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Fashion – an art of self expression

What is Fashion? Embracing style, trend, and comfort is nothing but the fashion. Fashion in today’s world is compared to air in our planet. It’s the most recent developments of our modern society. Fashion is an excepted manner of dressing, living, entertaining or traveling adopted by a group of people at a particular time. Fashion has been changing so fast that it is difficult even to recognize what the current fashion style is? There is undisputedly a wide choice of colors & designs in costumes.


Fashion is a style that is accepted and used by the majority of group at any one time, no matter how small that group is. Fashion is a vital, challenging, ever-changing force.


In recent years significant “anti fashion” phenomenon has taken over the fashion industry e.g. wearing unconventional colors and fabric combination. Clothing style different social groups and communities differ from one another. Sequined dresses, chic ensembles and trendy shirts and skirts represented the true repertoire of the fashion. Fabrics like shiny fabrics, sating, polyester, blends and knits are the dominant features of fashion. It has been proven scientifically that colors play an important role in the psychological behavior of human being. Keeping these in mind designers are preferring naturally dyed fabrics and natural color.


This article was originally published in the Textile Review magazine, March, 2013 issue, published by Saket Projects Limited, Ahmedabad.


About the Authors:


Tanveer Malik and Shivendra Parmar are associated with the Department of Textile Technology, SVITS, Indore.