Fashion Issue

Down Product – Apple of the Fashion World

The change of fashion is like a history; and it is more like an epitome of human development. It is the symbol of a society’s progress, civilization and flourishment. The changing fashion has been recording the society’s revolution, and reflecting national spirit. It inherits the local culture.


Down product is one of the most indispensable part of the fashion; it adds many shiny elements to people’s closet. The diversification of down coats has been pushing the development of fashion for several decades. Many customers gave good feedbacks about down products. Most of them said that down products are the warmest, lightweight and comfortable. Without down products, the fashion world will have a deep hole; without down products, our winter will become less enjoyable. It is down products industry that has generated so many fashion elements, brought so much warmth to the cold winter, and made our society so modern.


According to a survey, 70% of the people buy down products in exclusive stores, or from franchise house. 15% of the people choose to buy down products in Department Store, 10 % would like to buy in the supermarket; and 5 % will buy down products directly from the manufacturers. So, why are there so many people choose the exclusive stores?


It is always true that if something becomes popular, some other things are going to mimic it. With the increasing demand for down coats, some manufacturers produce poor quality down coats, and even fake down coats. When you are looking for a down coat, you should be careful, there are many fake down products in the market. It is much safer to buy the down product in exclusive stores. If you want to buy a specific brand, firstly find out the location of those exclusive stores in your city. Then go to those stores to look for coats. Those stores will also ensure you the quality and provide after sale service. If your down coat loses a button, or gets other damages, you can bring it to the store and let them repair it. It is free under warranty period. If there is no exclusive store of your favorite brand, you can go to their online store. A lot of products are available on the internet. You have a larger variety of options. Choose one and place the order, then you will receive the down coat after several days.

Everything is changing, so are down products. Down coats are going to be more fashionable, casual, and original. They will have more colors; some may look very bold, but will be welcomed by the young people. There will be a lot of down coats that can make people look slimmer, which will win many girls’ hearts. Some down coats will combine the tradition with modern, which will be liked by many mature women. In order to protect the environment, new fabric will be invented and adopted. Our down products will become more and more environmental friendly.