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Jewelry is something which is of great interest to all of us. People have adored jewelry since quite some time now. The most popular types of jewelry are gold, silver and gemstones. No matter whether you are an American, Indian or African, all of them love jewelry. In ancient period the jewelry was made from bird feathers, animal ivory, seashells etc. Now these are being replaced by mainly gold and silver.

These days we are giving jewelry titles to the different form of jewelry including tribal jewelry, fashion jewelry, ethnic jewelry and antique jewelry etc. Designer handmade jewelry is becoming highly popular these days. In this article, we will discuss about how to make handmade jewelry.
When you start making handmade jewelry you will face two options to start with. Either you will have to find a raw silver dealer or look for a jewelry supplier, who will supply you with the required materials. You can opt for 925 or 986 grade of silver. Since silver 985 is slightly expensive, thus most of the makers go for Silver 925. Majority of the tools that you will require might easily be purchased from a good hardware shop. If you are not able to find the tools then you can look for them online, as there you will faced with lots of choices.

The heating source can be petrol bellows with hose set and nozzle or it can be a gas bottle with flame adjusting nozzle and hose. No matter which heating source you are opting for it should have an adjusting heat and flame. The hand tools that you will require for the job will include small tin snips, tweezers, proxy, rags, brass hammer, fine grade file, ceramic base battery acid etc.

The first step is to cut a silver strip that is wider than thickness of turquoise and it should be long enough to be wrapped around the gemstone diameter. Then you can cut it in a way that the two ends can meet tightly around the gemstone.

The next step is to solder and place flux on the joints, heating the silver strip. Apply it very carefully. If you have no experience in soldering then you should then it is recommended that you do some practice first.

The third step is to take your entire silver sterling band and place it on a silver plate. You need to ensure that the turquoise is still fitting. You should then remove the excess silver with the tin snips and sand off any sort of rough edges. Then you need to decide on the shape of the bail and cut it the silver out accordingly. You need to bend it in shape and then solder that to a pendant. Then place the turquoise and silver and carefully time away any excessive silver.

Lastly, by making use of a flexi grinder insert a polishing cloth disc, you need to add some silver polish and then buff the silver to the required finish.

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