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Enduring Fashion Inspiration II – Greece

Greece is relatively a small country in the Eastern Europe. A country of eminent thinkers, manners, costume, and civilized wisdom has put the country at the global forefront. Archaeological finds of Greece have created a good source of Greek era especially related to their clothing styles. Greek costumes are a part of their rich cultural heriditary and history. Pictorial evidences exhibit the clothing fashion of ancient Greeks artistically, and creatively illustrated on vases, pots, and statues.

Greek apparels are artfully arranged pieces of clothes folded, tucked, pinned, strapped or belted in position. Simple borders fall into appealing patterns when arranged as long chiton robes. Embroidery was also used to embellish their garments, make fabric edges, and create border effects. Clothing styles of Greece has also influced the fashion culture of other nations. With a flurry of ruffles, pleats, and drapes, Greek clothing displays a spectacular look in fashion shows. The most interesting aspect of Grecian clothing is that it can be twisted, tied, and wrapped to create different looks.

Modern interpretation of ancient Greek costumes have an amazing, graceful look, and charm. Sheer, light and drapping Greek inspired outfits bring together the power of feminity and elegance.