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Fashion, Gender and Social Identity

Garment and fashion is the subject of intense sociological, historical, anthropological and semiotic analysis in contemporary social theory. The phenomenon of fashion, the impact of which is recognized by the famous cliché : “You are what you wear”, offers a dense, rich set of costume options and reveals multiple and unexpected ways through which fashion is part of the concrete, tangible, profound, complicated and symbolic process of forming of the modern and postmodern Self, identity, body and social relations.


The development of gender identity is a social construct with garment and fashion being two factors of this configuration. Even fashion should be considered as part of the social processes of discrimination, namely the reproduction of hierarchy’s position and prestige in a deeply unequal society.


The aim of this study is to detect different types of human ideas about the evolution of gender through clothing and fashion, what is “feminine” and “male” appearance in the evaluation of various dress styles.


The research part of this paper includes the results of a Qualitative social research. The theoretical framework of feminist theory and the process of informal and conversational interview are chose in order to release the interviewees.


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Is the Fashion Industry Environment Friendly

It is necessary for designers and fashion product manufacturers to indulge in eco friendly and sustainable fashion for the betterment of humanity. From the looks of it, the global fashion industry has not been able to serve Nature equally well!

Manufacturers are only concerned with the raw material. They hardly take note of the exploitation imposed on animals in order to obtain the raw material. Designers make use of these exotic skins without bothering to find out whether the supplier used ethical measures to obtain them. How much of sincere effort has been made in order to promote the use of recycled fashion products? In fact, not even sufficient awareness has been created by manufacturers and designers towards their use.Many manufacturers claim that they make and supply organic products. But not all are genuine.Surveys reveal that only 2.5 percent of the total cultivated land in the world is consumed by cotton, but it consumes 16 percent of the total insecticides used.

Article includes views of Sandra Davidoff, Director of Corporate Public Relations, Aqua Green.

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The Eternal Magic of Traditional Bengali Wedding

India is a land of diverse culture with many different communities living in every parts of the country and for every community Weddings are considered to be the most important and memorable part of one life. It brings lots of sentiments and joy to every member of the family. The new couple is going to begin a new life living back all her memories way back at her maternal house and enter a whole new life with her partner. Like every festivals, Weddings are celebrated with full enthusiasm in every community in India. Generally the families celebrate and declare the union of the couple with grate pomp and show to make it a memorable one. Indian weddings are known for their colorful event, which is mixed up with traditions and customs. Each and every community celebrate their wedding in their own style and for all these occasion one thing which matters most is the Look.


Say for example, how it would be if Rafal Nadal took the center court in a blue jeans and tee-shirt to play the final of Australian Open. How would it be if Manmohon Singh takes his office in his most comfortable sleeping suit? Many a time we forget but the truth is look matters a lot. Every one of us is dressed for the occasion at times consciously and at times not so consciously and sometime we are forced to. But at the end of the day it matters a lot what we actually wears.


A costume gives an in-depth view of certain culture, a period, a society; it also goes far beyond fashion and this is exactly the main reason why dress plays an important role in an occasion. And when we are taking about occasion wedding is perhaps the most important occasion in everybodys life. So it needless to say that dress plays an important role in wedding.


The Bengali community celebrates their wedding with full enthusiasm like every other festival; the rituals of the wedding are very simple and traditional. A Bengali bride represents the true femininity and beauty. The wedding attire of a Bengali bride is very attractive and looks spectacular in its traditional wedding trousseau. A Bengali marriage is not just an exhibition of richness and grandeur it equips much more to the tradition. A bride make-up and jewelry and costume are actually the reflection of the bride herself and her family.


The hair of the bride is usually tied with bun and covered with a veil. The mukut (crown) is placed on her head and is pinned to the veil. The bride must sit with the gaach kouto and kajal lata for the wedding ceremonies. And not to forget the most synonymous of the Bengali wedding the red benarasi sari and with this she not only looks spectacular in the traditional Bengali attire but also she represent himself as the symbol of goodness and strength.

Grooms attire is no less than a bride. The bridegroom in a Bengali community wears a silk dhoti and kurta. The groom drapes a silk cloth around his body known as jor, while performing the marriage rituals. The end of this cloth is tied to the anchal of the brides sari during the marriage ceremony.


And last but not the least, the traditional paper hat topor that grooms wears during the ceremony is also a year long tradition which Bengali people followed throughout these years. This symbolism has been used in much Bengali film starting from Satyajit Rays Apur Sansar to Riturporno Gosh, Noakadubi Bengali marriage has been come as a metaphor to the society. The traditional Bengali marriage is considered as an extension to Bengali culture and society, the history as a whole and bridal costume often becomes a mirror of the society. Bengali bride also wears a tika on her head as it is treated as Goddess Lakshmi. The Hands and feet of the bride are adorned with red liquid known as alta, which is sign of prosperity and also defines the marital status of a woman. When it comes to jewelry, a Bengali community can easily give run over all other communities for their money.


A Bengali bride is adorned with different kinds of jewelries, like, kaanpasha (hand-crafted delicate gold ornament that adorns the entire ear), Hathphool (an ornament comprising of five rings interconnected by thin golden chains), Nath (the large gold loop nose ring connected by a slender gold chain to the Kaan), Chik (gold choker studded with diamonds or other jewels worn around the neck), Panchnari (A necklace with five or punch layers of precious stone), Sapta Lahari (similar to Panch but has seven layers instead) and Hansuli (another traditional necklace of Bengal).


But the most interesting thing is the gradual mix of contemporary styles that has come into the costumes of a traditional Bengali wedding. Now a days the modern Bengali bride often shift from Benarshi to some other sari with the changing times well known designer have come up with many experiments with bridal costumes and jewelries.


Now a days with the changing scenario it is also important to mix past with the present but to keep hold the age long tradition is another important aspect of this beautiful Bengali culture. The traditional Bengali wedding is a marriage of period of epochs where yesterday marks the aurora of tomorrow.


About the Author:


Mr. Adwiata Roy is the Director at the International Hair & Make-up School, New Delhi.

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Wearing confidence : Indian market for womenswear gets commercial

Indian womenswear has gone through a transformational phase during the past decade. Increasing number of working women, independence in deciding financial matters, media exposure, and awareness of current trends give a new dimension to the segment. Womenswear includes both intimate wear and outerwear. Main categories are suits and coats, T-shirts, jumpers, tops, jackets, skirts, blouses, sweaters, and sweatshirts. Ethnic Indian wears like salwar suits also add to it. As the number of working women increase, market for fusion wear and western wear are likely to grow simultaneously. In 2009, Indian womenswear generated a revenue of $10.2 billion with a CAGR of 11.6%.

The industry is highly fragmented, competitive, and much influenced by the every changing tastes and preferences of the consumer. Urbanization, increasing amount of disposable income, increasing brand consciousness and many other factors has propelled the growth of womenswear market. Major players in the market include Povogue, Pantaloon, Page Industries, and Donna Karan etc. Many major men’s brands have now started to enter into the womenswear segment, exploiting the highly lucrative segment.

Global apparel market for womenswear grew by 2.6% during 2011 and reached $600,491 million. It is predicted by industry analysts to exceed $621 billion by 2014, a 12% increase in five years. A Technopak study states that Indian market for womenswear was 72,040 crore in 2011. It further predicts the market to grow and reach 1,11,450 by 2016, and 1,75,300 by 2021.

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A Study of Indian Youth Consumer Behavior While Buying Jeans

The paper aims for understanding the Indian youth jeans buying consumer behavior and preferences. The paper highlights consumers’ inclination towards brands and investigates the level of satisfaction by Indian youth consumer regarding the current available Jeans and issues related to it. In total 73 subjects (47 male and 26 female) aged between 18 to 35 years from diverse economic and social backgrounds were studied using the convenient sampling method. The structured questionnaire with a variety of questions having non-mutually exclusive options (multiple choice as well as dichotomous), rank, order and scale were used for the study. Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) was used to analyze results of the study. The research reveals that the Indian youth is highly inclined to brand while jeans buying and even after paying a decent amount, the consumer is not satisfied with the product. Fit related issues are very much prevalent and are a matter of concern. With the increased number of youth in India such issues need to be taken care by the product providers to take the business advantage.



India is one of the largest and fast growing economies of world and is country of youths with median age of 25 years (Ernst and Young 2010).

About the Authors:


Manoj Tiwari is associated with Department of Fashion Technology at National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gandhinagar, Gujarat.


Prof. (Dr.) Noopur Anand is also associated with the Department of Fashion Technology at National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi

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Cartoons Enter the Segment of High-Fashion Apparel for Grown-Ups

In India, the firm has inked tie-ups to retail its Disney and Marvel T-shirts, scarves and watches for adults with leading stores including Lifestyle, Planet M, Globus and Cotton World. To cash in on the growth of online shopping, the firm has tied up with and The products feature characters such as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Marvel super heroes including Iron Man, Spider-Man, The Avengers and Hulk.
The firm said, overall, Mickey & Friends products including apparel, footwear, sunglasses, watches, tableware, wall decor, fans, bed linen, books, toys and stationery sell in close to 5,000-plus stores in the country. Company officials said the Mickey & Friends franchise rakes in $9.2 billion in global retail sales, and is the leading character of The Walt Disney Company. The kids market in the country is growing at a rate of around 30%.


This article was originally published in the Economic Times dated 1st July, 2013, written by Ratna Bhushan, associated with the Economic Times Bureau, New Delhi.

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Business Fashions For Women

Business fashion is a totally different theme. Up-to-date formal attire is a subtle thing. Though some conventional fashion types are what everybody opts for but women can also research personally to learn the ways to dress in formals. Career clothing for the women is branched into two categories:


  • business clothing
  • business casual clothing

If the career clothing for the woman requires being a business casual, a few important tips must be followed. Business casual is a particular type of clothing. It isn’t as informal as meant to be in a lounge or party. But at the same time it is not as formal as regular office wear; business fashion is a standard clothing code for the career women.

For office casual, pants and skirts do not have to be like a hardcore formal wear. They can be rather casual. They should neither be tight, nor be baggy. Go for solid colors and choose loose-fitting skirts. Career dressing for women should comprise skirts that reach till the knee when standing upright; it would be better if it doesn’t go above the thigh when she is sitting.

Sweaters can be worn as career clothing. The ladies sweaters shouldn’t have bold patterns or a low-cut. The shades and patterns of blouses should match well with the solid color of the pants and skirts. In business fashion a woman can depict her personal style. As long as her dresses present a professional look, they all should be fine.

In many offices there’s a regular business fashion dress code and hence the rules are different. Suits are standard even for the women. Conservative but smart dresses can be worn in such places as career dressing for women. Where as some companies even prefer skirts for women and some do not just care whether a women wears skirt, suits or whatever as long as it is presentable.

Do some research to really find out about the various business options of business fashion. When getting into a new job, it’ll be just fine if you buy a few formal sets. Go to your office, notice your colleagues, gather ideas and then buy some more.

One can get great ideas about the office’s policies on correct career clothing for women by studying what others wear. It helps to figure out who is appreciated by the management. One can follow the people who are successful; do not copy exactly just collect the tips for best results.

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Fashion Can Be Right in Your Finger Tips With Dress Up Games

Let the fingers do the shopping and give you the chance to have luxurious living. If you are a fashion enthusiast, fashion can be right in your finger tips with dress up games!


With the growing sophistication in the society, it can be sometimes necessary that you are not left behind. Though there can be times that you are busied by daily tasks whether it is the school works or your soccer game practice, you should not looked like your aunt and you have to learn the latest fashion trends. If you are hesitant in putting the combination of clothes that you want and you wish to do away with unnecessary spending, you can try the latest fashion dresses with dress up games!

The good thing that goes with dress up games is that you can even assist the celebrities and fashion chic in the fashion world. Have you wondered how Sasha can look like when dress up with the fashion clothing that you prefer? And imagine how striking it could be with her sparkling green eyes? How about the girl with the tan beauty, Yasmin? It would make the difference as her brown eyes take a glimpse of herself in the mirror- the beauty mark underneath her left eye, brown eyes. Or maybe Chloe? The blonde hair with blue eyes, and light tone skin?? Don’t you think a satin silk dress can give the perfect glow? And never forget Jade in her glamorous fashionable outfit for the day’s shopping getaway!

Dress up games delightful as your creative thinking is stimulated by the virtual game. It can give you unnamed pleasure as your desire to become a fashion chic comes alive. Fashion can be right in your finger tips with dress up games, since you do not have to get dizzy with mall shopping and dream of that dress in the fashion boutique store.

Dress up games is readily accessible in the Internet. By a single click search results can give you a lot of options. Find what your heart tells you and weigh the option as to which site can give you the most gratifying and thrilling fashion experience, with quality dress up games.

Follow the fashion enthusiast in you and you would not know how can be helpful in your actual makeover! Be a celebrity chic and see yourself glow in beauty! Get the latest trendy games now with dress up games!

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Fashion Stylist, Key to Looking Beautiful

Everyone wants to look their best. Many of us would spend so much money in order for us to feel beautiful. However, there are times when we often spend it on things that are not suitable for us. It is such a waste of money when we actually spend so much on clothes and cosmetics that dont fit or worse that make us look bad.


How would it feel like to have someone going shopping with us or someone there telling us all about the latest fad in fashion today? Is it more fun to have someone helping on how to wear those clothes? Well, all these could be made possible with the help of a fashion stylist! One does not need to be a celebrity to have their own stylist. In the world today, it is but normal to have one’s very own fashion stylist.


For most of us who are fashion conscious and do have the eagerness to look their best everyday then a fashion stylist is the answer to our need. A fashion stylist could be someone who would show the ins and outs of becoming a trendy fashionista. They would be able to help in shopping for clothes that are suitable for ones age, shape of body, skin color and likes.


Every season, trend in fashion changes, which is why if we want our wardrobe to compliment, then for sure rendering the service of a fashion stylist can be a very good advantage. He/She will be able to tune our wardrobe on various occasions. The right clothes and accessories for our personality will be chosen all perfectly for us. One would certainly notice someone who has their own fashion stylist because they would stand out in the crowd. They have more confidence and they look highly fashionable. All these could be done without having to spend for those designer label clothes. A fashion stylist would know where to get clothes that look really expensive and yet are inexpensive!

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Birth of Costume in Indian Cinematic World (Part 2)

(Note: The information provided in this article is a result of the doctoral research conducted during time span of five years between 2005 and 2010 in Indian film industry. The information was collected through observation of the process along with personal interviews, questionnaire and group discussions with the personnel working for the industry, critics, historians and in-charge of the organisations responsible for functions related to costuming work in Mumbai films.


The creation process of costumes is being discussed through this series in eleven steps, an introduction to which is available in part one. The first four steps are discussed in part one. The fifth, seventh and eighth steps are discussed in this article.)


Costume classification and related possibilities


Scene division for costumes includes understanding the list of all characters and extras in each scene and character division for costumes requires knowing about individual character’s changes through the film. The above give rise to the final dress plot for the film and costume arc for each character respectively. The practices followed by different designers vary while doing routine analysis of script for noting down costume classification regarding number of scenes and characters in a movie. In cases of those film projects for which such wardrobe outline is prepared formally by costume design team, it automatically provided a quick check on general appearance of all characters with descriptions of scene numbers and locales.