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Novel Beachwear Designs for Eco- conscious Wearer



Design of a garment today is influenced by globalization, industrialization, science and technology. The drawing board concept has changed and there has been a shift in the designing field to cater to the needs of the consumer in terms of performance and comfort. Beachwear which is in its infancy stage in the Indian garment industry scenario is the focus of the research and the researcher has attempted to apply innovative concepts such as usage of eco-friendly fabrics bamboo and modal with the application of UV finish and water repellent finish. The collection designed has been derived from out of the box concept to attract the consumer both local and global.


Design development is an integral part of product development. Design of a garment focuses on 3 important aspects-comfort, fit and aesthetic appeal. Performance enhancement has become a necessity rather than a luxury. The consumer has grown over the period of time and has come out of the ‘wear and throw attitude’. Garment designing has scaled new heights. It has come out of the boundaries of just casual wear, formal wear or party wear and reached every sector of garments be it sportswear, intimate wear, beachwear or bodywear.


Swimwear, a decade ago was a taboo and its status in the Indian garment industry negligible. But with the fitness boom, globalization and international exposure, the industry has grown from its infancy stage and taken small steps in the global market. And designing of beachwear, improving its performance properties to cater to the needs of the consumer has acquired significant importance. But in spite of its international demand, it is surprising that not many manufacturers or designers are venturing into designing of beachwear, considering that it is a territory that has very little competition in a country with a climate which is most suited to beach and swimwear.


Beachwear is defined as clothing worn on the beach. It is clothing that is close to the skin or like second skin. A survey conducted by the researcher to study the trends in beachwear in the market for design and use of fabric aspect showed that the most commonly used fabrics were cotton, man-made fabrics and Lycra blend. Today’ consumer is eco-conscious and wants to do their bit in reducing the carbon footprint.

The author is associated with Smt. VHD Central Institute of Home Science