Fashion Issue

Paradigm shift in Fashion Industry- An E-Business Perspective


The face of Fashion Industry is witnessed a dramatic change in which the business is done. In the current scenario, Internet is considered as one of the channels of marketing (front end) in Apparel business. This paper will focus on how Brand building can be implemented by making use of tools like E-Business and Internet based channels to improve the traffic flow.
Internet marketing has made its presence in the fashion industry. Fashion represents one’s personal style and a taste of art. Every month, every one of us spends at least hundreds to thousands on what we are wearing. There are different purchasing and supplying sources to renew your closet every season. Now, it is no longer necessary to purchase directly from stores. E-buying is definitely the current trend.
Since fashion is renewing by the seasons, it involves a lot of media advertisements, online buying and auctions as well. There are plenty of happening issues in the fashion line. Information on big fashion event like a fashion week in France or some fashion awards is available online for consumers’ references. Marketers have to keep up with the current demands and fashion trend so that they can provide vital information to companies. Online fashion suppliers are countless. From branded name to small boutique vendors, the online network has become an ideal platform to sell and buy. Consumers can also book new arrivals without picking up a phone or going to the store.