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Relaxing & Trendy Footwear

India is the second largest footwear producer after China. In the footwear marketplace, stylish and trendy sandals, slippers, shoes, belly and much more are available to attract consumers. These days, footwear market is one of the most emerging markets which is generating high revenue. Leather slippers are very much in fashion. Mostly ladies desire to wear different trendy footwear, which make them distinctive from crowd. In past year, People used to wear comfortable footwear which should be more relaxing and have long life. But now, demands are changing as per the fashion changing itself. With comfort level, people wish to wear something different and according to the latest fashion which offers unique and trendy look.

Paragon footwear is known for their best quality and comfort zone. Paragon is one of the major market holder firms of footwear. Paragon footwear is available in wide range of shoes, slippers, belly, sandals and more. Paragon footwear is too comfortable and caters to each age group whether it’s for kid or senior citizen. For every age group, Paragon serves the best kind of footwear and provides the best level comfort zone. Paragon footwear can be buy at reasonable prices and available at every shoe store or showroom.

Indian footwear market is diminishing these days; reason is the high demand of foreign footwear brands. Indian footwear companies provide best quality products at reasonable price but still the foreign brands which are highly expensive are more in demand. These foreign brands offer wide range of trendy footwear which is the major reason behind the popularity of these brands. Indian footwear market has make changes in the product quality and style as well.

Paragon Eva based footwear is made up of natural rubber and have huge portion of ethylene vinyl acetate in the footwear. Eva stands for ethylene vinyl acetate. EVA is the kind of polymers which provide softness and flexibility in the footwear. Paragon Eva based footwear is available in diverse range of colors and sizes ranging from 6 to 10, 4 to 5, 1 to 3, and 9 to 13. Paragon Eva based footwear offers diverse category of footwear which include shoes, sandals, slippers and much more which integrated with the high portion of ethylene vinyl acetate.

Paragon rubber based footwear is less slippery, very smooth and available in beautiful colors. It is manufactured by the natural rubber which offer soft feel to the feet. These are highly in demand and available at reasonable price. Paragon rubber based footwear offer wide range of stylish footwear and provides relaxing walking. This is comfortable for the daily use and have long life. Basically Paragon rubber based footwear used in bathroom because it is less slippery and water resistant.