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Europe Vs US : fashion wars

Fashion brands from Europe and US are at war when it comes to attracting their customers online, in China, Brazil, Russia and a few other emerging markets. A survey take by The Digital Luxury Group, states that European brands do a better business in attracting customers online and in the emerging BRIC markets. American brands are lagging behind when it comes to emerging markets.

Regarding US fashion brands, only 7.5% of global searches are from BRIC countries. 69.8% are from the US itself, and 20.7% are from Europe. On the contrary, 30.5% of the searches for European brands are from BRIC countries, 24.7% are from Europe, and 41.5% are from the US. European brands such as Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Gucci, had the most 24.5% share from their home regions. This can be compared with the 30.5% share of the BRIC countries, and 41.5% in the US, and 3.5% in Japan. China remains as one of the primary luxury market at a global level. For fashion brands established or exploring their market in China, recent survey results indicate that sales are slowing down. Chinese market is going through a rapid transformation, and to be successful in the fast changing China, brands require refocusing their attention on China.

There are conventional cultural differences between EU and US. European brands have, and are faring much better than their US counterparts. While Europe is closely associated with high fashion, preppy, casual wear are favored by American brands.