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Global street wear fashion : Simple and complicated

Casual attires make people feel comfortable and look trendy at the same time. Street wear especially adds to the charm. Street wear fashion comprises of the weirdest of dress combinations. Girls can match miniskirts with jeans and jackets. Boys can wear sleeveless t-shirts, scarves, low rise jeans, and accessories to go along. Teenagers prefer to wear this kind of outfit as it gives them a different impression. It is also preferred by rap artists, guitarists, rock stars, and other artists.

The roots of this fashion clothing lie in USA. Japanese designers picked up this fashion from USA and developed it further. It got instant success in Japan and became mainstream fashion over there. The entire world imitated Japanese street wear designs. Japanese keep on innovating street wear. Some of the famous styles for street wear from their end include the Onee Kei style, Lolita style, Decora style, Gyaru style, etc. Tokyo Fashion Week is renowned for its street wear outfits. Designers from all over the world attend this fashion week.