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Power Dressing For Corporate Success – Five Trendy Tips For Women

First impressions could bring about disaster or success most especially in the business world. Appearance is the foremost article people see. Assumptions are frequently made on the personality and ability in just a few seconds.

Knowing how to dress for work can occasionally be overwhelming to most women. This is because women’s business outfits have a wider range of choices than men. Style, colors, fabric, accessories and make-ups should be considered. A lot of women fail on these and made poor choices.

Getting dressed for work doesn’t need to sacrifice your own personal style. Just keep in mind to dress professionally rather than trendy. As a business woman, be sure to choose simple yet elegant clothes.

Professional yet Fashionable


Color plays an important aspect in professional appearance. Traditional dark colors like gray gives an aura of being conventional. Black signifies chic and navy blue says you are responsible. Red on the other hand represents aggressiveness. Aqua or pale blue and dusty rose shows feminine yet authoritative. White leaves an impression that an individual strives for perfection and has impossible ideas. Brown means honesty and wholesome or practical.

It is advisable to always go on solid prints. As much a possible, avoid prints that are “blaring”. The five shades: Black, brown, navy, gray, camel and white are the basic colors to go corporate. Preferred colors can be worn on day blouse. A lot of women choose colors of their blouses that will complement their hair and skin tone. There are even times they choose colors based on their mood.


High heels are nice and stylish; however, beware of the narrow stiletto types. These are not only inappropriate but they can be absolutely discomforting. In the busy business world, walking up a flight of stairs and standing for long periods of time on bustling days should always be thought about. Corns and calluses are something you cannot afford when you are on your toes every day. Closed shoes and pumps with heels are more acceptable in the corporate world. Open-toe shoes and sandals are considered inappropriate when wearing suits. Most definitely no athletic shoes. Be also wary and always check if your shoes look too worn out for comfort.

Wear stylish yet appropriate shoes for business attire. It is advisable to wear wider and thicker type of hills to give your feet support and comfort.


A self-assured woman does not need to wear a lot of jewelry. Wearing too many accessories could draw negative or excessive attention causing distractions and intimidation of other people.

It would be perfect to wear stud earrings and a simple necklace. A silk scarf would give the business outfit a polished look.


Women should be careful on putting makeup. The business arena is the last place for heavy make-up and cosmetics. Keep the make-up as light as possible. Go for natural colors to have a fresh look. It is easier to re-touch and doesn’t smudge as much.


Choosing the appropriate type of bag is as critical as the others mentioned above. It is also a part of your business attire. It has also a great impression on your individuality. A slouchy bag looks unprofessional. Bags should be elegant but project an organized image as well. Choose a bag that has many compartments to fit office as well as personal things. Some women prefer to have a coach bag where in they could put a lot of personal things like make-ups and perfumes. Laptops and other paper works could perfectly fit inside the bag as well.

Initial impression is vital in a business world. Be careful and conscious on how you dress because it only takes a few seconds to create an impression on your abilities and skills as a person and as an executive or employee. Be careful in selecting dress colors and shoes to wear, accessories, makeup and bags.

It is critical for business women like you to dress that would express your identity. It will propel your career without compromising your fashion sense. Your attire should confidently say you are smart, intelligent, competent and organized.