Mens Fashion

2013 Fashion Trends for Men

The men’s fashion trends from summer to winter in 2013 have new styles and bolder looks to embrace this year. This spring summer it is all about keeping it simple. Less is more and every piece of garment one wears counts. One trend that is moving fast is stripes, but not just with shirts, pants and jackets too. It’s raining stripes from nautical to pinstripes to rugby, from vertical to horizontal, the spring/summer collections of designers exploited this trend thoroughly.

If one plans to take a stroll in the park, or hang out with a bunch of friends, then going casual with a pair of shorts and teaming it up with a cool casual blazer, would make one look instantly fashionable. With colors getting brighter, the men’s fashion scene is also flooded with punchier hues. Poppy reds, lemon zests, and peppy tangerines are few shades to experiment with this summer.