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Enjoy Spring’s Bold Trends With Ladies Tunics And Tops

Most women have already had a look at this season’s fashion trends, and many are planning on updating their wardrobe with the runway’s latest aquatic colors and vintage prints. However, not everyone can spare the cash for an entirely new spring wardrobe. Instead by adding just a few fashion-forward pieces to their closet, women can ensure their style never grows old without break their budget.

Of course, the first items on any fashionista’s list usually include Ladies tops. These are popular purchases among women since they tend to be the most budget-friendly, yet versatile pieces of clothing. This year’s choices in tops are rather eclectic, including strappy camisoles, tailored shirts, vintage tees, and ruffled blouses. Ladies tunics have remained strong in the seasonal line-up, so anyone can keep up with the newest trends regardless of their taste or body shape.

Spring 2012 has ushered in a fascinating contrast of trends, from prim pastels and ruffles to abstract prints in saturated shades of indigo, poppy red, canary yellow and hyacinth blue. Since catwalk ensembles are not always wearable for the average woman, designers have also applied these new styles and textures to everyday wardrobe pieces like Ladies tops and tunics. Now that most women’s clothing stores are stocked with these diverse collections, one can find boxy menswear styles right next to ethereal pieces infused with the gauzy glamour of the 1920s. Nautical, preppy, or funky retro cuts are all fair game for the season, and one can echo any of these trends in her choice of tops.

Tunics are among the most popular wardrobe pieces for spring or fall since the weather is quite variable during these transitional seasons. This style is no longer limited to those stereotypical hippie tie-die numbers or frumpy, shapeless pullovers. The modern tunic is extremely versatile, and one can find these tops in a huge array of fabrics, cuts and styles. Tailored or form-fitting styles made from sumptuous fabrics like silk or cashmere create elegant silhouettes, while casual varieties in cotton and organic blends are perfect for that flowing, bohemian look. A sexy deep V-neck is perfect for a hot date or “girls’ night out”, and daytime styles flatter the figure with details like contrasting piping or lace trims. One can pair a tunic with a skirt, leggings, jeans or even shorts since these shirts can have any sleeve style or no sleeves at all. A tunic with an eye-catching graphic print or sparkling accents may make a statement on its own, while a plainer style provides the foundation for a funky belt, exotic jewelry and other bold accessories. Longer tunics may double as short dresses or swimsuit covers, while belted varieties can serve as light jackets on blustery days.

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Online Fashion Shopping – A Guide for the Modern Man

Online fashion shopping is gaining popularity all over the world. Retailers with internet presence are offering their clients with more choices through this platform. If you think about it, shopping online is better than going to the store. It is quick and convenient, and it is easier to browse through the different choices available. Some retailers also feature marked down items and seasonal sales for online shoppers.


What items should you expect when looking for men’s clothing online?

One great thing about shopping online is like being at the store without leaving the comfort of your home or office. You can browse through various outfit selections and simply click a button to add an item to your shopping cart. Here are some of the pieces you can expect to see from online retailers.


More retailers are offering suits in their line-up. It is the most elegant piece a man can wear; even some fashion experts say the suit defines the man. This is why it is important that it fits well and looks good on you. You have to think about quality – it should have the right cut and colour, and made from the right fabric.

The most common style today is the two-piece suit consisting of pants and a jacket. As for the fabric, wool is the perennial favourite and is a timeless classic. Wool is crease-resistant and drapes elegantly. It is a fabric that works and looks well even during hot summers. When doing online fashion shopping, look for retailers with custom suits featuring tailored cuts. Look into the quality of fabrics used as well as the overall look of the suit.


A man can never have enough shirts. They are perhaps the most flexible item of clothing you can own. Long sleeves are great for formal or semi-formal use, and can be great casual wear as well. The same goes for short-sleeved button downs.

Find retailers with many design options when searching for men’s clothing online. Bold colours are great for suits. Plaid and chequered patterns, on the other hand, are classic and great for casual use. Every man should also have a collection of t-shirts and polos for basic everyday use. Be sure to buy a good mix of classic and trendy pieces.

Pants and denims

An ensemble is not complete without great pants. Most men limit themselves to denims. While there is no problem with that, a modern and fashionable man has other pieces in his closet. Look for retailers with a collection of dress pants, chinos, and denims. The days of having just blue, beige, and black pants are long gone. Spice up your wardrobe with the addition of other colours.

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‘Red’ – the trendsetter color of fashion industry

Red color has more connotations across various cultures, a color that has ruled both sinners and saints. Associated with an aristocratic excess, red is the fashion code for all seasons. Be it fashion apparels or other fashion accessories, alluring shades of red run deep, charming people into the mix. Wearing red makes a bold statement that the wearer is in charge, and is full of excitement. A showstopper color, red has had, is having, and will have utmost influence, especially in fashion world.

Various hues of crimson also have utmost influence in the fashion world. Models dressed in crimson from head to toe fire up the runways. Going head-on strong, red is making its way into the runways of Tommy Hilfiger, Marc, Gucci, Balenciaga and many more. A model with a white lehenga with red and golden border, and matching red accessories can own the ramp. On the way to the season’s boldest trend, hues of vermillion, scarlet, cherry, and crimson can pack a wallop of modernity to one’s style statement.

How much influence does this hue have over the fashion industry, and what are its upcoming trends?

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Ethnic Indian Costumes Meet Contemporary Fashion Trends

Fashion now goes back to its grassroots. Traditional attires of the Indian culture get a modern twist, and are under the fashion spotlight too.


Indian costumes are known for its colorfulness and elegance. Clothes for men are designed suiting the climate and their comfort, while that for women are made bringing out the essence of feminism. Though there are numerous outfits in each and every state based on its cultural heritage there are a few common outfits such as sari, dhoti, salwar kameez etc which is used with some variance throughout the country. These apparels have undergone a creative transformation, and are under the fashion spotlight. People in other countries also prefer to wear saris, suits, and cholis.


Customary Saris takes their Fashion Stride on the Ramp:


Sari is a Sanskrit word which means cloth. This was worn by women from the Vedic ages about 600 B.C.The eternally appealing vintage costume, the sari is in style shaped through the creativity of many fashion designers. This traditional costume combined with contemporary trends creates a graceful and dreamy effect. Ethnic motifs are transformed into modern patterns through the skill and expertise of erudite fashion designers giving a modern look to the traditional costume.


Enticing fashion trends are available in sheer and translucent fabrics giving a cool and fashionable look. This soft feminine outfit is available in a variety of fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, satin brasso, net and many more. This rectangular piece of cloth plays a crucial role in bringing out the beauty of a woman.


Craving of jewellery has been manipulating the female mindset since the age human race started. Bejeweled saris are in fashion with a brighter, bolder, and a more elegant look. Tie-and-dye fabrics in graduating shades of beautiful hues give a surreal look. Elegant saris in vibrant shades accompanied with a modern transformation take their part in popular fashion shows. It has and is doing its fair rounds in the runways of numerous fashion shows. This is one costume that will never go out of fashion, keeping the stores flooded with an assortment of designs all year round.

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Step into the fashion world with cool leather apparels

The 2011 fashion trend has recommended certain new range of leather apparels today. While, such designer clothes may not seem to be in fashion now, but they are surely the latest introduction in the market which has compelled many fashion lovers to love them and follow them. So, to add to the leather fashion fetish, there are leather pants and many other apparels that have become the talk of the town these days.


It is a known fact that leather wear has been very common amongst bikers but with change in time the demand for leather apparels have increased in the fashion world even amongst the high street fashion lovers. So, if you wish to own leather apparel then here are some of the factors that you should look for before purchasing apparels made of leather. For starters, you should see for the climatic condition and then pick up the leather apparel that is favorable for that weather condition. For instance, you cannot choose a short leather skirt during winter season. So, choose apparel that may satisfy your interest.


So, leather pants are amongst those perfect choice and high on demand apparels. During winters, many people are seen wearing leather pants, because it not only makes one look trendy and cool, but it also keeps the body warm. In leather pants, the street style pant is the most common one amongst females and widely worn during many events and occasions.


Apart from leather skirts, it is also skirts that are high on demand amongst women. Leather skirts are today available in different patterns and designs. There are numerous designs and types of leather skirts such as full-length skirts, knee-length skirts, mini-skirts, high-waist skirts and many more. However, apart from leather skirts you can also opt for leather dress that also has the capability to add the glitz and dazzling look to your persona.

Hot pants also made of leather are the kind of apparels that can make you look charismatic and attractive. Hot pants have become the latest trend in various parties and who knows it may be seen on street too. If you wish to look sizzling hot, then hot pants when teamed with appropriate tee blends perfectly with it and suits any event very well.


Another form of leather apparel that you can choose along with leather skirts or dresses are jackets, leather coats, bomber and many more. So, if you wish to look presentable, sexy at various events and occasions, then choosing any of the above leather apparels are a perfect pick because it helps in creating an ever-lasting impression on men’s mind. These leather jackets can do wonders in completing the attire. In fact, you can also carry suitable appurtenances and also certain handbags that can enhance the beauty.


So, when you wish to carry the style along with you, it is best to study the latest leather fashion and grab the eye catching apparels.

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Latest Fashion Trends For Men How To Choose A Best Office Wear

Spring brings many opportunities for men to express their style sense. Sure, men are more stylish in springtime than any other time of year. However, most of time this ‘stylish’ feature turns out once it concerns selecting best office dresses.

The latest fashion trends for office clothing have come up with the completely different angle and dimension. It is traditional, however stylish in look. As far as the office clothing is concerned, the experts and fashion designers are paying much attention to even small particulars like never before.

Green ties to office:

This current spring has brought enough opportunities to make you appear more stylish than ever. This spring season has opened totally a new gate to green ties. The fashion designers have designed men’s ties for spring applying different light green shades. Therefore if you have to put on the white shirt to the office, do not wear the dark tie other than lime green or tea green.

Though if you have to put on the shirt in blue, lemon yellow or bright pink earlier you get into the cubicle, wearing the tie in the mint green or sage green could be the appropriate men’s apparel for men who are going to office. But, putting on the thick color shirt with these types of green ties won’t definitely work for office goers, unless dressing such ones with the dark shirt. The dark satin shirt is the well-matched men’s latest trend with the green light shade tie and they’re popular in fashion industry network.

Bright blazers to office:

You should have the appropriate blazer earlier you move to the office. The men’s spring latest trend, of course, isn’t complete without them. If you are searching for a sexy blazer to wear when you move to office, first, consider the quality and type of the material. Definitely, the evergreen cotton material is the number 1 option for the office blazer.

But, if you’re supposed to go to the office party in nighttime, select the blazer made of cashmere or refined wool. Then experience the warmth and comfort of such things! However you can use velvet or satin blazers to appear more fashionable on such spring nighttime parties.

Moreover, avoid putting on blazers which injudiciously uses synthetic material. The blazer having ten to twelve percentage of synthetic material is safe. But, anything more than that could create some breathing difficulties. As far as the latest styles and cut for men is concerned, select the traditional cut if you have the chubby and heavy figure.

Just like the shirts and ties, related to fashion industry news for men’s, the blazers also have to be in the light shades and variety to give you the outstanding office wear. But, if you are going to select the blazer make sure whether the designs on the material have the resonance with the color.

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“80s are out and 70s are in” the Fashion Formula

Fashion trends of the 70s are having déjá-vu moments, while the earlier trends of the 80s fade out eventually.


Fashion is always cyclical in nature, with the trends repeating every now and then. What was hot once before, gets replaced by new trends. Old ones are being quickly forgotten only to return back. 80s style were on the fashion spotlight, the same way. But not all styles make a definite come back. The current fashion kaleidoscope backs up the trends of 70s being a great inspiration to the modern designers. Trend chart indicates the return of many styles that were a hot craze during the 70s. Earlier it was the resurrection of the 80s trends. Now it has been replaced with many stunning trends of the 70s.


Fashion Obsession of the 80 fades:

70s was the time when women choose their clothing freely. Clothing silhouettes saw a major transformation; jeans became tight, socks gained fashion limelight, and bikinis shrunk in size. Hem lengths underwent a sweeping change. Bellbottoms, free flowing skirts, and empire waists gained prominence. Trends of the 70s inspire the present day modern fashion designers with a bohemian feel. Apparels are designed with a gypsy type look. Outfits displayed at the New York Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter 10-11 positively assert this. A smart look of the neo 70s trend with a bohemian traveler infusion and soft silhouettes will be seen. Deep cordovan red is the accent color. Black ensembles make a tough fashion statement reinforcing the empowered look.


The Fabric:

Fine leather layers, in contrast with silk jersey and sheer organza is back. Fur apparels will dominate the runway, along with faux fur variations. Silver fur coats will be a big craze. Velvet fabrics characterize the sophistication of the winter season. Previously considered as obsolete, this fabric has made a comeback in full throttle, taking its inspiration from the 70s outfits. In the earlier times, attention to trims and detailing played a major role using beads and sequins assimilated in the overall design. Today both men and women prefer wear clothing embellished with beads and sequins. Fabrics with a crinkled look have resurfaced on the fashion world. This resembles the cheese cloth that was in vogue during the 70s.


Peasant Skirts and Gypsy Look:

The hippy look of the 70s included clothing with a flare in the bottom, angel sleeved blouses, and loose cut garments. The Maxi dress of the 70s is back in ethereal fabrics enriched with the creativity of the designers. Halter necks, cat suits, empire dresses, and dresses of today with elaborately designed sleeves get their styles inspired from the 70s. Short skirts are preferred by women, even at work. Evening wear gets defined with the 70s look. Angel flight suits with shining shirts in satin fabrics with huge collars, and flared pants are in vogue.


Gypsy tops with a string at the top gives an adorable look when worn with matching skirts in vibrant hues. Peasant skirts with lovely swirls, and wraparound skirts in a riot of shades with a matching V necked tops make a cool fashion inspired by the 70s trend.

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Leather Apparel for the Fashionable Woman

What we wear on the upper part of our body plays a very important role in sprucing up our appearance. Having a presentable appearance is of prime importance these days, and therefore it becomes imperative that we don’t just wear something good but also something unique that would make us stand out in the crowd.


Unconventionality is the key word, and what could be better than leather tops for creating that perfect unconventional look? There are various fabrics and designs available these days which just provides the contemporary woman with a variety of options on a platter.


Leather fabrics have created quite a niche for themselves in the fashion arena, and this durable fabric is definitely worth trying at least once.


Leather apparel looks trendy if you really want to accentuate those curves, and there could be nothing better than donning proper body-fitting leather tops.


Leather vests have become quite popular lately among fashion conscious women.


A red lamb leather halter vest with a tuxedo style cut would look fantastically edgy if you really want to create a statement.


For a first date or an informal get-together with friends, this style would definitely make you look like a million bucks.


Team up a front zipper closure nickel studded vest with skinny leather pants and swanky leather boots if you want to attain a gothic look or make a bold style statement.


If it’s a formal occasion and you want to don something decent, try simple sleeveless patterned sand colored leather top along with an “A-line” cut formal skirt or formal trousers. If it’s a simple yet stylish look that you want to achieve, this combination will definitely work wonders for your personality.


Even leather jackets are quite a fashion statement and when teamed up with the right clothes, they can give your appearance quite an edgy look. A few styles you can try when it comes to jackets:


Cropped Jackets – They have recently touched a chord with the young crowd. This style imparts a very trendy look to your persona. These are jackets with a hemline thats waist length or higher.


Trench coats Trench coats are a great utility style statement. They are long coats that protect you from the harsh weather.


Hooded jackets Jackets with stylish hoods can never go out of vogue. They look supremely trendy. Fur hooded leather jackets are all the rage among the youth lately.


Double breasted jackets These kinds of jackets fulfill the purpose of attaining both a casual as well a formal look. It has an overlapping front with parallel column of buttons on both the sides.

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Dress Celebrity Style – Latest Trends For the Fashion-Minded Woman

Celebrities often set the mood for styles of the day, and with such a variety in celebrity styles, the “latest” trends in the fashion world can change without notice. Let’s take a look at several ways you can dress celebrity style and stay with the latest trends affordably.


Fashion Tops to Fit Your Style and Budget

Celebrity style tops of today usually resemble the seventies style halters and cami tops. Fashion tops are often accented with beads or ruffles for a feminine touch, and can be a solid color or bright floral pattern. To mix it up a bit, try a Jessica leather cami featuring a leather band with detailed stitching and colored studs. This kind of top looks great with tights, trousers, or fashion jeans.

Other ideas are the halter tunic top, a Mage top with a studded neckline and flowing material, or a Miley round neck tank top with an embellished neckline.

Fashion Dresses – Celebrity Style

A seventies style dress called the Maxi dress is definitely back with a vengeance. The Maxi dress is seen often on the runway scene and is perfect for spring and summer. Maxi dresses are long and flowing with bright, colorful patterns and various styles of v-necks or halter designs. Shorter halter dresses are also in style along with the “short and sweet” babydoll dress.

Other celebrity style dresses to look for include the Soul Revival dress styles, the hemp dress, one-shoulder dress, mini dress, slip dress, and bow dress. These all have gorgeous feminine patterns and are often highlighted with ruffles, beads, studs, or buttons.

Designer Jeans

If you want to wear jeans celebrity style, look for the flare style or boot cut jeans, hip huggers, and wide leg jeans. Jeans go great with all the fashion tops mentioned above, and can easily be matched with many styles of shoes, sandals, or boots. Some fashion jean name brands to look for include Salt Works jeans, Rider, Sailor Baby, Cliff Street Flare, and Chastity.

Tips to Dress “Celebrity Style”

Celebrity style dressing to fit in with the latest trends will require a little legwork. With online resources today, it’s easy to find the fashion clothing that fits your body shape and style. Check out photos of models online wearing all the popular clothing items. There are entire websites dedicated to showing runway fashion shows or magazine clippings of fashion models and celebrities in their favorite outfits.

Consider the hair color, skin color and tone, and the figure of the model. Compare these with your own features to see if the outfit or dress would look just as great if you were wearing it. Be sure to look at various fashions so you can compare for yourself. This will give you an idea of what to buy, especially if buying online, and if you’re unable to try on the clothing.

Choose shoes and accessories (belts, purses, jewelry, etc.) to complete your outfits. Celebrities often wear a complete outfit with accessories and all when they want to make a fashion statement. You can do the same!

When dressing celebrity style, the latest trends in fashion can be yours for the taking. Fashion tops, designer jeans, and celebrity dresses are readily available online at great prices. No more waiting around to see what your friends are wearing. You can be the leader in your own small fashion world!

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Trendy Skirts: Suitable For All Events

Of all the trendy dresses, the skirts are probably the most favorite among the women. Indian women like the stylish pleated skirts, ruffle skirt, straight skirt, fish cut wrap around skirts and the names and styles can go on. Skirt is not just a western dress. If we think a bit we will find that the Indian lehengas are also skirts after all. So the two have met and have become a part of latest Indo western dresses that are found in all lengths and styles. The best thing about skirts is that you can wear them for all occasions, whether for daily wear, informal wear or formal wear.


The trendy Indowestern dresses are best arranged with the combination of the Indian tunics and the sexy skirts. These days Indian fabrics and designs are being added to the western dress styles to create the most interesting skirts and dresses. Apart from the various classical skirts and dresses one can have the latest dresses in the wardrobe if one wishes to stay fashionable. Some of the best offerings of this kind are the long skirts, high waist skirts, denim skirts or the tie dyed skirts with Indian motifs and designs.


The all time skirts are the regular blacks, grays and browns. The colors might look dull but if they are matched by suitable womens tops then they can become fashion statements also. One thing to keep in mind is that all skirts are worthless until they are carefully tailored. Bad tailoring can look disastrous on the lady who is wearing the skirts. So the lovely skirt that a woman chooses over the sexy evening dress can be a reason for embarrassment unless it fits her perfectly.


One more place where the women are mostly seen in skirts is the work place. The office skirts too can be chosen to reflect a womans personality. The pleated and the chic A-line skirts are the ideal ones. The colors should be chosen according to the season and can be both in solid colors and patterns. For party wear the full circular skirt and the trendy gathers skirt are excellent choices. They are even best suited for the informal gatherings when they come in a variety of floral patterns and once again, in the classical and traditional Indian motifs.


These days the latest fashion trends are not only delivered by the glossy fashion magazines. Internet has brought the fashion world to the fingertips. One not only gets all the information on the latest fashion but also the various dresses and clothes that are trendy. One just needs to log on to the appropriate site, check and compare the prices and can order online for the dress of choice. If one does not want to buy custom made dress and wishes to get made to order dresses, then there is a provision for it too. Getting online tailor made outfits is no problem. All one needs to do is to correctly put in the measurements as directed. This is applicable to all Indo-western dresses as well as western dresses.


The trend of Indowestern wear is not only limited to the skirts alone. If one wishes one can get the full range of dresses like the fashionable shoulder dresses, the halter rancho dress, spaghetti slip dress, smoked tube dress, trendy wrap dress or the keyhole dress in all the Indian motifs and textiles. They just need to be slipped into to look fashionable, sexy and trendy.