Fashion Trends

Beauty Trend Spring / Summer 2009 – Rock Angel

The prevalence of punk look doesn’t begin by chance. Began in the 1970’s, punk rock gave rise to a new alternative look. The main theme of the look is rebellion, and its accompanying style rebelled against the status quo. Though I am not interested in items of its clothing and accessory look, we should admit that there still one part we can benefit from – punk allows a lot of creativity.

In fact, in current fashion, more and more people are sick of girls’ natural sweet make-up appearance and tend to look for an unique possibility. Fascinating, enchanting even depraved emotion developed into a punk look which holds slight chaff and dark elements, making the particular girls get themselves back. In other words, in modern fashion industry, people are not common beauty addicts, instead, they are crazy about defects. I collect some information from Spring / Summer 2009 fashion trend, now I want to share something with you. How to make up yourselves and create a cool punk look? You must want to know. Refer to punk look, generally black is the main color. But the effect is even more enhanced now. Don’t just consider black is only of the bald since it will greatly surprise you this season. In eyes makeup, black color will features more spiffy and plump, even sparkle the morbidezza of the minerals. The black eye liner looks like a paint with ink. Though simple while delicate and perfect; the eye shadow is so heavy just like the dark ink, while will bring the clear wet feeling.

Also, you should never ignore the wonderful makeup base. If you care going with the classic black look, keep your makeup natural and then give it pop with fresh lipstick. That’s the key that different from the former punk look. What about blusher? Sorry, this time, it would disappeared. Don’t surprised that there is no standard to create punk. It is unbending graffiti and the slight bright texture that will create such a lively rock angle.