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What Do Asian Markets Have in Store for Fashion Lovers

Asian fashion market is emerging in large parts. But it can be said that it is progressing at a rate faster than the traditional fashion markets like France, Italy, UK, or USA. It is expected to rule the North American and European markets in a short span of time.

Japan, in eastern Asia, was a major hub for fashion lovers from the very beginning. Its fashion industry was worth US$ 1001 billion in the year 2000. It still retains its charm in the world market. Hong Kong has a well developed fashion products manufacturing industry, retail industry, and frequently organizes internationally acclaimed fashion shows. Apart from these traditional fashion markets, Asia has the highest number of emerging fashion markets of the world. India, Singapore, and UAE have a promising future in the world fashion ground. Asian markets have a lot to offer to fashion lovers around the world. Its fashion is integrated with its cultural trends and its age old practices. This makes Asian fashion all the more special!