Three bombs detonated in central Rangoon on 7 May In the “Saffron Revolution,” tens of thousands of Buddhist monks led massive anti-junta demonstrations. Invitations to increase female participation in the peace process and political leadership. They can produce their own talking points, PowerPoint presentations and campaign information. Meanwhile, the regime faces financial shortages due to its own mismanagement and irresponsible spending priorities. Authorities continue to use repressive laws to arrest and prosecute activists, farmers, and human rights defenders, including those opposing land confiscation.

Serious challenges remain; Monks still harassed; Harassment of activists; Censorship alive and well By-elections to fill 48 vacancies left by such appointments as well as by resignations and deaths were held in April Doubts Fairness of Election in Myanmar”. We communicate with them on a daily basis to share information. The KNU 7th Brigade defection: On cooperation with other pro-democracy forces With the military regime in a weakened state, now is the time for ASEAN and the international community to push the junta towards genuine and comprehensive reforms for democratization in Burma. A forced “yes” vote will likely intensify unrest in Burma among a population increasingly dissatisfied with the entrenchment of a regime notorious for its abuses and economic mismanagement.

Pg 11 The Aftermath: Asians Should Help; US: The two largest opposition parties, the National Democratic Front and the Democratic Party conceded defeat, however, along with four other altaean parties, filed formal complaints about fraud with the election commission.

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Women and children have been particularly vulnerable. Despite declaring a state of emergency in Arakan State, the regime fails to stop the violence.


Retrieved 21 August Archived from the original on 4 March ASEAN calls for more dialogue If the army remains passive, it will embolden the population to take a stronger stand for their rights. The Nation, Jun 14 China, India, Bangladesh, as well as ASEAN countries, should be gravely bjrma by the regional repercussion of instability inside Burma and work together to pressure the regime for genuine reforms.

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Another Rohingya is killed for speaking to media. A Peace of Pie?

More killed in jade landsides; One-year logging ban proposed Crackdown on student activists; More political prisoners freed; Media restrictions continue; Religious freedom situation; Ojea Quintana bkrma Burma Report Card July-September In the run up to the warch, there were several bomb blasts in Myanmar.

No progress in Burma Sliding Backwards from Reform September Intl Strategy Meeting on Burma statement; Appendix 3: Grassroots organizations are electiom more sophisticated. Important proposals rejected In numerous cases, the authorities respond to peaceful protests with arrests and excessive use of force. At least three of those detained are former political prisoners: Refugees detained, deported; Migrant workers abused A forced “yes” vote will likely intensify unrest in Burma among a population increasingly dissatisfied with the entrenchment of a regime notorious for its abuses and economic mismanagement.

Much of their work, which remains confidential due to security reasons, continues to inspire us. Views Read Edit View history. Archived from the original on 10 November Has your work been replicated?: No civil rights for civil society; Human Rights Commission inaugurated The briefer examines the National Convention including elecfion on structure, process, reasons why it is illegitimate, democratic alternatives, and international responses I have spoken to a number of the foreign secretaries of ASEAN countries, who’ve issued strong statements.


Letpadaung crackdowns; Michaungkan protest dispersed; Rangoon protesters charged Attacks on multiple fronts; Kachin State: The thousands of Rohingya boat people are only the tip of the iceberg.

In order to achieve its mission of leading advocacy campaigns and capacity-building efforts to establish a free and democratic Burma, the network has worked to ensure both burka and offline access to its information.

Myanmar portal Other countries Atlas. Election not free, fair, or transparent; US: Words not matched by actions.

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How do you plan on overcoming altseab obstacles?: T he l egal framework for land acquisition violates international standards.

Karen grassroots and civil society organizations have responded to the attempt to cause division by rallying around the KNU, confirming their place as the legitimate leaders of the community. US report slams Malaysia Living conditions for Rohingya have severely deteriorated as a result.