Fashion Trends

Wrapping around with the Russian flowers

Pavlovsky Posad, an ancient town near Moscow is now getting into the fashion spotlight. They are known for its beauty and finest elegance across the globe. Exquisite, floral, and handmade shawls from the Russian town, now; earn the fame. Gorgeous, beautiful woolen shawls made from this town are favored by many women; and are adhered as a staple wardrobe item. Traditionally used as a headwear or wrapped around the shoulders, these Russian shawls now provide inspiration for fashion designers.

Posad shawls are made from 100% pure wool, without exposure to any technical processing. Vibrant hues are printed on the fabric separately, one by one. More than 20 different colors are used in the making of one single shawl, thus giving it an exotic beauty. Initially these shawls were hand-woven, making the process very time consuming, complicated, and quite expensive, making them affordable only to the royal and the wealthy class. During the 19th century, textile industry boomed in the country. With the advent of print ornamentation in the shawls were done through wooden matrixes. This resulted in mass production of the shawls, making it affordable for all.

Pavlovo Posad shawls are one among the many unique crafts that constitute the pride of Russia.