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Denim Fashion Trends of the Season – Spring-Summer 2010

Any spring-summer 2010 fashion shows were carried out under the motto “militarism and craziness” and customized denim fashion revealed these tendencies as well. The most stylish jeans of the season spring-summer 2010 are skinny, torn, of dirty khaki, gray, blue or black colors. They are best of all combined with long sweaters or tops in military style. Other trends are the 1990s and a sexy look.

Dyed jeans are still in, this spring they come in skinny, straight, torn, short and long variants. Another reminder of the 1990s’ fashion are custom jeans in grunge style which look as if they have been worn for several seasons. Boyfriend jeans are still popular too. For example, such jeans can be found in the latest collections of Ralph Lauren, Jean Paul Gaultier, Getwear or Versace. The latter fashion house presented its variation of boyfriend jeans wide on the thighs and tight on the ankles. Unique brand presented their vision of boyfriend style grunge jeans fitting women’s figure, however they are also very relaxed and extremely worn.

Extraordinarily embellished subculture jeans will also be fashionable in the coming season. Trussardi presents its extravagant jeans model 1911 with pockets worn and torn. Just Cavalli denim collection is built on the combination of denim fabric with flower ornaments. Jeans decorated with zippers, rivets, chains and prints are also a trend of spring-summer 2010.

Classical jeans are timeless and in the new season they are certainly worn as well. Worn straight-cut classical jeans can be found in the newest collections of D&G, Getwear, William Rast and Alexander McQueen.

Elegant skinny black jeans are a hit of the coming season, as well as cuts, jeggings and gray jeans. Banana Republic brand also presents denim trench coats and worn denim shirts combined with cotton cardigans and linen dresses. Another novelty of spring-summer 2010 is the use of denim patch pockets.

Denim shorts are of immediate interest during hot summer days. They are comfortable and practical. Spring-summer 2010 season presents ultrashort denim shorts of black and red colors. Torn shorts and shorts with cuts are also in. The best shoes to combine them with are ballerinas and shoes with high heels. The best accessories are massive colliers and bracelets, belt-bracelets and massive sunglasses as well as aviator sunglasses.

Jeans with corsage popular during the season autumn-winter 2009/2010 stay for spring and summer, too. Made to measure jeans with corsage are embellished with buttons and lacing and look exquisite especially in dark colors. Such jeans make your waist look slimmer and your legs visually longer, their importance can not be overstated. The best way is to combine jeans with corsage with a white blouse, short bolero or a jeans jacket. All the more so, double denim stays popular during the coming season, too. And don’t forget about high heels! Stay tuned!

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Enduring Fashion Inspiration III – Rome

Rome is popularly known as an eternal city. Praised as the 11th most visited city in the world, Rome is also a rich source of inspiration of culture and fashion. Much of the Roman clothing is reminiscent to Greek clothing styles. Roman clothing was not just a means of covering their body, but it was also an indication of their class, social status, age gender, and occupation. Ancient Romans preferred to display around, and to the rest of the world, what was their place, and status in the society.

Aspects of Roman clothing give enormous appeal to the Western imagination. Clothing style is many countries worldwide; have taken inspiration from ancient Roman styles. Ancient Romans believed that only barbarians wore trousers. Today, their legendary draped garments are replaced by tight fitting and sewn clothing. The ancient clothing styles of Romans have a strong influence on the modern fashion industry. Robes worn by the royal class of Rome are being interpreted by aspiring stylist. Designers, who take a deep dip in the ancient history of Rome, come up with modern interpretations of roman costumes which have an exotic and amiable appearance.

Charming illustrations of ancient Roman women proves an attitude of rhythmic grace and goddess like beauty. Today’s fashion designers take inspiration from the clothing styles of Roman women. Goddesses are never out of theme for fashion. Women look their best in a classic evening gown which takes its inspiration from the ancient Roman goddess clothing.

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The Perfect Handbag: a Guide to Choose your Own

The handbag is an essential item for most women, helping carry around the day and night’s necessitates. Yet despite its importance in functionality, the handbag is also one of the most essential-and stylistically telling-pieces in fashion. Thus, it’s important to consider various features when choosing a handbag, to ensure you get the most out of both its functionality and style.


Many women own at least one or two “staple” handbags, which they use everyday and pair with most outfits. What’s more, most of these handbags end up being neutral in colour-for example, browns, nudes, or plain black. However, choosing a handbag to mesh with most “looks” doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Opt for a unique style, while sticking with a neutral colour and you’ll still be able to spice up any outfit. Alternatively, kick it up a notch by choosing a handbag with metallic or subtle print detailing.
However, no one ever said your “staple” handbag can’t be colourful. If you’re not afraid to stand out, opt for bright hues likered, yellow, orange, green. And don’t always worry about your handbag matching with every outfit. A lot of bright coloured handbags -especially those that are solid coloured-will compliment many different outfits. Just remember not to let your handbag-outfit combination get too busy with prints and bright colours.

When it comes to specific “looks”, certain styles of handbags are definitely more appropriate. For instance, if you normally dress up for the office, odds are you’ll want a handbag to match. Opt for a structured bag with two top handles for a chic, ladylike look.


On the other hand, if you’re trying to achieve a more casual look, pick up a messenger bag (which you can find in everything from canvas to leather). Worn across the body, these bags leave your arms free; but they’re certainly more stylish than backpacks. Looking for something hip? Sling a slouchy “hobo” style bag over your shoulder. And if your style is a bit edgier, pick up a clutch bag adorned with metal hardware or studs.

Size is another important feature when it comes to choosing a handbag. Ever see anyone walking around with an overstuffed purse? It’s not a pretty sight-and it’s one purse pitfall that should be avoided at all costs. Sure, we all have days when we carry around more than usual. But if you typically tote a ton around, you’re better off sizing up on your handbag.


That being said, however, you should also consider your own size when choosing a handbag. If you’re petite, don’t carry around a massive bag that overpowers your frame. Instead, opt for something relative to your size. If you tend to carry around a lot in your purse, size up (at most) to a medium bag. On the other hand, if you’re tall or broad, a tiny bag will seem too small. Try one that’s on the larger side for a look that’s better suited to your frame.


Last but not least, learn to let go when it’s time for a new handbag. Many women tend to get attached to their handbags-which is not surprising, considering it accompanies them everywhere. But when holes, worn leather, tears, or frayed stitching start to show, it’s time to move on to a new bag. Keeping these few tips in mind when shopping for handbags will ensure you get one that suits not only your functional needs, but also your unique style.

Online Fashion

Buying Online – Fashion Handbags & Accessories At The Reach Of Everyone!

Everybody knows the importance of accessories to highlight the clothes we are wearing at a certain moment. That suitable handbag or belt that can turn a casual outfit into the perfect one for the special occasion you have been planning long time ago.


Many people believe that acquiring quality accessories is linked to a high price. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nowadays, we can find thousands of companies specialized in selling quality and stylish accessories like handbags, belts or purses through their websites. The information about them is detailed in their websites, this way you will be able to choose the accessory you need depending on its shape, colour, fabric or measures.

Nevertheless, there are some points we need to consider when choosing an online retailer company:

Manufacture. If the company manufactures their own accessories in their own factory it means that they can stay current with the latest fashion trends, supply at cheaper prices and offer a quicker service without subcontractors.

Quality Control. Having a quality control at production and after import is essential when buying online since you cannot see or touch the product you are purchasing.

Distribution & Delivery. Make sure where they distribute and if they offer a tracking service (you do not want your beautiful new handbag to get lost, right?).

Accessories Variety. If the company has a wide range of designs it will be easier to find the perfect accessory you need.

Price. It is easy to find trendy and celebrity-inspired accessories at competitive prices online and it is about time that we, the consumers, take advantage of it!

Among the advantages of buying online, the most notable one is the saving of money and time. Forget about all those never-ending queues at the shops or not finding the handbag you are looking for because it is sold out. Internet has developed a new way of buying that has no limits, you can get what you want, whenever you want and wherever you are!

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Online Fashion And Shopping Tips

Fashion and shopping are either loved or hated throughout the world, depending on the individual. Thanks to today’s ever-growing technology and the internet, consumers now have a broader range of options when it comes to finding the latest trends, especially those who would rather due without than tackle crowded stores and malls. Purchasing clothes online can be tricky business, especially when it comes to knowing how well things will fit. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can keep in mind to avoid the battle of ill-fitted clothes in the future.


One thing to take into consideration is knowing your measurements. While it’s easy to go strictly by dress size, pant size, large, medium or small, often times clothing sizes will vary on how they will fit. Since you’re not able to try clothes on as easy as you would in the stores, it’s important to make sure that you know your actual measurements are to ensure the proper fit.

You can generally obtain your correct measurements by asking a friend or relative to help you out, using measuring tape, or have a professional tailor or seamstress help you. There are also inexpensive measuring tapes that are designed specifically to measure body size, and many of them are made so that it’s easy to do even on your own and to do so as accurately as possible. Common areas that you may want to measure their shoulders, bust, waist, hips, inseam, from neckline to hem or waist, and sleeve length. You can find numerous tutorials on how to do this properly online, as well as for knowing how to size vintage-type clothing or international sizing, if need be.

Many clothing sites will have measurements to go by, or at least a sizing chart that will be relatively accurate for a particular brand or type of clothing. It’s also important to make sure that you are also aware of the proper color and styling that will complement both you and your figure. With shapes and styles, try to get an understanding for your body shape and research what types of styles that work well with it and which ones don’t. For example, if you tend to be broad-shouldered or have a large bust size, it’s often good to avoid high-collared shirt, but rather go for v-necks or low-scooped necklines.

Knowing what colors go well with your skin tone is also key, though keep in mind that pictures online may vary from how colors actually look in reality. Colors are broken up into 4 different categories that are based on the season: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Winters, for example, are usually rich, jewel tones such as sapphire, ruby red, emerald and often suit are those who have cool or blue undertones to their appearance. Summers are also bright in color, but a lighter version of cool-type hues, while spring and autumn have more yellow in it, being anything from warm pastels to burnt, fall-like colors and browns.

To determine your season, one quick step would be to stand in front of a mirror that has natural lighting such as sunlight, versus harsh florescent. You can hold either paper or fabric that is in off-white or ivory up to your face, followed by a pure-white piece. Look to see whether ivory or pure-white complements your features the best. The wrong color will make you appear sallow or washed out, while the other will make your complexion and your eyes appear brighter. You can also try to wear an ivory shirt or pure-white shirt at a time on their own or holding the piece of paper so that you don’t have confusion of color messing up your test.

If you do well with off-white or ivory, then you are either a warm-toned spring or an autumn and yellow-hued colors will flatter you best. If you did well with white, then you are either a cool-toned summer or winter, and would do well with jewel tones and bright colors with red and blues in them. You can check online to determine which palettes fit which season and check to see which of the two similar tonal season match you best.

As you are shopping for clothing, no matter which website you go with, try to make sure that you read fashion and shopping reviews that have been left by customers as much as possible. This is a wonderful way to see how others have viewed the product and it also helps you stay informed with how well sizes or colors actually matched up when compared to the online photo or description versus in person.

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Cool Tips for Summer Dressing

With the on-set of the fun filled summer months it’s also time to refresh our wardrobes with clothes that are more casual, colourful, light and fun to wear. The hot summer sun and the holiday mood that sets in during this season require a complete new look and feel. Your summer clothing should be such that it makes you feel lighter, cooler and definitely younger than ever. Lets now check out on the latest trends this summer and find out what’s really in this season.


Summer Clothing

Fashion is all about clothes! Infact, to be more precise, it is about comfortable clothes. Anything that makes you conscious and squirmy is just not the right fashion thing for you. The way you dress up, what you wear and more importantly how you carry yourself in the outfit are the essential factors in any dressing. Choosing the right kind of dressing for yourself during the hot months is again a little different than any other season. Summers demand you to be comfortable and cool; therefore it is very important that apart from being stylish and trendy you must also stay comfortable in whatever you are wearing.

The summers are hot months when you generally tend to sweat a lot and feel irritable. Therefore wearing light clothes that are easy to manage and can absorb sweat are the best suitable options for the summers. Experimenting with colours and patterns is something you can easily do during these hot days. Starting from short printed skirts, loose string quarter pants teamed with a cool cut-sleeves tops or a body hug tee can make you stay cool and yet trendy this summer. Sarongs or long skirts teamed with hip-touching tops is something that will look good on those who are willing to hide the extra flab as the dress stylishly this summer. For an evening dress this summer, try out knee-length back open dresses, or formal pants worn in soft colours with a deeper shade of shirts teamed with a collar scarf.

The in-colours for clothes this season are all shades of pastel and earthy colours as light colours suit best during the summer seasons. Pinks, turquoise, sea greens and sunny yellows are also in these days.

Summer Accessories

It is a general trend to match accessories according to your attire. Accessories are known to accentuate the looks of any dress. Some prefer to go the traditional way and co-ordinate everything from head to toe; this looks decent enough and gives the perfect conventional look but only if done in the right way as it also has the risk of draining out the entire effort to wane. Similar is the case with those who like to go the other way round. Experimenting with wild and unconventional looks is a big risk in it’s own and have full chances of washing out the whole look. Some of the biggest fashion fiasco that people often make is- overdoing stuffs. For instance, if you are wearing a hot pink outfit for a summer evening and decide to team it up with matching purse, sandals, jewellery, and makeup too, it sure will not be too appealing rather there will be a complete goof-up. First it is very important to wear colours that are suitable for the occasion, season and definitely the time of the day. While co-ordination is good and so is experimentation, it is always advised to stay in safe boundaries and not to over emphasize on any part of your dressing.

Summer Makeup

Fashion divas and makeup artists consider the summers to be the worst months for makeup. It is difficult to keep the makeup on during the summers due to excessive heat and sweat, and more over it also tends to react with your skin. On exposure to the harmful rays of the summer sun the skin tends to burn out causing inflammation and ugly irruptions. Thus, keep your make to the bare minimum; make use of water- resistant products that will not wash out with sweat giving you an ugly smudgy look. More than anything else, what is most important during the summer months is to keep the skin clean, healthy and protected from the heat of the sun. Drink a lot of liquids, and eat a lot of fruits to keep you cool and rocking during the summers.

Thus, chill out completely this summer by just taking a little care of your dressing and bask in the warmth of happiness as you see eyes turning on to you.

Online Fashion

Getting About With Avant-Garde Online Fashion Shopping

People have been always preoccupied with online fashion shopping because that is the only thing that will make them stand out when they are going out on the street. Yes, of course, you will have to have some good money to spend on Avant-Garde Designer Fashion accessories, but in the end the effect that you will get from these efforts, you will be much worth it. So, if you want to start being such a person, then the first thing that you should do is go online and look for certain websites that are selling such things that will make you look at your best.


If you have no idea of such websites, then that is no problem to begin with. You will be able to find them out pretty fast if you just open your favorite browser and search with the keyword “online fashion shopping”. A dozen websites will appear in your browser and you will now have to look for the best one that will have everything you wish to buy at the lowest possible price.

But yes, if you love Avant-Garde Shoes, Avant-Garde Bags and avant-garde clothes, you might find it difficult when it comes to choosing the ones that will fit you best. Of course, there are sizes that the clothes will be yielding, but you know, if you don’t personally try it on, then you will not be able to know if it will fit you perfectly or not.

But even though you might think this to be as a problem, it can actually be fixed pretty fast and with no big efforts. Just have your sizes measured up and you will instantly be aware of the clothes that you can buy and that will fit you perfectly. If you know your measurements you will definitely always buy the clothes that will match you best.

If you want to have your measurements known, you can kindly ask one of your friends or relatives to help you out in this regard. Also, if you don’t have anyone close to you, then you will be very happy to hear that there are measuring tapes out there which are specifically designed for such an operation and you will be able to buy them without a problem from almost anywhere.

Always make sure that when you are online fashion shopping, to check the shipping of the clothes, shoes and Avant-Garde Accessories that you will buy.

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Handmade Jewelry

Jewelry is something which is of great interest to all of us. People have adored jewelry since quite some time now. The most popular types of jewelry are gold, silver and gemstones. No matter whether you are an American, Indian or African, all of them love jewelry. In ancient period the jewelry was made from bird feathers, animal ivory, seashells etc. Now these are being replaced by mainly gold and silver.

These days we are giving jewelry titles to the different form of jewelry including tribal jewelry, fashion jewelry, ethnic jewelry and antique jewelry etc. Designer handmade jewelry is becoming highly popular these days. In this article, we will discuss about how to make handmade jewelry.
When you start making handmade jewelry you will face two options to start with. Either you will have to find a raw silver dealer or look for a jewelry supplier, who will supply you with the required materials. You can opt for 925 or 986 grade of silver. Since silver 985 is slightly expensive, thus most of the makers go for Silver 925. Majority of the tools that you will require might easily be purchased from a good hardware shop. If you are not able to find the tools then you can look for them online, as there you will faced with lots of choices.

The heating source can be petrol bellows with hose set and nozzle or it can be a gas bottle with flame adjusting nozzle and hose. No matter which heating source you are opting for it should have an adjusting heat and flame. The hand tools that you will require for the job will include small tin snips, tweezers, proxy, rags, brass hammer, fine grade file, ceramic base battery acid etc.

The first step is to cut a silver strip that is wider than thickness of turquoise and it should be long enough to be wrapped around the gemstone diameter. Then you can cut it in a way that the two ends can meet tightly around the gemstone.

The next step is to solder and place flux on the joints, heating the silver strip. Apply it very carefully. If you have no experience in soldering then you should then it is recommended that you do some practice first.

The third step is to take your entire silver sterling band and place it on a silver plate. You need to ensure that the turquoise is still fitting. You should then remove the excess silver with the tin snips and sand off any sort of rough edges. Then you need to decide on the shape of the bail and cut it the silver out accordingly. You need to bend it in shape and then solder that to a pendant. Then place the turquoise and silver and carefully time away any excessive silver.

Lastly, by making use of a flexi grinder insert a polishing cloth disc, you need to add some silver polish and then buff the silver to the required finish.

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The Growth of Urban Wear

Urban wear is a fashion category that is popular among internationally known brands as well as local brands preferred by local people. It contains different items like clothing, footwear, jewellery, handbag, purse as well as many other accessories. Generally, the designer-made items are more popular among the people and they can be found both in the malls, retailer shops as well as wholesaling markets. Usually they come with good deals and are popular among the trendy men and women in urban areas as well as the countryside. Within the category, the most popular items are men and women apparels. In most cases, the most trendy and vogue items are most likely to be found in the more established malls.


In case of designer made urban wear items; the most important aspect about which the buyers are concerned would be whether or not the product is authentic and genuine. Of course, most of the owners would pledge that they only sell goods that are totally genuine as well as unique. However, in spite of all of the goods being “unique and genuine”, the price range can be huge. Nonetheless, the price is usually not very high and in most cases, it is very affordable for the common man. Sellers would also claim that the customer could request a refund if they prove after they buy the clothing that it is not genuine. Therefore, it is very important to check the quality of the product first before buying it. It is also advised to only buy urban wear items from the authentic and genuine stores.


Many renowned companies, especially the international brands, start their apparel empire by selling urban wear in different places. They earn their place in the markets by gradually accumulating customers in the local markets and build up their credibility. In addition to these, strong business relations among the brands and companies help them to overcome difficulties and hardships together and eventually give rise to the strong enterprises that are well known for selling urban wear items nowadays. Usually, various companies and brands are involved in the design, production, wholesaling as well as the eventual retailing of these items.


In most cases, it takes many years to build up an image for a brand and a business. It is only then that the customers begin to trust the standard of the items provided by the seller. This is most true in the case of wholesalers. It is a common belief that the wholesalers are not truthful about the quality of the material. Nonetheless, brands and retailer shops attract their target customers and build up image by expanding their product lines as well as by introducing more affordable items. The target customer groups were youngsters and celebrities. As a result hip-hop style items with rich designs and bold motifs were introduced. The designs of this brand were really trendy, enthusiastic and appealing.

After achieving a success in the local market, the brand decided to go online and sell their products on the Internet. It was a wise decision because they can appeal to more viewers, both locally and internationally on the Internet. It is also by going online that the brand recorded the fastest rate of sale increase of urban wear items among all the different brands. The Internet proved to be a medium that can be effective in attracting customers in the local market as well as all over the world.


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Dressed gorgeous Muslims

Islamic dress is not just covering the body. Its corresponding symbols, wearing Islamic dress also protects the wearer from things that could hurt her. Choose clothing that is loose, which disguise the body silhouette. To be able to still look stylish and keep up with fashion, you can try browsing on the internet about the latest creations wearing Muslim clothing.

Here are some tips for wearing Islamic dress no longer looks dull:

Avoid wearing Bergo simply because you will look stylish or seem lazy grooming. Bergo is actually used on the hood in order to look more neat hood. So should you still wear the veil outside Bergo.

Shall have accessories such as cufflinks and cardigans. These accessories can turn a short-sleeved dress again worn as a fashion trend worthy Muslim. Have some neutral colors that can be combined with a variety of styles and models.

Should not choose clothing with a transparent material and a tight shirt. Fashion with these materials directly to create the impression of sexy and far from hakikah using real Islamic dress.

Creative with a veil. We have had many hooded creations that you can learn. Change your veil style according to the event that you attended.

Choose the model and materials to suit your day-to-day activities. No need to impose a model that is the trend just because you want to look stylish. If you are fairly active events, select a more casual material, absorbs sweat and does not wrinkle.

Adjust the Muslim fashion models and motifs you choose the body shape. Use a lightweight material for a great body and play for the little pile fabrics.