A kind man sitting across the table slides his half-empty glass over, and she thanks him drunkenly. This drama wasn’t bad for me when I first watched it. I hated the ending. But at times, when I think about this drama, I did feel like watching some of my favourite scenes again and regretted that I had deleted them all. But the one who meets him near his house is an interesting case — his demeanor toward her is much different than the way he was toward the girl in the red dress. Plan B was a flop. Arhazivory March 12, at I couldn’t even watch the whole thing

Eun-seok is nowhere to be seen by the time the video dims and the lights go up, having excused her wasted self to a stairway in order to call Min-gu. There’s one scene where Eun Seok stuffs her face then goes outside to vomit. Like everyone out there, I could not make sense of the ending. I’m sorry, but I have to ask. There are a ton of repeated actions and reactions by characters that can be made into one of the easiest drinking games ever — and one that will land you on the floor pretty fast. I could hardly believe it! A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

I’m sorry, but I have to ask.

A Love to Kill

There are different types of bad boys within bad boy categories, yes. Meanwhile, Joon-sung continues to give the presentation to possible foreign investors, showing off his prowess in multiple languages. The first Full House is total wasted my time, till now, I really can’t figure how I managed to watch it till the very end.

And the ending is even more ridiculous and questionable that Autumn Heart 8- still, I guess in the end you cant pick who you love, lolz. That is until the last few episodes, during which I found myself hurling pillows at the TV and screaming the word idiot and its many synonyms at the leads. I had to wait an hour to see 15 minutes of an episode or something like this.

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episoed Or was he trying to tell her subtly: They share a beer and some feelings, with Min-gu apologizing for leaving his younger brother alone to face the world for so long. Love the ending, though. I love Shin Mina, but this is just too much melodrama for me.


I could hardly believe it! I dislike the bad boy attitude, to American, and I need Korean style of bad boy.

Even when they encounter a group of gangsters at a hostess club is Da-jung a pimp too? Oh yeah btw, you are funny as hell too! Anyone who knows me knows that. Bok-gu jokes that if Min-gu is her stalker, he better give up the ghost now. I’ll just go on and tell anyone who cares to listen Miica March 12, at 8: I’m sold – BUT on the other hand i wasn’t sure if i could sit through a 16 episode melodrama, especially a rather old one from 05 which sort of ensures dragging storylines.

This was one of my first dramas, so episofe about it either intrigued, allured, surprised or repulsed me. He might have thought about letting a girl commit suicide because of him, but he saved her in the end. Oh I love que sera sera, llve a drama that is still good watching it years later. Couldn’t stand Stairway to Heaven. I really didn’t care for her acting either in this one, but she has improved.

He finds Eun-seok passed out in the stairwell, and his attempts to rouse her end up with him falling on top of her. O the one with rain? At least something different and definitely not a classical one!!

Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Even despite all of this I found myself totally sucked in and overlooking its many many faults and just enjoying the very tumultuous ride. Destroyed me for days, after a couple hours of sobbing like someone real died, and a lingering feeling of depression – even now, when I hear the music, my heart catches in my throat.

What keeps me with this drama is the fact that those actors, esp Rain and Shin Min Ah, successfully convinced me emotionally, though not a plot-wise drama afterall. Instead, he tells her to go ahead and jump off. In hindsight, he was probably devouring the remnants of the food particles left on her mouth. Brenda March 12, at 6: I watched this at the peak of my Rain fever but until today I cannot classify it as a favourite because of the terrible ending. Since you mentioned ‘Sangdoo’ in your re-cap, I’d like to say one thing about it here: I agree with everyone else, that the post-vomit kiss was positively wretched, but the night kiss on the beach gave me tingles.


Something in the scene, in the setup, in these two people make it so real, and make me feel for them so much For a cast list and more information visit http: Even his brother gave his blessing. He was at his hottest hair suit and glasses and all in this drama.

And the soundtrack, I love the soundtrack! Anyway, along the way, this definitely was a drama to forever turn me into a K-drama addict, despite or because? I was initially drawn to this series because of how dark it seemed to skew, and because a love story set in the background of revenge sounded epic at the time. Rain on the other hand was impressive as always, even having the nastiest snotting fits ever during his sob scenes really, it was SO GROSS!! BokGu did all this for his brother, his love for his brother.

I mean he’s in all meaning and purpose the definition of a “hot guy”, built to the bone, great face, awesome voice, amazing moves, but I never found him attractive. I remember always meaning to watch this drama because Rain and Shin Mina?

But I’m also a writer and a fan of great writing. And I remember I was so innocent back then regarding the K-drama: I only remember Rain and Kiss!