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Microfiber Slacks: Fashion for All Occasions

Pants will never go out of style. It may take on different forms and styles, but a good old pair of pants will always be in fashion. This is why you must invest in good quality pairs of pants that will last for many years. Microfiber slacks are among the most comfortable and durable kinds of pants that you must definitely have in your closet.


Microfiber is a type of synthetic fabric that is commonly made from polyamides, polyester or a combination of the two. This material is often used in making textiles that are woven, unwoven or knitted, which are then used in making various types of clothing. Aside from apparel, microfiber is also widely used in making industrial filters, upholstery and cleaning materials that are used on gadgets, such as mobile phones, music players and gaming consoles.


There are many reasons why microfiber is a top choice in making these useful things. Its durability, softness, strong wicking ability, absorbent property, water repellency, filtering capabilities and electrodynamics make it the perfect material for such stuff.


In apparels, a pair of microfiber slacks always makes a great fit and is very stylish. It can be used as an office attire because it looks very corporate. It may also be used in formal occasions by pairing it with an appropriate top. Its elegance is truly classic. If you thought it will not work as a casual piece of clothing, think again. More daring and adventurous men and women of fashion these days are not afraid to experiment with the microfiber pants. They wear it casually by simply folding the hems outward. It may be paired with a button-down shirt and worn with a belt. For the right footwear, booties are a safe choice as well as heels.


Sometimes, putting up the right ensemble is really just a matter of proper color combination. But you might also want to consider the material of each piece that you wear. Some materials do not look very well together even if their colors complement each other perfectly. Slacks, in general come in warm colors since they are often associated with the corporate world. It may be black, brown, khaki, navy blue or moss green. There are also slacks in lighter colors, such as shades of gray, white and beige. These may also be worn at the office but might be more appropriate for other functions and events.


Taking care of clothes made of microfiber fabric, such as slacks, is very important. Although this material is proven durable, still you need to take the proper steps in caring for it to make sure that it will last for a long time. Follow the instructions indicated on the tags of the microfiber clothes that you have carefully to avoid damaging the material as you wash it. Use only cleaning products that have been proven safe to use on such fabric. Ironing instructions, especially on microfiber slacks, must also be followed exactly as indicated to avoid burning the fabric.

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Chiropractic Fashion Advice

In today’s society, much value is put on the way people look and how they dress. This is not surprising because a person’s status is usually equated with their fashion. The belief that the more fashionable a person is, the more he or she earns because designer items are generally very expensive. The Hollywood and MTV fashion mania affirm this notion with celebrities showing off and posing for the cameras wearing designer clothes and shoes. Unfortunately, fashion stylists and designers, in their quest for individualism and unique styles, often create looks that are attractive but neither comfortable nor practical. Women, more than men, are the usual victims of fashion trends. Statistics show that more women are willing to sacrifice comfort for the sake of looking fashionable. This is the problem according to Dr. Jerome McAndrews, the ACA’s spokesperson, because tight clothes and high heels disrupt the body’s balance and cause muscle strains. Practitioners of chiropractic medicine also agree since most of the complaints of their female patients are not caused by sports but by excessive wearing of uncomfortable clothes and shoes.


A chiropractic fashion no-no that both men and women are guilty of is the use of big bags. Bags that are too heavy disrupt the natural movement of the body especially when slung over one shoulder for long periods of time. Even the simple and seemingly harmless act of putting wallets in the pants’ back pockets is also bad. Chiropractic medicine principle states that these can cause undue strain and pressure on the lower back muscles. Chiropractors agree that as important looking fashionable is, the body’s health is too big a sacrifice.


Doctors of chiropractic medicine do not want to cramp people’s styles, so the ACA offers guidelines to looking fashionable AND comfortable. For women who must wear high heels, they advise bringing and changing into flats in the privacy of their offices or for times that their feet feel tired. Using flats for walking and changing into heels upon reaching the office is also an option. Wearing supportive shoes and more stable heels like stacked heels is also advised since the body won’t need to exert as much effort to balance unlike when wearing designer spikes. Too tight clothes are not good because they restrict the natural movement of the body. Instead the ACA advises to wear clothes with some stretch; these will be form-fitting but not restrictive. It is also important to take unnecessary items out of bags to reduce weight. Bringing laptops is not necessary if the office is equipped with computers. However, if big bags are really necessary, it is advised to sling it over the head and across the body so the weight is distributed evenly. If this is not possible, switching shoulders often is the next best option. Taking out wallets and cardholders out of back pockets is advised before sitting for a long time such as in traveling or driving.


Being attuned to the body’s responses is very important according to the ACA. It is also one of the most basic principles of chiropractic medicine. One vital aspect of being fashionable and comfortable is maintaining healthy judgement.