Fashion Issue

Fashion Product Development: Concept & Reality

Fashion, an explicit term, is something beyond the common man’s approach and where there is no limit to the permutations one can think of in terms of designing. As the human approach towards change is so frequent and the designer, in a process, to fulfill the demand of new style goes through a number of phases.


The product of Fashion, either it’s a garment or an accessory, goes through the same to take the actual shape that is known as “Design Process.” Taking an example of a garment as a fashion product, the process includes: Inspiration, on the basis of which, Mood & Swatch board, Color Palette, Story & Client boards are created. Specifications & Illustrations (the complete collection) are originated i.e. in overall, an innovative process.


Finding Inspiration shows the designer’s ability to work on the product which gives an overall idea of the collection to be executed. The exploration of the sources makes the design unique and the reinvention/ research of the inspiration influences the garment ideas that emerge after the close observation. An inspiration can be found everywhere, whether it is a seashell on a beach or a splendid skyscraper. The reflective glass of a skyscraper might suggest the use of a shimmering modern fabric; the peeling paint of an old beach hut could stimulate to create a look incorporated into a rippled layers. The designer, however, the furthest extremes can explore.

The first stage of organizing the thoughts and collecting images (Mood board) enable to channelize the creative excitement towards a cohesive collection. It captures the mood or flavor of the design project, as well as reflects the target customer. The in depth study & close examination of the inspiration stimulates the ideas about colors & textures which influence choice of fabrics. Color palette is selected with the important shades and identifying the harmonious combinations from the inspiration whereas black & white inspiration board focuses more on shapes & textures. Methods such as dying, printing, appliqu & manipulating the fabrics convert the stimulated ideas into required textures & fall of the garments. At the stage of developing fabrics for Swatch Board, practicalities of achieving the effects hardly matters whereas innovation is highly demanded. Designing a collection is concerned with decisions of taste, choice and sensitivity and relies on the value judgments.

The actual product (the garment), when takes shape on the fabric includes Pattern development & the process of Garment Production (Layout, Cutting, Stitching, Finishing etc.).As a final product, it gulps the concept in it but the question arises when it comes to reality. As, a layman doesn’t digest the idea of originating such products which don’t meet the requirement/necessity or is not utilized but the criteria is not to fulfill the basic need of the consumer but of the designers, for whom to innovate & create, is an urge that is growth promise & moreover leave a mark on audience’ mind. The idea behind writing this article is to spread awareness about what fashion is. The existence of Fashion is not only to cater the consumer’s needs but to represent the designer’s innovation which brings revolution in the fashion world. As the human tendency which always demands a change, a plenty of experiments worked upon by the designer, creates a difference & design innovative products which usually are considered as non-wearable.