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Selecting the Right Apparel: The Buddha Approach

Why would Buddha go for shopping anytime? What does he has to do with apparel selection? Here are eight facts, like the eight fold path, to be considered while selecting the right type of fabric or apparel.


Evaluating the Wardrobe:


Before planning for shopping, it is essential to check out the wardrobe. Otherwise the shopper ends up spending money for nothing. Checking out the apparels in the wardrobe will enable a person to access the available costumes and will help in further planning.


Choosing the right type of Fabric:


Fabric selection can be little complex. One should select the fabric according to the climate, occasion and the wearers own body structure. A right type of fabric will enhance the look of the person, whereas a wrong selection will work otherwise. Various fabrics such as tulle, organza, satin, lace, chiffon, and taffeta are available, which will give a shining look to the apparel. Embellished with beads, appliqu, and sequins, the apparels will all the more appealing. The fabric should be selected in a way that it complements with the style of the apparel. A slim cut dress requires a smooth fabric with flat surface, while chiffon or satin would be good for a costume with layers.



Apparel should complement with the wearers physique:


Garments should be chosen in a way so as to enhance the appearance of the person. Apparels with dark hues will give a slimming effect as they absorb rays and give an illusion of thin appearance. Wearing apparel which has the same color from top to bottom will elongate the slim look, but care should be taken to select only dark and neutral hues. For women with skinny legs a mid calf skirt with a hem that stops at the shapeliest part of the calf will look good.


Choose the Apparel which has a Right Fit:


Everyone is not gifted with a physique that goes with all types of style and fabric. Apparels should have the right fit. Bigger clothes will make a person look bigger, especially if the person is having a fuller figure. Similarly, tighter clothes will give a squeezed in look which will give a bigger and ridiculous appearance to the wearer.


Right Budget:


This in fact is the most important factor that manipulates the buying decisions. A casual dress does not require an extravagant amount of money. A simple can be made to look ravishing with the right combination of accessories. Formal attire would require much concern and cash, as it defines the wearers personality in the work place, and other official get to gathers. Depending on the type of profession, the right type of outfit should be purchased.


Complementing with the Right Accessories:


Accessories are obligatory to complement with clothing. It gives a fashionable and stylish appearance, while harmonizing ones personality. A wide range of accessories are available for both men and women. Scarves, handbags, earrings, etc are available for women, while wallet, tie pins, and bracelets are available for men. Ankle bracelets will be a complementing accessory for a woman. Thin and feminine anklets will give a flattering look. A right selection of accessories will adorn a person with both professional and fashionable look.