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Inside the Royal wardrobes

Royal fashion has always been the focus of the world, particularly the fashion industry. Adored as a symbol of sophistication and elegance, royal clothing styles have been an eye catcher for fashionistas and celebrities. Fashion savvy people follow the ideas and looks of the royal clothing styles to experience and enjoy the lavishness of the kings and queens. Though much associated with the royal families, and not meant for commoners, still people are always interested to know and follow their fashion styles.

Regal trends have come through sea changes in the span of time, keeping in par with conventional traditions. Their robes are adorned with gold thread, pearls, and expensive stones making it a complete; imperial outfit. Many of their attire are praised as exquisite creations by today’s fashion designers. Imperial costumes are also a form of expression of their personality. Taking themselves to bask in glory or power, they ensured that their legacy would remain for eternity. Much of the costumes in ancient times were made using organic materials. Four major types of fabrics used are cotton, linen, wool, and silk. Nature of these materials makes it complicated for preservation as they are biodegradable. Ancient Peruvian imperial textiles consist of elaborate fabrics, their textile designing to underpin and shape all kinds of material culture. They clothing styles provide evidence of development in their textile technology over the millennia.

Article discusses about the royal couture, types of fabric used, and clothing styles of the imperials as a form of expressing their personality traits.