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Eternal – Forever –everlasting Love Just As Diamonds

Eternal means never ending. The thought itself is so powerful that it often mesmerizes. If a couple feels that strongly about their union and togetherness there can’t be any other choice but an everlasting promise of love- an Eternity ring. These are mostly given as token of love by partners on anniversaries expressing the love shared between them.

However, unlike engagement or wedding rings they can be gifted on any occasion. It can be you first wedding anniversary, 25th, 50th anniversary or birth of your first child or getting over trying times or to make a re-commitment .A pair of eternity diamond rings can be touching can memorable gift by children to their parents .This will be a tribute to their mutual love that has meant so much to the children over the years. They are often custom made as eternity rings can’t be pre-fitted. Individual preferences and sizes vary greatly in eternity diamond rings. Due to these factors many jewelers don’t stock them and opt for custom designs.

Eternity rings are available in plenty of styles from full eternity, half eternity; three row rings, gold and platinum rings and infinity rings. In full eternity diamond rings, stones are set all way of the ring. And in half eternity diamond rings it is designed and set on the face of the ring making it a preferred choice. Most jewelers use square or rectangle shape diamonds to create an eternity ring as facilitates spacing. Eternity ring is essentially is a simple band or a circle of stones.

The setting styles also influence the pricing of the rings. They can also be using other precious stones like ruby, emerald, sapphire etc. They usually set in band forms of gold, white gold or platinum. Eternity rings are also worn with the wedding rings or engagement rings by women. It is also available in attractive designs for men. Their simplicity in designs makes them a favorite among one and all. You have an advantage of designing your bands personally as many stores are happy to deliver.

It is advisable to follow the rules applicable to buying a diamond ring, earring or necklace. The Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat weight is important. Authenticity can be determined by a experienced gemologist. He is a person qualified to grade a diamond. If the store already has certified diamond; it too can be considered for purchase.

Fake diamonds are also available in the market .They are true replica and has 99 % likeliness to the real ones. They are also known as synthetic diamonds. Real diamonds are formed in a million years around river beds or under huge mineral deposits making it one of the greatest gifts of Mother Nature. However, advance technology of modern times has made it possible for Man to create the artificial diamonds in a far faster way. Trends keep changing but the faith in love remains unchanged over centuries. Eternity rings become a part of family heirloom which makes its authenticity very important as they reflect the bond of affection from generation to generation.