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Rise in the sale of plus size clothing

There was a time when it was a skinny girl’s world and a slender look always won. But gone are the days when fashion was restricted to the skinny and petite. The world is getting smaller but people are getting bigger. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of American adults are obese or overweight and one-third makes good enough population for designers and retailers to their needs. Plus size fashion industry in the US has reached a large magnitude.

New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles are some cities that have hosted successful plus size fashion events in the past years. UK is also following the same path and hosted its first ever plus size fashion show in London in the year 2012. India, however, is lagging behind as compared to other countries. The market for plus size apparel is increasing but it is still not at par with other countries. The size and frame of the average person has increased through the years due to changing food habits and atmosphere. In some case, this has also lead to obesity which has pushed people to turn their head towards plus size fashion.

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