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Emerging Chinese Luxury Brands

China’s emerging luxury brands look to recover traditions lost in communist revolution

Chinese are quick to boast about their 5,000-year legacy of culture and learning. Yet history is often the missing element for would-be Chinese luxury brands now seeking a piece of their own market.


Long tradition has been a mainstay for internationally recognized luxury products, and the Chinese market is no exception. About 40% of wealthy Chinese surveyed by Hurun and Industrial Bank rated “long history” as an important characteristic for top-end brands.

Yet few Chinese luxury products survived the period between communist takeover and the country’s reform and opening, a span of roughly 30 years ending in the late 1970s. The lone survivors of the orthodox communist years, such as the liquor Moutai, have translated officially condoned prestige into hugely successful domestic businesses.


Other Chinese companies, mostly clothing designers, are attempting to bridge the gap by reaching into the early years of the 20th Century for style inspiration with Chinese characteristics. Results have been mixed, however; some Chinese companies are inching toward the prestige of brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel, but many others fall short.


Spirit of the People


Moutai, a type of strong, sorghumbased spirit known as baijiu, can often be spotted in dusty black and white photos of Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, two of China’s immortal leaders. Kweichow Moutai has become the market leader for sales of the traditional Chinese spirit, as well as one of the most highly valued companies on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


Moutai refers to a city in Guizhou province where the product is made, and the name has taken on brandlike qualities of its own. In a survey on China’s luxury gift market earlier this year, the Hurun Report found that Moutai rated fifth on a list of 10 upscale brands, higher than Dior, Prada and Armani.


A bottle of Kweichow can sell for as much as US$2,000. One 1958 vintage of the spirit was auctioned for nearly US$230,000 in 2010.

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Tradition Fashion Interplay : An Imperative for Identity & Continuity

Fashion in India, in its look and feel continues to be a part of the cultural fabric of India today away from the uniformly prescribed fashion code of global fashion. The parallel market of “indigenous clothing has retained itself and co-exists on its own terms with the contemporary” (Dhondy, 2010). The contemporary too draws confidently from this rich heritage effortlessly combining ‘new’ with ‘old’ retaining its core identity. There has of late been a shift to a more inclusive partnership between design and artisan community and clearer focus towards pushing the boundaries in fashion by exploring form, surface and material going beyond pure aesthetics.


Free from the burden of fashion history, new age designers in India are building successful partnerships with artisans where the artisans become true beneficiaries in the business. Meaning and value in the creation is drawn from the collective strength of skill, technique, and resources along with experiences.


This paper attempts to highlight how fashion as a practice can provide a context for crafts to benefit through integration into the ‘process of commerce and business, offering a way forward in socially responsible sustainable design environment’ (Clark, 2007). Having trained as a fashion designer and subsequently as an educationalist in India, the author is inevitably given to identifying patterns and mapping similarities across disciplines to make meaning out of its evolving material and fashion culture.

This article was originally published in “Fashion Colloquia – London, September, 2011”.

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Finding The Best Ladies’ Wedding Rings For Your Partner

Unless you know the exact wedding ring your fiancée wants, it is never an easy task finding the best ring for her. There are many different things that you must take into consideration before purchasing a wedding ring. If you don’t really know the style of band your partner prefers, then you should try to find out before getting a ring for her. A lot of women have their own individual tastes, and choosing from the many styles of ladies’ wedding rings may not be easy. You need to make sure that the band fits her personal style, and is something that she will wear every day.

Gold Ladies’ Wedding Rings
Gold is a very popular choice of ladies’ rings. It is a cheaper option than platinum, and there are different color options to choose from. Unless you know for a fact your significant other likes yellow gold, it may be a wise decision to go with white gold. Over the years, yellow gold has gone out of style somewhat, and more people are choosing white gold instead. White gold wedding rings will go well with any style, and any skin tone. It is very beautiful, easy to clean, and it resembles platinum metal, without costing as much. You can choose from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, two-tone gold, and even tri-color.

Sterling Silver Wedding Bands for Ladies

If you have a very limited budget, sterling silver wedding bands may be the best option for you. They are affordable, and come in many different styles. Since silver tends to tarnish after some time, wedding rings made from sterling silver work great as temporary wedding rings. Even though they are cheaper, they are still very beautiful. You can choose from a simple sterling silver wedding band, a ring with details engraved into it, sterling silver bands with diamonds, or many other beautiful styles.

Platinum Ladies’ Wedding Rings

If you are in search of a band for your fiancée that will last for many long and beautiful years, then platinum is the best way to go. There is so much to love about platinum ladies’ wedding rings. They are extremely high quality, very durable, and of course absolutely stunning. Ladies’ rings made from platinum are very popular. They are pricier than other options, but their amazing quality makes them worth the price. Platinum ladies’ bands have a natural shine to them and they are very easy to maintain.

When searching though the many styles of ladies’ wedding rings, be sure to know the kind of style of jewelry your partner likes to wear. If she likes a more simple style, then choose a ring that will match her tastes. This is a band that will sit on her finger year after year. It is important that she is comfortable wearing it on a daily basis. It needs to fit into her lifestyle, and not clash with her other favorite pieces of jewelry.

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Birth of Costume in Indian Cinematic World (Part 3)

(Note: The information provided in this article is a result of the doctoral research conducted during time span of five years between 2005 and 2010 in Indian film industry. The information was collected through observation of the process along with personal interviews, questionnaire and group discussions with the personnel working for the industry, critics, historians and in-charge of the organisations responsible for functions related to costuming work in Mumbai films.


The creation process of costumes is being discussed in eleven steps, an introduction to which is available in part one whereas the costume designing portion is available in part two. The first four steps are discussed in part one. The matter has been presented through a series of three articles with last four steps discussed in this article.)


Inside and outside alliances


The way alliances are formed within Indian film industry are one of the most unique among its many peculiarities. The professionals, over a period of time spent in the film industry, develop a loyal or like minded group of people with whom they can work the best. The costume designer gradually finds the tailors, pattern masters, design assistants or the accessory makers who can understand his/her design language and give the required performance. The production team assigns ‘dressmen’ to the designer in most of the films.


About the Authors:


Dr. Sarita Kataria is a Ph.D. scholar, Delhi University


Dr. Seema Sekhri is an Associate Professor at the Department of Fabric and Apparel Science, Lady Irwin College

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Psychology of color

Color is a meaningful constant for sighted people and it’s a powerful psychological tool. By using color psychology, you can send a positive or negative message, encourage sales, calm a crowd, or make an athlete pump iron harder.




Black is the color of authority and power, stability and strength. It is also the color associated with intelligence (doctorate in black robe; black horn rimmed glasses, etc.) Black clothes make people appear thinner. It’s a somber color sometimes associated with evil (the cowboy in the black hat was almost always the “bad guy”). In the western hemisphere black is associated with grieving. Black is a serious color that evokes strong emotions; it is easy to overwhelm people with too much black.




For most of the world this is the color associated with purity (wedding dresses); cleanliness (doctors in white coats) and the safety of bright light (things go bump in the night … not the bright sunshine!). It is also used to project the absence of color, or neutrality. In some eastern parts of the world, white is associated with mourning. White associated with creativity (white boards, blank slates). It is a compression of all the colors in the color spectrum.

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Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Showcases Creativity of Designers

Puja Arya’s Flashback


Her collection was true to the whims of a girl from the urban jungle, chic yet playful, nostalgic, focusing on silhouettes from the 50s & 60s with bested jackets, sequined bolero, the ever favorite mini skirt and belted dresses. In Arya’s signature style, the emphasis was on the waist, puff short dresses and saris.


The ensuing ensembles were in handcrafted silk, satins, silk chiffon, silk crepe, silk chanderi and mulmul. She gave keen attention to the detailing and surface treatment with the use of pleating, Indian gota patch work and sequined flower motifs. The artistic masterful hand block prints moved from graphic geometrics to geometric flower motifs. The colour palette ranged from the stark cityscape black and white, checks, to mulled sunny yellows, effervescent greys, breezy lilacs complimented by scrumptious aubergine culminating in a lipstick pink.


Ashii by Ashima Singh


Ashima Singh’s collection at WIFW A/W 2010 drew inspiration from Madhubani and Mithla paintings of Bihar. Ashima is known for uniting various techniques from India’s rich heritage and incorporating traditional trends into modern fashion. For mounting this collection, she had worked with the artisans, built on their traditional skills and created contemporary hues and designs. Itwas a nice amalgamation of Western ensembles with the traditional art form of Madhubani.


The colour palette dealt with an ivory base hand painted with colours like green, orange, pale yellow, brown and blue. She used fabrics like raw silk, matkas and cotton. The silhouettes were very Western with detailing of ethnic, traditional Indian art form which made it very progressive. Design elements included puffed sleeves, sharp cuts, Western jackets and drapes. Even the footwear had a touch of Madhubani motifs with detailed black outlines. Handcrafted tassels had their own charm which were placed on various areas like shoulder, empire line and waistline.


Monapali’s Resort Elegance


Mona Pali showcased their WIFW NW 2010 collection where resort wear meets tribal, paying ode to the exquisite craft of filigree, the fine jaali work in the collection. Tradition was intertwined with modern sensi bility, old fashioned charm mixed with contemporary eclecticism, a rich sensuality mingled with polished and urban serenity. There was a huge variety of surface treatments. Embroidery was delicate, using mesh, bead, thread, dori with hand paint, discharge print and bold graphical patterns to bend in an easy silhouette in soft sensual fabrics that formed the backbone of the collection. There was a rawness and earthiness in it, juxtaposed with sophistication and elegance.


Fabrics were soft and elegant with rustic, matt, structured materials like chiffon blends, satin and net played around with brocade, madras silk and rich Banarasi kheem khab. The colour palette was vibrant with blue, purple, red, yellow, fuschia, green, wine and orange. Applique, dori and thread work added to the dramatic flair. The silhouettes were a mix of modern and classical cuts with fusion as the mainstay. Dresses, kaftans, tunics, skirts, tops, bustiers and saris find their way into the collection. It was soft, sensual and elegant.

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Colors Worn : Proportional to Your Fashion Sense

Colors have a huge role to play in fashion sense. In fact, the colors you wear decide how fashionable you are! You need not be dressed bright and glittery all the time to be labeled fashionable. But you ought to avoid boring colors and the ‘Plain Jane’ look. Colorful clothes and accessories make you look fashionable and glamorous. Choosing colors as per the season portrays your preference for comfort in fashion. If you dress typically in a typical situation, you are a disciplined fashion lover!

Wearing colors like olive, burgundy, peach, peacock blue, silver, beige, and others define their unique taste. They are leaders of fashion and not mere followers of fashion. They set trends. Favorite colors help in deciding the kind the individual is by nature! Colors have the power to alter moods. The ability to mix and match colorful clothes is an important attribute of having good fashion sense. You should experiment with different colors. This will help you wear colors that do not otherwise suit your complexion in ways that it does! Colors and fashion go hand in hand!

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Spring 2012 Teen Fashion: From The Runway To Your Closet

Spring is in the air… at least, in the fashion world! The Spring 2012 Fashion Shows revealed some great new trends, ranging from historical to athletic to ethereal. The challenge is getting some of these amazing (and sometimes bizarre) runway trends off of the catwalk and into everyday teen fashion looks, like juniors dresses. Get inspired and use the great selection of online juniors clothing out there to make yourself the next teen fashion icon.

Black and White: The classic black-and-white look was all over the Spring 2012 runways, and it’s an easy one to find in online juniors clothing. Find juniors dresses, tops, and sweaters with geometric inspiration for a teen fashion icon-worthy outfit. For a sleek look, keep your entire ensemble sans-color.

Lace: Designers used lace coupled with florals to create a lady-who-lunches vibe. Although the Queen Elizabeth look may not be for you, online juniors clothing options are chock-full of trendy lace options. Stay teen fashion forward by coupling lacey juniors dresses or tops with modern accents like structured jackets, or throw on boots for a rocker-chic look.

Zigzag Stripes: Look for online juniors clothing featuring the cool zigzag stripes that designers obsessed over this season for a teen fashion forward look. Find the patterns on juniors dresses, tops, or sweaters, and pair with teen fashion staples like jackets or sweaters in block colors to let the patterns really shine.

White: There was a whole lot of white on the runways this season, and online juniors clothing makes it easy to recreate the look. Come over to the light side in teen fashion-forward juniors dresses and tops featuring the non-color. If you are daring, go with an all-white ensemble and use textured fabrics and layers to create visual interest.

1920s: Flapper-inspired fringe, dropped waists, and sparkle are a big designer trend this season. Recreate the look with online juniors clothing by choosing boxy, sleeveless juniors dresses and tops that feature metallic or fringe accents. Keep things modern with a sleek pair of teen fashion-forward jeans.

Asymmetrical Tops: The Grecian-inspired off-the-shoulder look was all the rage on the runways this season. Emulate it by searching online juniors clothing for cute juniors dresses and tops featuring the look. Flowy cuts and block colors are elegant, teen fashion friendly options. Update the look by wearing an off-the-shoulder top with jeans and modern accessories.

Blue Prints: Spring 2012 fashion was painted dusty blue in creative patterns, which easily translates to teen fashion. Scour online juniors clothing for cool blue prints on juniors dresses and tops. Pair with white heels –also big this season – for a fresh look, or go for a grittier take with a black sweater or jacket.

Florals: As with almost every spring, designers couldn’t help coming up roses. Teen fashion options in online juniors clothing make it easy to find great floral pieces. This year’s prints feature large blossoms. Don’t be afraid to go for bright colors on juniors dresses and tops!

All of the above trends are available through teen fashion brand HeartSoul. They have a fantastic selection of online juniors clothing, such as juniors dresses and tops, that you should definitely check out in your quest for runway-worthy looks!

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Aesthetic Designing In Tricot Warp Knitted Fabrics

For any manufacturer product innovation, modification and diversification are essential to keep pace with the developing competition in the markets whether it is national or international. The innovation, the modification or diversification can lead to changes in dimensions or physical and chemical characteristics, or in structure and texture. In this work tricot warp knitted fabrics were used for innovative modification which can be used in varieties of applications. Although warp knits already finds applications in certain apparel, industrial, medical and in Geo textiles.

The objective of this work is to develop the warp knitted garments with a specific focus on aesthetic innovation making it suitable for selected apparel end uses. Using tricot warp knitted fabrics garments were developed for sports and casual wears segments suitable for men and women. Using the principles and elements of designing the aesthetic modifications has been incorporated on tricot fabrics. Aesthetically modified fabrics were tested for their suitableness to their intended apparel end uses. Printing, embroidery and hand works like bead, stone, mirror and shell works were the surface modifications used for the aesthetic innovation of the garments.

About the Authors:

A.N. Sai Krishnan is a lecturer at the Department of Apparel Technology at PSG Polytechnic College, Coimbatore.

A. Thirugnanasambantham is a senior lecturer at the Department of Apparel Technology at PSG Polytechnic College, Coimbatore.

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Check Out The Latest In Celebrity Fashion

Well Guys and Gals! We are in spring now. And what can be a better way to bloom in this spring than to update ourselves with the latest celebrity fashion trends/developments. From the dress Kate Middleton wore during her meeting with Michelle Obama to the skin hugging strapless skirt of the Kim Kardashian we have lot to talk about the celebrity fashion and to large extent desire about .

Let’s begin with the Kate’s Reiss dress. It became instant online sensation and the server of the company which was selling this dress crashed. We can say for sure that in the celebrity fashion world, Kate’s Reiss dress has hit an instant chord with the public. Her recently acquired suntanned complexion matched well with the beige colored bandage-strapped Reiss dress. The black stilettos she wore went well with the dress.

Michelle Obama’s fashion style added life and cheerfulness to the Royal Palace. She wore a blue flowered silk dress which was designed by the American designer Barbara Tfank (2011 resort collection). The silk dress went well with the bright pink jacket and the silver colored high heels. Interestingly, there was a decorative brooch which added to her celebrity fashion quotient.

Across the Atlantic, another dress was in the news. This dress was a white and red colored strapless skirt with geometrical patterns on it. Believe it or not, the dress has been graced by two of the greatest celebrity sensation – Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears – in just matter of two days. Do not be surprised if you spot this dress as the spring favorite now. After all, what can be better than flaunting a dress endorsed by celebrity?

But skirts are not the only favorites this spring. Eva Herzigova has created enough ripples in the celebrity fashion sea by putting on shorts at the Cannes. Her black satin-trimmed shorts perfectly complemented her white ruffled blouse. Elegant but sexy, these shorts are perfect for the party purpose. If you would like to jazz it up a bit you can try Alexis Bittar Neo Deco Earring.

Crochets are another darling this spring. And if they are the one endorsed by Jennifer Aniston then one can be sure of extra oomph. The crochet dress we are talking here is a white-colored unlined see-through crochet which was worn by Jennifer Aniston in the movie ‘Just go with it’.

Only a woman knows what good a well-matched handbag can do to her looks. Women celebrities seem to have an even better understanding of this knowledge.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Thorn & Pony evening Bag was a perfect enhancer for her sexy image. Another cool handbag in the celebrity fashion world is Carlos Falchi designed ‘New Rush Bag’ which is flaunted by the Katie Cassidy in the Gossip Girl series.

Clutches have their own niche segment in the world of celebrity fashion. It is especially true if it is designed by Kelly Locke. The “Mimi” clutch designed by Kelly Locke (showcased in the fall 2011 collection) has been endorsed by some of the greatest head turners – Halle Berry, Emma Roberts, Sarah Hyland and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

That’s all folks on the latest trends/developments in the celebrity fashion this spring. Check out this space for regular information in the celebrity fashion area.