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Inspiration, Creativity & Their Application in Fashion Design

The work is dealing with problem of fashion design in present. Defines terms of creativity and inspiration and deals with them in field of application in fashion design. Analyzing the topic of fashion design, gives examples and suggests techniques for successful creative thinking to produce new and tangible things. The work also indicates to the application of techniques from other fields and their modification for needs of fashion design. Application of techniques has for goal to facilitate the process of creation and designing, it also promotes a new way of thinking and a successful problem solving which fashion designers faces through the process of designing.




In order to understand the essence of multidisciplinary and complexity of creative thought processes there is a need to define each term separately. Creativity is considered as a set of thought processes which lead to new solutions, ideas, theories. [1] One of key elements of creativity is element of novelty, something new. It can be an “old idea” but if it is applied in a totally new way, new package, that same but recycled idea, it becomes a whole new entity. Creativity should not be initiated in itself, it is present or not. When it is not present it is necessary to resort to the inspiration that will form and cause our creativity.

Fashion Dresses

Right Dressing Sense for Men

Men want to dress as perfectly as same as the women may want to wear their makeup. A good dressing sense can do wonders with the right kind of fashion, cut and color. One also should be particular about the comfort level despite the fashion, adding confidence which corroborates to a high self image.


There was a time when men thought that it is just plain white and black for them which prevented them from going for patterns even, let alone choose a color. Most old fashioned men spent whole of their lives without realizing that they could have looked striking handsome, if only they would have chosen better dressing.

Each shirt in the wardrobe does not need to be of the same outline, design or color. Each is a different one with a little variation. One can always put a hundreds of permutation and combinations according to the choice, occasion and fashion. The men’s dress shirts do not require being of sameness and dulling in outline, fashion, and design. One should keep in mind that designs are dependent of fabrics. Fashions are also about style, collar, placement of buttons and pockets.

Purchasing a branded shirt can limit one’s choice to maneuver perhaps it is a style statement all the same. But in tailor made shirts one can play around with one’s own expectations and ideas if one is little innovative.

One has to pay attention to the suiting and the pants which have to go with the shirt’s design. However, it is more important to have the confidence to carry anything that one wears. With colors, or patterns, and ties maybe one easily come near the sense of self.

Of course one can look smart with a freshly pressed shirt and neatly smothered pants. The casual attitude should be careful of the look that is expected of him which is an acknowledgement of somebody looking at the person.

Light fabrics with well defined seam are considered to be the sign of a person who is soft with a firm approach towards his goal. It is a perfect statement in the business fraternity.

It does not cost anything to be knowledgeable about fashion. It saves one from spending otherwise in building an image which can be instantly done through a fashionable approach.

Choosing colors that do not clash

Many men have the best of intentions when they attempt to dress themselves. Unfortunately, many of them do not have a keen sense of suitable colors. Have you seen the look on the golf course? The pink plaid pants with yellow collared shirt that make your eyes burn. Here is a guide to choose colors that look great together!

Back in kindergarten, boys learned the primary colors-yellow, red, and blue. Those shades then branched out into complimentary mixes that boys loved to create using nothing more than a sloppy mound of paint and their fingers. The problem is that those boys grew up to be men who still could not decipher the colors that suit one another and the colors that look horrible together. Taking the staple fashion colors-black, white, yellow, red, and blue-a woman can usually pick out the colors that work. Sadly, I’ve seen a pair of bright green tie with a shirt carrying red stripes. Short of during the Christmas season, those colors are not meant to be worn together!

Men know the color combinations-red and blue make purple. Though the colors can be blended, not all colors should be matched in an outfit. A purple shirt with a red tie looks like something straight out off a clown. In any fashionable outfit, men should start with a base color, something neutral like pale beige or gray. Pair a beige shirt with a blue tie would compliment you being handsome.

Because extreme contrasts catch the eye, it is best to avoid pairing a dark shirt with light colored tie. Too many intense shades can cause the eye to ache. If you are out on the town trying to capture a woman’s attention, a black shirt with a pale blue tie will be too much. Instead of drawing attention to your clothing, the opposite will occur. However, if you pair a light shirt with a dark tie, the limited amount of contrast will draw attention to you.

Colors that never be paired are easily remembered. Dark blue and purple are not flattering. White with cream will wash you out. Red and purple boggle the eye. Green and red or green and purple are awful together. Orange with green or purple should be avoided at all costs.

In general, black shirts work well with a lighter colored tie. White shirts offer a wider array of choices, as anything goes with white. This year’s fashionable colors include all shades of brown, slate blues, navy blues, pale blues, black, and pure white. These color choices are easy to work with and very versatile. A pale brown shirt will look fantastic with a chocolate brown tie. Mix a gray shirt with a slate blue tie and you will look amazing. The choices are endless, as long as you remember to start with a neutral shirt and then find complementary colors.

Fashions for Big Men

The good news is that you are not alone. Many men are carrying extra weight. These same men opt to dress baggy clothing thinking they can hide their beer bellies with loose t-shirts. Would you like to know the truth? Baggy clothing actually makes you look bigger than you probably are.

Color is the most important aspect in dressing to look slimmer than you actually are. Stripes are your worst enemy. Dark colors-black, chocolate brown, charcoal, navy blue, and dark gray-offer a more slimming look. Browns, blacks, grays, and navy blues happen to be this years “in” colors. You get to wear fashionable trends while also appearing slimmer. Make sure your suit jacket and shirt are similar in color. Contrasting hues draw attention to the point in which they meet. The point at which the colors meet will create a line that adds the appearance of bulk.

When purchasing a suit jacket (and every man needs at least one jacket), look for two-button suit jackets in dark colors. Once again, the dark colors are more slimming. In addition, a two-button suit creates a streamlined look that makes your waist and stomach look tapered and trim. Do not buy a jacket that is too loose. A loose appearance will add the appearance of weight. You also need to avoid purchasing clothing that fits too snugly. Clothing should fit comfortably with no more than an inch of space at any given point.

Though Hawaiian prints are in, large patterns give the appearance of bulk. Stick to small vertical patterns that make the torso appear longer and slimmer. Always rely on vertical patterns and never horizontal patterns. Stripes that are horizontal add a round look and can make you look a lot heavier than you are. The same applies with buttons and zippers choose small, narrow fasteners.

Shiny satins, rayons, and other fabrics add weight. Any fabric with a bright sheen will make you appear larger than you are. Stick to clothing that has a brushed appearance without any shine.

If you have a chubby, round face, do not purchase turtlenecks. Turtlenecks can make you look heavy in the neck area. Instead, choose shirts with angled v-necks or leave the top couple of buttons on a dress shirt undone so that there is an angle that slims the face and neck.

Sticking to these basic rules can turn a rotund man into someone looking svelte. Just remember vertical lines, dark colors, and similar shades, and you will look great!

Fashions for Skinny Men

Just as overweight men have serious issues finding a fashionable look, men who are underweight can have just as many difficulties. Scrawny men want to look larger than they are without appearing sloppy. Building the appearance of muscle is impossible, but choosing fashions that add the appearance of bulk can be accomplished.

First and foremost, never purchase baggy clothing. You will wind up looking lost in the outfit and that makes you look slimmer than you actually are. You need to choose pants that fit snugly without being tight. Slim, non-tapered pant legs work well. Low-rise pants look great. Leather pants are a great item to own. Skinny men can pull off a pair of tight leather pants. The snug fit will accentuate your lower half and definitely draw attention. Avoid any jeans with boot cut legs or flared legs as they make you appear to be drowning in your clothing.

Choose single-breasted jackets with small shoulder pads. The shoulder pads will add a muscular look, but make sure the shoulder pads are small. Larger shoulder pads always look like nothing more than shoulder pads-think 1980′s shoulder pads making people look like linebackers. You want the appearance of muscle, not the appearance of shoulder pads.

Skinnier men can easily add stripes to their wardrobe. Choose thin stripes and patterns that are close together, either vertical or horizontal. This adds the appearance of bulk, especially if you use horizontal stripes or patterns. Make sure the shirt fits nicely; you want the fabric to cling to your form.

Skinnier men also have the option of choosing any color that appeals to them. Where larger men need to stick to dark colors, skinny men can mix and match. Adding contrast breaks up an outfit’s lines and can add the appearance of weight. Light jackets paired with a darker shirt can add the guise of bulk around the chest and waist.

Do not wear sleeveless shirts. Tank tops and sleeveless t-shirts will highlight the fact that you have little to no arm muscle. Stick to well-fitted t-shirts, dress shirts, and long-sleeved t-shirts.

Fabrics with sheen can add the appearance of weight. Silks, rayons, and satins can all make you look bulkier than you actually are. Consider adding a couple of shiny shirts to your wardrobe. I am not talking disco shiny, but something with sheen.

Being skinny does not mean you must dress like a stereotypical nerd. Choose fashions that you like and that do not drown your body shape. Follow these simple rules and you will look brilliant in no time!

Fashion Trends

Dress Celebrity Style – Latest Trends For the Fashion-Minded Woman

Celebrities often set the mood for styles of the day, and with such a variety in celebrity styles, the “latest” trends in the fashion world can change without notice. Let’s take a look at several ways you can dress celebrity style and stay with the latest trends affordably.


Fashion Tops to Fit Your Style and Budget

Celebrity style tops of today usually resemble the seventies style halters and cami tops. Fashion tops are often accented with beads or ruffles for a feminine touch, and can be a solid color or bright floral pattern. To mix it up a bit, try a Jessica leather cami featuring a leather band with detailed stitching and colored studs. This kind of top looks great with tights, trousers, or fashion jeans.

Other ideas are the halter tunic top, a Mage top with a studded neckline and flowing material, or a Miley round neck tank top with an embellished neckline.

Fashion Dresses – Celebrity Style

A seventies style dress called the Maxi dress is definitely back with a vengeance. The Maxi dress is seen often on the runway scene and is perfect for spring and summer. Maxi dresses are long and flowing with bright, colorful patterns and various styles of v-necks or halter designs. Shorter halter dresses are also in style along with the “short and sweet” babydoll dress.

Other celebrity style dresses to look for include the Soul Revival dress styles, the hemp dress, one-shoulder dress, mini dress, slip dress, and bow dress. These all have gorgeous feminine patterns and are often highlighted with ruffles, beads, studs, or buttons.

Designer Jeans

If you want to wear jeans celebrity style, look for the flare style or boot cut jeans, hip huggers, and wide leg jeans. Jeans go great with all the fashion tops mentioned above, and can easily be matched with many styles of shoes, sandals, or boots. Some fashion jean name brands to look for include Salt Works jeans, Rider, Sailor Baby, Cliff Street Flare, and Chastity.

Tips to Dress “Celebrity Style”

Celebrity style dressing to fit in with the latest trends will require a little legwork. With online resources today, it’s easy to find the fashion clothing that fits your body shape and style. Check out photos of models online wearing all the popular clothing items. There are entire websites dedicated to showing runway fashion shows or magazine clippings of fashion models and celebrities in their favorite outfits.

Consider the hair color, skin color and tone, and the figure of the model. Compare these with your own features to see if the outfit or dress would look just as great if you were wearing it. Be sure to look at various fashions so you can compare for yourself. This will give you an idea of what to buy, especially if buying online, and if you’re unable to try on the clothing.

Choose shoes and accessories (belts, purses, jewelry, etc.) to complete your outfits. Celebrities often wear a complete outfit with accessories and all when they want to make a fashion statement. You can do the same!

When dressing celebrity style, the latest trends in fashion can be yours for the taking. Fashion tops, designer jeans, and celebrity dresses are readily available online at great prices. No more waiting around to see what your friends are wearing. You can be the leader in your own small fashion world!

Fashion Accessories

4 Types Of Cool & Trendy Kipling Shoulder Bag

Kipling Shoulder Bag – Introduction

Kipling brand originated from Belgium in 1987. The brand is glamor with the concept of bag should be fun, colorful and functional. Kipling bag first started with backpack. Then it continues with other bags like shoulder bag and handbag.

Kipling Shoulder Bag – General Features

Kipling shoulder bag is very convenient in use. They are the best bag for many casual occasions like party and gathering. Kipling shoulder bag is unique and fun. Each one of them has included one signature round logo and a fun monkey chain.

Kipling Shoulder Bag – Popularity

Kipling shoulder bag has been featured on many top rated television show. They have become the favorite among celebrities like Tom Cruise, Jim Carey and John Travolta. They also created the wave of trendy on casual bags.

BAGEL Hobo Leisure Kipling Shoulder Bag

This is a slouchy versatile shoulder bag. They provide soft and feminine feel. The bag is made from high qualitative genuine Italian cow leather. They are soft shaped with zipped roomy compartment. The zipped main compartment contains zipped pocket, cell phone pocket and pen pockets.

Large A4 Kipling Shoulder Bag

This is a large Kipling shoulder bag. The bag is installed with exclusive magnetic buttons closure. The bag contains two main compartments. The magnetic buttons lead you to access to these compartments. The compartments contain one zipped pocket, two pen pockets and one MP3 player pocket. The bag is suitable to use for keeping documents and files.

EMMET Kipling Shoulder Bag

This Kipling shoulder bag keeps limited amount of item. They are made from top quality leathers. Unlike other Kipling shoulder bag, they are no buttons on the front pocket. The bag is attached with an adjustable shoulder strap. They are three main compartments of this bag.

LAURENA Kipling Shoulder Bag

This is a classic Kipling shoulder bag. The bag is made from quality Italian lambskin leathers. They come with double leather shoulder straps. The front pocket of this Kipling shoulder bag fixed with two side zippers. This bag met two timeless details with modern trends. These timeless details are inclusive of great leather and stylish shape.

DRYBAG Kipling Shoulder Bag

This is a common use Kipling shoulder bag. The bag is design by one of the favorite designers, Cathy Pill. The bag is made from lambskin leathers. This shoulder also attached with a flexible shoulder strap. It also includes with two vertical zipped side pockets. The bag is accessible through top and side by side zip and magnetic buttons.

Fashion Accessories

Ways To Find The Ideal Running Shoes For Kids

There are some neat ways to find running shoes for kids. When a consumer is hunting for the right pair of sneakers, there may be some points to look out for. Ensuring that the toe has support and that the item fits the foot properly, will allow the child to have comfort. Most parents want the item to last a long time and not wear out before the child outgrows them.

When footwear needs to be picked up for children, they can be located in a few ways. The internet may have some sources online where items can be ordered. People can glance at the products and view the specifications on them. Once the order has been made, the product can be shipped to an address. When a size is already known, then it can make it a handy way to order items. Retailers that carry only kids shoes and places that sell both adult and child models may have a wide selection.

When choosing a brand, both parents and kids may have their own ideas. There could be a few brand names that are popular at school and are well advertised. Shoppers may select a pair of sneakers from a list of high quality named products.

Each brand will feature its own make and model for shoppers to pick from. A certain brand may be known for a particular style of footwear. There could be some that are geared for basketball and some that are designed for running purposes.

Parents may view the bottom of the sole to see how durable the rubber is. Customers may look at the traction on the sole along with the grip. A great grip will allow kids to have lots of control on the court or on the field when playing sports.

Breathable material will keep feet from sweating when running and engaging in sports. A mesh material will allow the air to breath in and out of the material. Feet will not sweat due to the constant air supply found inside.

The right cushioning will provide support in all the right areas. There are certain spots in the arch, heel and toe area where extra cushioning and support could be placed. More toe support could prevent the toe from causing a rip in the front of the shoe.

When looking for running shoes for kids, a shopper will want to ensure that the footwear product has everything that is needed. The quality of the material will need to be strong and durable. Breathable mesh material will keep feet feeling great when playing sports. The right cushioning will keep the child blister free when engaging in active sports. Finding a brand name that kids enjoy may also help a person like the shoe that they are wearing. Some kids will use the product for a year and will need the item to be high quality.

Mens Fashion

The Perfect Suit for Men

When it comes to the kinds of clothes in the closet, almost every fashion designer and fashion expert will advise you to buy at least one nice suit no matter what they do. In general, people will treat you differently if you wear a nice suit.


But, in most fashion designers’ eyes, a large amount of suits on men look plain even how chic you thought. One reason is that too many people don’t care for it much. The other reason is that they don’t know how to wear a suit accurately. A nice and properly worn suit won’t make you out of society. There are some rules for you to follow if you would like to buy a new suit.


First, the fabric plays a vital role in your selection on suit. It’s totally and positively right to purchase a worsted wool suit. Certainly, there no exception of gabardines and mid-weight corded wools. You are sure to come across one among a great deal of products marked Super 100. But it only means that this kind of mid-weight yarn is twisted more often than the usual 60-80 twist wool. You had better decide on fabric which can spring back after it’s squeezed without wrinkling.


The most proper pants must be check over according to different aspects. Generally, the majority of people know the importance of the exact waistline. They often measure their own waistline by scaled ruler. In fact, a simple approach will help you buy right pants instead of wasting time on measuring, that is, if you are able to stick two fingers into the waist while you are wearing them, it’s proved that the pants suit you. If there is extra meat in your abdomen, clothes with pleats will help get rid of it easily. Whereas, if you are thinner, you had better not use them because it will make you thinner.


Third, find the appropriate and exact sleeve length. Too short or too long sleeve makes people imagine that it’s not your own clothes but from your brothers or others. It’s proved to be too long if the sleeve covers the shirt cuff. A half inch or an inch of your shirt cuff shows the sleeve will reach the base of your thumb.


Pants with hem are better. Pants without hem will make a horrible feeling in front of others. It’s your right to choose cuffed or uncuffed pants. But it’s more mature to wear pants with cuff as well a taller with cuff-less pants.


Five, consider the jacket waist. It’s more professional to wear across stomach. Meanwhile, three and four buttons takes the place of two buttons which used to be the classical characteristics of traditional America cut suit. No matter what style of style you prefer, fashionable, classic or modern, the suitable waistline will enhance the shape of your body.


Sixth, check whether you are free when you move your arms. You will have no difficulties stretching and bending and feel free when you move your arms. To check this, you can bring your arms straightly in front of you.

Fashion Accessories Fashion Designer

Novel Beachwear Designs for Eco- conscious Wearer



Design of a garment today is influenced by globalization, industrialization, science and technology. The drawing board concept has changed and there has been a shift in the designing field to cater to the needs of the consumer in terms of performance and comfort. Beachwear which is in its infancy stage in the Indian garment industry scenario is the focus of the research and the researcher has attempted to apply innovative concepts such as usage of eco-friendly fabrics bamboo and modal with the application of UV finish and water repellent finish. The collection designed has been derived from out of the box concept to attract the consumer both local and global.


Design development is an integral part of product development. Design of a garment focuses on 3 important aspects-comfort, fit and aesthetic appeal. Performance enhancement has become a necessity rather than a luxury. The consumer has grown over the period of time and has come out of the ‘wear and throw attitude’. Garment designing has scaled new heights. It has come out of the boundaries of just casual wear, formal wear or party wear and reached every sector of garments be it sportswear, intimate wear, beachwear or bodywear.


Swimwear, a decade ago was a taboo and its status in the Indian garment industry negligible. But with the fitness boom, globalization and international exposure, the industry has grown from its infancy stage and taken small steps in the global market. And designing of beachwear, improving its performance properties to cater to the needs of the consumer has acquired significant importance. But in spite of its international demand, it is surprising that not many manufacturers or designers are venturing into designing of beachwear, considering that it is a territory that has very little competition in a country with a climate which is most suited to beach and swimwear.


Beachwear is defined as clothing worn on the beach. It is clothing that is close to the skin or like second skin. A survey conducted by the researcher to study the trends in beachwear in the market for design and use of fabric aspect showed that the most commonly used fabrics were cotton, man-made fabrics and Lycra blend. Today’ consumer is eco-conscious and wants to do their bit in reducing the carbon footprint.

The author is associated with Smt. VHD Central Institute of Home Science

Fashion Trends

Trendy Skirts: Suitable For All Events

Of all the trendy dresses, the skirts are probably the most favorite among the women. Indian women like the stylish pleated skirts, ruffle skirt, straight skirt, fish cut wrap around skirts and the names and styles can go on. Skirt is not just a western dress. If we think a bit we will find that the Indian lehengas are also skirts after all. So the two have met and have become a part of latest Indo western dresses that are found in all lengths and styles. The best thing about skirts is that you can wear them for all occasions, whether for daily wear, informal wear or formal wear.


The trendy Indowestern dresses are best arranged with the combination of the Indian tunics and the sexy skirts. These days Indian fabrics and designs are being added to the western dress styles to create the most interesting skirts and dresses. Apart from the various classical skirts and dresses one can have the latest dresses in the wardrobe if one wishes to stay fashionable. Some of the best offerings of this kind are the long skirts, high waist skirts, denim skirts or the tie dyed skirts with Indian motifs and designs.


The all time skirts are the regular blacks, grays and browns. The colors might look dull but if they are matched by suitable womens tops then they can become fashion statements also. One thing to keep in mind is that all skirts are worthless until they are carefully tailored. Bad tailoring can look disastrous on the lady who is wearing the skirts. So the lovely skirt that a woman chooses over the sexy evening dress can be a reason for embarrassment unless it fits her perfectly.


One more place where the women are mostly seen in skirts is the work place. The office skirts too can be chosen to reflect a womans personality. The pleated and the chic A-line skirts are the ideal ones. The colors should be chosen according to the season and can be both in solid colors and patterns. For party wear the full circular skirt and the trendy gathers skirt are excellent choices. They are even best suited for the informal gatherings when they come in a variety of floral patterns and once again, in the classical and traditional Indian motifs.


These days the latest fashion trends are not only delivered by the glossy fashion magazines. Internet has brought the fashion world to the fingertips. One not only gets all the information on the latest fashion but also the various dresses and clothes that are trendy. One just needs to log on to the appropriate site, check and compare the prices and can order online for the dress of choice. If one does not want to buy custom made dress and wishes to get made to order dresses, then there is a provision for it too. Getting online tailor made outfits is no problem. All one needs to do is to correctly put in the measurements as directed. This is applicable to all Indo-western dresses as well as western dresses.


The trend of Indowestern wear is not only limited to the skirts alone. If one wishes one can get the full range of dresses like the fashionable shoulder dresses, the halter rancho dress, spaghetti slip dress, smoked tube dress, trendy wrap dress or the keyhole dress in all the Indian motifs and textiles. They just need to be slipped into to look fashionable, sexy and trendy.

Fashion Issue

Lakme Fashion Week Attracts Larger Number of Buyers

On the business from Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) has reported significant growth in the number of buyer registrations as compared to the last season. This year, the premiere fashion event received 185 buyer registrations, of which 143 were domestic and 42 international buyers, from across the globe. This augurs well and speaks of the strength that Lakme Fashion Week was gaining in showcasing Indian design talent to the world.
This Year LFW was held between March 10 – 15 at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai to showcase the best of Indian and international fashion talent to an audience comprising buyers, media and fashionistas in the global fashion industry, entering into the 11th year of its existence, LFW is continuing its pursuit to commercialise Indian fashion through certain new initiatives taken this year.
“This is where the stars are born”. Lakme Lever CEO Anil Chopra can be forgiven for sounding so chuffed. Of the 58 designers who participated in the Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2011, 15 have come through the GenNext designer platform. From a prolonged 15-year internship earlier, to instant recognition in six months now, young designers have never had it so good.
The Lakme Fashion Week has managed to integrate Mumbai and India into the global fashion network. According to Ravi Krishnan, Managing Director – IMG South Asia and Senior Vice President – IMG “The purpose of LFW is to give impetus to the business of fashion in India by addressing the fashion requirements of the fraternity and to keep it at par with international standards. Fashion is rapidly moving towards a digital revolution, and to cater to the change in market, we will be launching LFW TV this season, which will provide a unique brand engagement for customers, by granting them access to LFW, whilst deriving additional value for the stakeholders of the event”.

Fashion Trends

Trendy Color Palette For Spring Bridesmaid Dresses 2011

If winter comes, can spring far behind? Well, now we are leaving winter season behind and looking forward to blossoming spring, the most romantic season for weddings. It is fact that spring is the most favored season for tying the knot. This year if you are preparing your spring wedding ceremony, never forget to add a splash of color to your bridesmaid dresses for accented fashion touch.

While wedding dresses are usually white, naturally bridesmaid dresses become the vital part to express your fashion sense with colors. However, fashion trends are ever-changing. So why not refer to this trendy color palette for spring bridesmaid dresses 2011? Hopefully, you will get some inspired ideas to charm your crowd.

Classic colors choices are still in vogue. This trend is surely an evergreen force to flatter your aesthetic appreciation. As we know that black, bright red and dark purple are perennial color choices for bridesmaid dresses. These charming shades on dark side are ideal to accent that jubilant formality while still appearing beautiful. Especially, dark purple, like eggplant or plum, and bright red are smoking hot all the while and meanwhile both of them are versatile as they suits any type of wedding. When the wedding dress is in pure white, the ensemble combo of the bridal party can be marvelously eye-pleasing, stating an evergreen force to sport the charm belonging to bridal party.

Romantic hues are also the mainstream. Anything related to romance seems a matter of course in any wedding. This does make sense on bridesmaid dress color options. Various pink shades, like apricot, hot pink, peach and blush are hip options for bridesmaid wear this year to help the overall look ooze a word of romance. Somehow pink can be incorporated seamlessly into any wedding theme and exude a style with unequal romantic touch. Sometimes, lilac shades are still considered to exude some romance in a mystic way.

Ethereal tones are your best bet to delight your girls. Flipping through haute couture fashion tendencies this year, ethereal tones are a superb feast to eyes out there. This can be also applied to dress choices for your accompanying girls. Look for some petal earth tones like canary yellow and light natural shades like aqua! There will be soon a dramatic transformation in your wedding that soon forms a fab.

Believe it or not, bridesmaid dresses will be a fabulous place where you definitely want to feature your signature wedding colors. No matter which trend you choose to follow, the result will be a fantastic yet super fashion eye-banquet. You can either decide one color as your wedding theme, involving with different shades of this color to create a magnificent effect, or choose two-toned way to personalize your wedding. Chances are that you are more likely to signature your unique sense of beauty in the later way.