Fashion Designer

Dragon nation gets the Australian inspiration

Fashion is influenced by the nature that has created it, and by the styles prevailing in the society. China’s fashion and retail sector is getting influenced by Australian trends. There had been a cultural exchange between Australia and China since the 1800’s when silk embroidered shawls, and surcoats from China were brought into Australia. Australian women wore clothes made of velvet, georgette, and chiffon, the patterns inspired by Chinese clothing styles. Having acquired a living memory in the wardrobe of Australian women, today the trend is reversing with the Chinese customers getting the Australian fashion inspiration. Australia has a typical fashion style that discriminates it from other styles such as European fashion.

Their clothing style is comfortable with a casual attitude. China is the world’s biggest apparel market, and a biggest garment exporter. Apparel market in China witnessed a drastic growth in the past decade, and its huge market size is attracting international brands. It is also one of the hottest markets, with more number of young millionaires. Among the apparel brands seen in the Chinese market one third is of foreign brands, one third is of brands whose production is taken for lease by international companies to domestic Chinese manufacturers. The remaining one third is of counterfeited products with duplicate trademarks.