Fashion Trends

From Animal Fur To Cotton

Ever since the incident in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve became aware that they were not like any other animal, hairy, men has started wearing clothes. Depending where they lived in the world, the garments were fashioned with the climate in mind. Thus in northern countries were the winters were lengthy, people started wearing animal fur.

In warmer climes simple clothing was worn, as can be seen on the hieroglyphs of the ancient Egyptians. In warmer climates still, loin cloths were the only body covering needed. The weaving of fabric is known to have existed since the Neolithic times when archaeologists found imprints of fabric.

Poorer people used to wear cloth woven from wool, whereas the more affluent people wore cotton or linen garments. As soon as the loom was invented clothing could be produced more easily and in greater quantity.

Throughout the ages the things we wore became more sophisticated and these days there are a vast number of designs, colours and articles in the market place, such as trousers, dresses, coats and shirts.

An American company called American-apparel was founded in the 1960s by a Canadian who started making underwear and slowly progressing to fashion items and leisure wear. Since the use of sweat shops was highly frowned upon a factory was built that could accommodate the whole process of clothes manufacture. The plant designed their own garments and a dye department was set up so that no process needed to be out-sourced.

The people working in this factory were paid decent wages on which they could live and enable them to save for a rainy day. The company is proud to be able to say that no use of cheap slave labour is being used.

Many of the clothes are sold on line and if one is looking for leisure wear or more dressy clothing it is easy to buy them over the internet. This is a convenient way of shopping for people who are hard pressed for time due to a busy work schedule or hectic home life.

Apart from leisure clothes and other items, the company also manufactures sports bags and socks. Some garments are in unisex sizes to be purchased and worn by men and women alike. The garments are made of all kinds of material such as nylon in the case of sportswear as well as cotton or wool for more formal clothing such as dresses and sweaters.

This method enables people to purchase items at leisure and at any time of the day since payment by credit card is fully automated and processed by machines, not people. If one purchases items over the value of £75, then postage is free within the country. There may be a small charge if the goods have to be shipped abroad. If for any reason the clothing does not fit or is not of high standard, there is a returns policy if one is not completely satisfied. There is generally a time limit for this.