Fashion Trends

Old Fashions get a new look

“Fashion” the term itself stands for glamour and attitude. Do the fashion trends keep changing? Or they just rotate? The 80’s style which was fag few years back is now the so called ‘new’ style statement. But is it really new? The churidar or leggings as we call them and body hugging tops are back in fashion now. So are we really moving towards new style statements or it just repetition of our old trends with some modifications.


For example, women’s shorts and top worn by Bollywood stars in late 80’s, started all together a Bobby era, and today in 2011 they are back with certain variation, we call them hot pants now. Zeenat Aman sported big butterfly shades in early 90’s, and that style is back in latest trend, today those shades have become a must thing in every girls hand bag.


So the point is, are we actually innovating in terms of fashion and trends or we are just going back in time all over again & again? Be it the very famous Retro look, or Patiyala, its coming back and staying for long.


But yes there are certain noticeable changes too, people have become more sensitive towards dressing up; office-wear, casuals, party wear, day dresses, and so on. There is segmentation for each clothing line; ‘availability’ being major factor for this. Anything and everything is available in market these days. From accessories to shoes to bags, you name it & you have it. Ample designs, colours, size are available at not only the physical stores but also with the online ones. This generation believes in being first to flaunt the latest trends. And they are ready to experiment with colours, pattern & style for that. Any new launch has to be with them as soon as it goes online. This is where online shopping portals come into picture. In countries like India, people were not comfortable with the idea of online shopping, physical touch & trial being the main constrain. But now more and more youngsters prefer online shopping over the usual ones for the very fact its latest, fast and more choices are available. More and more International brands are offering online order system on their website. This makes these Brands available at every corner of the globe without physically having store or any outlet.


Talking about new trends in fashion, Innovation is necessary now, may be that’s the reason people are moving to designer wears more than towards shopping malls. People today want more than Bollywood trend or trends that are coming back in rotation. They need individual attention, they wish to posses’ clothes, bags, and shoes etc which are exclusive and customized to suit their attitude & personality. That’s the reason instead of buying from regular brands; people have an urge for exclusivity. There are so many designer wears & accessories available these days that it’s not that difficult to find something unique and stylish. Plus the internet has erased all the boundaries, so now sitting home one can access all National, International Brands, designer brands from across the world with just one click.

Let’s set new trend by innovating and experimenting with styles & colours! Create Style and not duplicate.