Fashion Dresses

Gourmet Fashion – Dressing Well in the Kitchen

If you really want to impress the lady in your life or your friends, cook for them. There are two types of cooking and there are fashions for both of them. The two types are cooking indoors or cooking outdoors (commonly called barbeque). Even while you are cooking you want to look decent and you also want to look unspoiled when you sit down with everyone after cooking to enjoy the meal. The answer is to wear the proper attire for the cooking experience. Grandma’s or mom’s apron does not cut it for a guy. They are usually too frilly or made out of some fabric that comes from the 1950′s. What you need is at home chef’s attire to not look foolish. This can be almost the same as what you see a chef wear in restaurants. You know the kind of restaurant where you can look through the glass to see the kitchen. The basic color for chef wear is white. If you are cooking inside you may even want to go so far as to wear a traditional chef’s jacket which is a white jacket that buttons up all the way to the neck.


It has a kind of Asian style reminiscent of a Nehru jacket. You can also wear a simple pair of white pants. You will look silly wearing a chef’s hat and we noticed that chef’s in restaurants are wearing them less frequently as well, so stick with just the white jacket and white pants. We actually found them online from a restaurant supply house for under $100 (jacket and pants). Although the traditional color for professional chefs is white. Your chef’s outfit does not have to be white. You can chose a color that suits you. This gourmet fashion wear requires one extra step in that you have to do a sort of fast change after the food is ready to be served. Just get someone to help serve the wonderful gourmet meal you cooked, when everything is ready, while you slip away to change into your dinner jacket and dress slacks.

For outdoor cooking what you need is a bib apron. That is the kind that goes around your neck to protect your shirt. You can get them in half length that go just to the waist or you can get them in full length that will also protect your pants from the occasional grease splatter. Full length is what we recommend. They come in all variety of colors, so choose a dark one – black, brown, dark green – are good choices. Dark green is especially good if the celebration is a barbeque for St. Patrick’s Day. Make sure you get one big enough to cover all of your clothes and tie it tightly around your waist. If you want to have that country down home smoked barbeque style then you can choose to wear a red and white vertically striped bib apron that matches the red and white table cloths covering the outdoor furniture. After everyone has eaten, had a great time, and are leaving be sure to say “Yawl come back again, real soon!”