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Take Glee star Lea Michele, for example. She did her bit for the all-singing, all-dancing TV success story by showing up to the Glee spring premiere party in what can charitably be described as “a giant child’s painting rag”. Of course, she usually wears garish cardigans and so on, so maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised.

Also turning up the colourometer till it bled was Katie Price aka Jordan. In all fairness, it was last year that saw the “glamour” model rocking a lurid orange singlet when running the London Marathon, but her announcement that she’s not repeating the feat this year prompted all the red-tops to publish the pic again, so we’re duty-bound to point it out. Obviously.

Meanwhile in monochrome corner, who’s that? Why, if it ain’t Katy Perry, who can usually be relied upon to add a splash of colour to proceedings. Why so downbeat, Katy? Maybe she’s just relishing having a day away from fiancé Russell Brand… Anyway, also turning up dressed all in black – this time at a movie premiere – were Susan Sarandon and Al Pacino.

These guys went all-out, actually: Susan complemented her inky dress with a black sock to cover her bandaged ankle (a humanitarian injury, no less), and Al accessorised with a black-clad girlfriend, Lucia Sola. He also let the side down somewhat with a navy blue scarf – and everyone knows navy and black don’t go well together