Fashion Designer

Colors Worn : Proportional to Your Fashion Sense

Colors have a huge role to play in fashion sense. In fact, the colors you wear decide how fashionable you are! You need not be dressed bright and glittery all the time to be labeled fashionable. But you ought to avoid boring colors and the ‘Plain Jane’ look. Colorful clothes and accessories make you look fashionable and glamorous. Choosing colors as per the season portrays your preference for comfort in fashion. If you dress typically in a typical situation, you are a disciplined fashion lover!

Wearing colors like olive, burgundy, peach, peacock blue, silver, beige, and others define their unique taste. They are leaders of fashion and not mere followers of fashion. They set trends. Favorite colors help in deciding the kind the individual is by nature! Colors have the power to alter moods. The ability to mix and match colorful clothes is an important attribute of having good fashion sense. You should experiment with different colors. This will help you wear colors that do not otherwise suit your complexion in ways that it does! Colors and fashion go hand in hand!