Fashion Designer

The End of Old Luxury and the Rise of the New Paradigms of Fashion

The aim of this talk is to focus on the future paradigms of the fashion world: creativity and innovation, sustainability and beauty, the richness of differences, local roots. The future opportunities of menswear (and the fashion business in general) are to be identified in the fine tuning of ethics and aesthetics, sustainability and talent, so to search for a model of excellence that is founded on the passion for making things, on the quality of relationships and suggesting links that will release the beauty and quality of life. The Italian Renaissance model is pivotal: some case histories of Italian fashion companies will be described in order to show how its possible to shift from the concept of luxury to the idea of taste.


The End of Old Luxury


Todays fashion system is undergoing radical changes, both in terms of economy and ideas. In order to fully understand the current evolution, it is necessary to retrace the dynamics that in recent years have characterized this sector, recognizing the pre-crisis and post-crisis phases.