will feel like before taking them out. Also, when taking a step, straighten and extend the body from top to the bottom. This will give a more graceful appearance. Finally, be confident when wearing high heels. They can be one of the best fashion details, but confidence when wearing them can prove to be an even better accessory.

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A Look Back at ‘Dior’s New Look’

World War II was not only a time of hardship for everyone but it was also a time of sacrifice of fashion for most women. Because of the lack of money and supplies women were not able to dress up like they once were but in 1947 Christian Diors new look transformed fashion and womens views of it; he began using luxurious fabrics and lavish designs that women from the 1940s had longed for. 1950s fashion is often portrayed as poodle skirts and sweaters but that is really a pale imitation of Diors new look. The new look included a fitted top, a tiny waist and a wide flared skirt that came slightly below the knee. There were night and day versions of the new look, the evening look a little more extravagant than the day. The evening versions were ultra-glamorous and feminine and often used a boned strapless top. Christian Diors new look was worn by women who wanted to look more feminine and traditional; like their grandmothers before them. The new look dominated womens silhouettes of its time.


Diors most famous silhouette was the iconic Bar suit. It was comprised of a silk jacket with a sloped shoulder, large bust, cinched waist and large hip. The wool skirt was full and fell halfway down the calves. The Bar suit look was often paired with a wide brimmed hat, an umbrella, heels and short leather gloves.


Christian Diors A ensemble was another popular silhouette. The original dress was known for being seen at the wedding of Olivia de Havilland, an American film and stage actress. The suit dress was created with a tailored mens suit in mind but at the same time it was feminine and beautiful. The dress was crafted from wool and was most often worn with an A lined coat. Like the Bar suit, it was fitted on top and flared out on the bottom in an A shape (hence the name.) Accessories worn with it include long leather gloves, heeled shoes and a clutch handbag.


Evening gowns followed along the same lines as the Bar suit and A-line silhouette Dior popularized. They were fitted through the top half and had a wide skirt. The ancient Greek God, Venus, inspired Diors Junon evening gown of 1949. The dress is extremely detailed with beading and embroidery on ombre petals. It is made from cotton and silk and is a great representation of what Dior wanted for the post war women; femininity, luxury and style. Accessories that may have been worn with this look are stiletto heels, a beaded clutch and a short necklace.


Christian Diors look was made for the traditional woman who wanted elegance, luxury and style wrapped into one. We continue to see current day fashion designers use the silhouettes Dior popularized on runways and in editorials and he will always be one of the most influential fashion designers in the world.

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Beauty Trend Spring / Summer 2009 – Rock Angel

The prevalence of punk look doesn’t begin by chance. Began in the 1970’s, punk rock gave rise to a new alternative look. The main theme of the look is rebellion, and its accompanying style rebelled against the status quo. Though I am not interested in items of its clothing and accessory look, we should admit that there still one part we can benefit from – punk allows a lot of creativity.

In fact, in current fashion, more and more people are sick of girls’ natural sweet make-up appearance and tend to look for an unique possibility. Fascinating, enchanting even depraved emotion developed into a punk look which holds slight chaff and dark elements, making the particular girls get themselves back. In other words, in modern fashion industry, people are not common beauty addicts, instead, they are crazy about defects. I collect some information from Spring / Summer 2009 fashion trend, now I want to share something with you. How to make up yourselves and create a cool punk look? You must want to know. Refer to punk look, generally black is the main color. But the effect is even more enhanced now. Don’t just consider black is only of the bald since it will greatly surprise you this season. In eyes makeup, black color will features more spiffy and plump, even sparkle the morbidezza of the minerals. The black eye liner looks like a paint with ink. Though simple while delicate and perfect; the eye shadow is so heavy just like the dark ink, while will bring the clear wet feeling.

Also, you should never ignore the wonderful makeup base. If you care going with the classic black look, keep your makeup natural and then give it pop with fresh lipstick. That’s the key that different from the former punk look. What about blusher? Sorry, this time, it would disappeared. Don’t surprised that there is no standard to create punk. It is unbending graffiti and the slight bright texture that will create such a lively rock angle.

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Prom Dresses 2011 – Making Your Own Style Statement for the Upcoming Prom Season

Every new season delivers its own unique style. You should be conscious of some of the hot styles to make your own style statement for the forthcoming prom season 2011. But most prom dresses remain in style for a long period of time, with a few small changes. Deciding on a color also makes a superb difference in your appearance. You can choose a color combination of black and white that will suit both, younger and full-grown, women.


There are several style patterns which you can follow and bring your own taste to make it appear unique. Long prom dresses, short prom dresses, prom dresses beads, multi-print style dress can be surely a show-stopper. If you want simplicity in your prom dress, select the foil chiffon prom dress. Faviana Style: 6564 is a celebrity dress. It’s an elegant gown, beaded chiffon with ruffle back detail and rhinestone straps. The dress is suggestively sexy.


Yet, fashion experts comprising the panel all appear to be promoting the most sexy short prom dress styles for 2011. Straying clear of the common, traditional prom design, short and sexy prom dresses showcase elegant styles with a contemporary style. Discrediting antiquated perceptions of the past, shorter prom outfit nowadays is viewed as appropriate and entirely relevant outfit for prom fun. Shorter formal outfits offers a particular chic appeal that does really well within conventional gowns and usual long dresses.


Most of these brand new Hollywood-inspired styles are actually fantastic for today’s modern woman. Although a number of short prom dress sorts take an edgy, ground-breaking look, some others present a whole new point of view on a few basic and authentic types. Whether or not you decide on a fairly simple, hot product or the supreme sexy outfit, you will find some of the top sexiest short prom dress styles of 2011. These important fashions have been repeating concepts in a few of the world’s most envisioned catwalks and designer fashion shows.


The one-shoulder pattern has been popular in all sorts of outfits, from dressy shirts to evening gowns. This season, one-shoulder outfit is creating a fantastic appearance in proms. Starting from a sleeveless dress to a mid-length sleeve style to a long-sleeve attire, the eminent one-shoulder look can be embodied in a wide range of styles. La Femme Style: 14612 is a sexy and great dress. This one-shoulder dress features blossoms around the strap that continues over the shoulder to create a perfect back. Material gathers on entire dress and consists of a shape fitting yet comfortable light stretch knit fabric which can be found in black or white. Wearing this dress could make you look your very best.
The strapless outfit from a classic strapless neckline to a heart-shaped style, the strapless prom dress is one pattern that never goes out of style. Although typically women had been afraid to put on a dress that was short and strapless, a few of the sexiest short prom dresses for 2011 are actually strapless and that they absolutely find it irresistible. The key to putting on a strapless, shorter prom dress is to go with a dress that is just a few inches over the knee and that is not fixed all through the garment. Remember, a sexy prom look is attained by blending a classy style with just the right level of appeal.

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Online Fashion Jewelry

Amongst the many options available to the general public for purchasing of fashion jewelry, online stores on the internet are an excellent source as well. The added benefit that you get from purchasing fashion jewelry (of any type) online is that, more often than not, you get discounts and sale on the retail prices and on various items of the jewelry, which are not available in the physical stores. The online stores are quite reputed and renowned amongst the internet using community and it is easy to figure out the most reasonable and prominent ones by carrying out a research on the internet or perhaps a suggestion from your acquaintances.
Also, the variety on online stores is a collection from around the globe which adds value and varying patterns of such jewelry and hence making the list of choice for you even longer. Such designs can be specific to the regions from where they are originating.


The competition is intense and intriguing amongst the online stores who are willing to offer the best prices to the prospective customers, as a result of which, the consumers benefit in leaps and bounds.

There is surely a high level of excitement given the wide array of jewelry that is on display on such stores along with its specifications. Having said that, it can be a tedious and time consuming task (however less time consuming then searching for fashion jewelry in physical stores) to search for the ideal and that special fashion jewelry piece that you are after.

Broadly, you can search from the fashion jewelry that pertains to antique, trendy or traditional styling and patterns.

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Burberry targets Indian high net worth individuals

British luxury brand Burberry is making a concerted effort to reach out to high net worth individuals (HNIs) in India and China, even as investors have hammered the company’s stock 30% since July due to its expansion plans in Asia.


Angela Ahrendts, the American CEO of the 155-year-old firm, said the company is relying on social media to connect with Asian HNIs who are on average 15 years younger than their counterparts in the developed economies. She said the company is also aligning its product mix for these markets.



“In India, there is a very strong male market, as in China, so we have had to relook at our men’s offering. We are listening to our customers here, and have started our accessories business,” Ahrendts said. Asia contributes a third to the revenues to the company, which sells trench coats, scarves and umbrellas with a unique tartan pattern, besides fragrance and fashion accessories.


Ahrendts said Asia’s share is set to rise further, with countries like India and China producing more billionaires than the rest of the world. “China is one of the fastest growing markets in the world…growing at the same rate as India.


But it has a 30-year headstart,” Ahrendts said, comparing the firm’s 60 stores across China with the seven in India. “We have a five-year plan for India, of which we have barely covered half. But we expect India to be a big market.”


In India, Burberry already has more than half a million Facebook fans. Apart from its Facebook and Twitter campaigns, in China the company is using four local social media sites. Burberry has changed its global product as well as marketing strategy in accordance with the demographic changes in these growth markets.


In the last two years, the company has added new product categories to its catalogue like menswear, men’s accessories and fragrances. The products have been added to the global portfolio as a lot of Burberry’s buyers travel around the globe and make purchases there.


“These buyers will look for the same products, though their counterparts in some other markets may be looking for something else,” she explained. Ahrendts said she expected the key markets within China to outperform the country as a whole.

“We are not focused on China the way everyone is perceiving right now,” she explained, “I have told investors that just because they see that the growth in China is dipping from 9% to 8%, does not mean everybody needs to panic. It is a big country. Those are aggregate numbers.


The big flagship markets that people are migrating into like Beijing and Shanghai are typically in a higher growth than the country is.” The CEO said she was confident that the flagship markets would continue to grow. “That is one reason we decided in the beginning to target the millennium consumers,” she said.


“Our experience is that the HNIs the world over are recession-proof. We don’t have 80% of our products in one division. That would scare me. We are also very balanced by product and region.” However, she added that the company was well prepared for a downturn if there is one.


Originally published in the Economic Times dated October 11th, 2011, the Economic Times Bureau, New Delhi.