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Dressed gorgeous Muslims

Islamic dress is not just covering the body. Its corresponding symbols, wearing Islamic dress also protects the wearer from things that could hurt her. Choose clothing that is loose, which disguise the body silhouette. To be able to still look stylish and keep up with fashion, you can try browsing on the internet about the latest creations wearing Muslim clothing.

Here are some tips for wearing Islamic dress no longer looks dull:

Avoid wearing Bergo simply because you will look stylish or seem lazy grooming. Bergo is actually used on the hood in order to look more neat hood. So should you still wear the veil outside Bergo.

Shall have accessories such as cufflinks and cardigans. These accessories can turn a short-sleeved dress again worn as a fashion trend worthy Muslim. Have some neutral colors that can be combined with a variety of styles and models.

Should not choose clothing with a transparent material and a tight shirt. Fashion with these materials directly to create the impression of sexy and far from hakikah using real Islamic dress.

Creative with a veil. We have had many hooded creations that you can learn. Change your veil style according to the event that you attended.

Choose the model and materials to suit your day-to-day activities. No need to impose a model that is the trend just because you want to look stylish. If you are fairly active events, select a more casual material, absorbs sweat and does not wrinkle.

Adjust the Muslim fashion models and motifs you choose the body shape. Use a lightweight material for a great body and play for the little pile fabrics.

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