Fashion Trends

Beautiful Square Scarves

In today’s success driven career environments it pays to be a well rounded person whose outward appearance exudes with confidence, elegance and sophistication. The need to successfully integrate form with function has never been more emphasized than now. For instance, the scarf has literally transcended the borders of functionality into something of aesthetic use.


Scarves are generally considered as fashion accessories. Nonetheless they are useful in other ways by offering a certain degree of functionality especially to some types of individuals. Since scarves are the more informal and distant cousins to men’s neck tie, their value in the corporate environment is well known albeit to the effeminate members of the corporate ladder.


The popular belief that scarves are for women’s use only is grounded on the notion that men have neck ties and that the literal equivalent of it in women is the scarf. This preposition is further strengthened by observations that majority of the males who sport or use scarves are fashion designers who happen to be gays. Generally, the relationship between scarves and one’s sexual preferences is rather inappropriately placed.


However, because of media exposure and renewed efforts from the fashion industry to make scarves as equally important a male fashion accessory as it is in females, modern day urbanites are slowly recognizing the many uses of scarves. As such, one can readily see cosmopolitan men and women wearing scarves for no apparent reason at all rather than a fashion accessory.


Men and women in most large metropolitan areas wear scarves over their daily attire to be hip and be cool among their peers. The change in the level of acceptance of scarves was directly correlated with the changes in the design of scarves such that there are plenty of choices to choose from. These choices can greatly expand one’s depth of wardrobe even for everyday use.


Depending on the material upon which the scarf is made of, modern men and women can literally choose from a wide array of scarves which can best complement their daily attire. There are scarves that can enhance one’s corporate image while there are scarves that look great on sport jackets and even leather jackets. Some offer flexibility in terms of interchangeableness of fashion apparel.
Not only are scarves made of different raw materials and come in different designs, they can also be tied, knotted, or simply wrapped around in a variety of manner. There are simply no single best tying style that is suited for all occasions and for all types of getup. What is necessary is for you to learn a few of the basic tying styles.

The Web is a wonderful resource for such unique tying styles; these resources come complete with illustrations to make learning a lot easier. Furthermore, there are also helpful texts that tell of the specific circumstances when such a tying or knotting style can be used and cannot be used. This is especially useful for  modern people who do not want to appear silly with the use of a scarf.
In some instances, scarves do not only convey one’s fashion sense but also one’s need to protect oneself without necessarily looking a bit odd. In particularly cold areas such as those where it snows most of the time, scarves can provide adequate protection and still look good and hip. University students and professionals alike use scarves as a means to keep the body warm and protected from the bitter cold.


The functions of scarves greatly depend on the prevailing needs of the person, what he does in life, and where he lives. Sometimes, too, other factors have to be considered like the person’s perceptions about the use of such fashion accessories as scarves. This greatly undermines the way in which scarves can provide meaning in one’s life.