Fashion Designer

Is the Fashion Industry Environment Friendly

It is necessary for designers and fashion product manufacturers to indulge in eco friendly and sustainable fashion for the betterment of humanity. From the looks of it, the global fashion industry has not been able to serve Nature equally well!

Manufacturers are only concerned with the raw material. They hardly take note of the exploitation imposed on animals in order to obtain the raw material. Designers make use of these exotic skins without bothering to find out whether the supplier used ethical measures to obtain them. How much of sincere effort has been made in order to promote the use of recycled fashion products? In fact, not even sufficient awareness has been created by manufacturers and designers towards their use.Many manufacturers claim that they make and supply organic products. But not all are genuine.Surveys reveal that only 2.5 percent of the total cultivated land in the world is consumed by cotton, but it consumes 16 percent of the total insecticides used.

Article includes views of Sandra Davidoff, Director of Corporate Public Relations, Aqua Green.