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First Ladies of USA – The Style Icons

First ladies of America have a history of being ‘style icons’. Their style is imitated by women all over the world. Jacqueline Kennedy, the thirty fifth first lady of America, was a fashion symbol for the country. She was popular for her bright colored evening gowns. The wife of the sixteenth President of USA (Abraham Lincoln) had an exotic taste for clothing. But her dressing sense could be termed ‘overdressed’. She wore expensive clothes that attracted positive as well as negative attention.

American women have copied the likes of their first ladies and rejected their dislikes. Bustle gowns completely lost its place in USA; simply because a rumor spread in the country that Frances Cleveland, the twenty seventh first lady of USA, did not like to wear bustle gowns and she was not going to wear them anymore. First ladies were dressed exotically all the time. The current first lady of USA, Michelle Obama, is also no less a style icon! She fearlessly wears bright colored clothes, despite her complexion.