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Colorful Stockings to Raise Your Style Quotient

Stockings are the new fashion statement of the millennium. Pair it up with anything like skirts, tunics, dresses and add a magic touch to your personality. They come in various colors, prints and fabrics. Stockings with lycra are always well fitted and easy to slip on. A large variety is available, from sheer stockings to glossy or classic stockings, and even funky opaque stockings. Enhance your legs, with stockings decorated with bright stones, lace, bows or zippers even ripped and look trendy.

Stocking have been in the fashion scene since 1589. An English churchman Rev. William Lee invented the first knitting machine. Silk stockings were worn to protect from cold. Till the end of 18th century even men used to wear silk stockings. With the invention of ‘Dupont Nylon’ fibre, the dominance of silk stockings faded away and Nylon stockings came in vogue after World War II. Stockings are back with a bang in the 21st century and have become indispensable part of woman’s wardrobe to fire up their style quotient.