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How To Care For Your Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are very popular and many women own one. If you do have a charm bracelet you need to take proper care of it to keep it looking good. Always remove your charm bracelet immediately after wearing it. Keeping it in a soft cloth pouch will help to ensure that it doesn’t get scratched. The pouch also helps to keep any silver from tarnishing as quickly.

Silver charms need to be kept clean. As silver is exposed to the air, it oxidizes. This accounts for the black appearance that your charms may show after awhile. It’s important to clean your charms properly to remove this oxidation.

To properly clean the charms, you’ll need to remove them from their chain. There is typically a small cap attached to one end of the chain that will hold the charms on the chain. Gently pry open this cap. You can use a special tool that is designed just for this specific purpose.

Once the end has been removed, the beads and charms will easily slide off the end of the chain. Carefully remove them. You may want to make a note of the order that the charms are placed on the chain. This will help you replace them in the exact same order as they are currently placed.

Each bead, charm or spacer will need to be cleaned separately. Use a high quality jewelry cleaner or polish. Clean silver beads with silver polish. Rub the polish all over the bead using a soft cloth. The black oxidation will come off easily. Then, simply use another clean cloth to completely remove any of the polish.

Beads and charms can often be cleaned using standard jewelry cleaner. Swish the beads in a small amount of liquid cleaner and then dry them off. Use a tiny brush to remove any dirt that is inside the bead. Read the instructions on the specific cleaner that you are using. Some beads and gemstones should not be placed into liquid cleaner. Be sure to note any particular cleaning instructions with each bead when you purchase it.

The bracelet itself will need to be cleaned as well. With all the beads and charms off, gently clean the bracelet. Be careful cleaning around the clasp. Once everything is clean and dry, restring the beads and charms and replace the end cap. With the proper care, your jewelry should stay in perfect condition for years to come.