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Is Green the new Black?

Textile industries are a strand of the global web. What they do to the web is what they do to themselves. Textile industry is the most ecologically harmful industry in the globe. Hazardous practices followed during the production process such as bleaching, dyeing, etc releases toxins that swell into our ecosystem. When a part of the eco system is contaminated, its impact is felt by all. Hence being sustainable is essential for the health of our environment, and also for the well being of our future generations.

The concept of sustainability is going through a magical transformation. Shedding its initial impression of coarse fabric, boring colors, and unappealing look, it is now taking pride by being the preferred choice of ramp walk models, and fashion designers. Global trends are driven by customer’s preferences towards an ethical lifestyle. A report on Ethical Consumerism by the Co-operative Bank states that sales of ethical clothing during the period 2007-2009 rose to 275 million USD, a period when recession was at its peak.

Corporate social responsibility has become a critical consideration for the apparel industry. Corporate responsibility is not an add-on from outside, but should be built with the company itself. Many leading companies in US, and EU have adopted policies, and programs with an intention to initiate their corporate social responsibility, by adopting sustainable manufacturing processes.

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