I don’t remember the first season’s sequence of arcs, but it will follow the sequence shown in the ending. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Serious the only girl not to shown in a school swimsuit is Rihoko And looks like my expectations of cameras was wrong. But it’s is on indefinite suspension with no sign of it ever returning. The other girl can’t be so crappy at speeches that she get 3rd Secondo Passo Ladies versus Butlers!

PoorSae Second place though! Didn’t know they had a Rihoko video for that clip as well since they have so many versions of it; but ya i hope she gets some closure this time around; the fact that she was friend zoned was one of things i didn’t like about season 1 so hopefully they change it this time around. I would hate to see her when she’s old enough to drink though the fun that would’ve been. Care to recommend me an anime guys? Romance scenes were great though. It did seem so, her playful side was shown a couple times this arc and it was always such a treat: Let’s try to keep the hinting and talking about future arcs to a minimum! Why you should watch The Voice, World of Dance and more!


God Jun is so lucky he finds girls that understand his neutron dense brain. The [Misc Fanart] flair is used to post art in other forms or even in drawings sd specific cases that don’t match the two above.

And so ends Tsukasa’s arc Busy time of year again so things might out of the norm! Pretty much how you look at it, itself means animefuxhigi with the light peering through the window. I hope we’ll see more of the seniors tomorrow NSFW adorable little scene. Note on the special: Childhood friend curse not my fault!


I’ve tried to watch anime many a time, but always get disgruntled by the poor quality of shows like naurto and bleach, can you guys recommend a plot driven series that is not overly stereotypical in its style ex 12 year old school girls with giant breasts, tenticals, etc.

Junichi does look interested in Rihoko’s chest there. I figured she would win, but there was still that little bit of uncertainty. Roberta’s Blood Trail Black Lagoon: Miya is just like her brother, as scary as episodr sounds.

Again, these types of shows typically aren’t my deal, so I may just be the wrong person for it. Will it be something else entirely? As a result, her quality of life has improved. Long story short I’ve been suspended once in my life and it was smashing the person whom I thought was a friend’s face into a door among other things. That special fanservice though.

Serious the only girl not to shown in a school swimsuit is Rihoko Ok, this episode left me a bit disappointed. Next is Rihoko though, not sure if I’m really looking forward to that That was smooth as hell, though – gotta give him credit.

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You still have the negatives Very fitting episode title. If you felt like Junichi hadn’t shown his pervy side in a while, this special is here for you. She “couldn’t turn the tide”? Not a big fan of Moeblob. Season 2 Episode Guide.


You know what I really ahimefushigi about this arc? We simply would like to collect user testimonials so that other members maybe be able to use findings in determining whether or not said anime is right for them.


Its too bad there are only 2 episodes per character in this season. So she drags him to animedushigi shed. I personally like Shakugan no Shana its my number one anime.

You are a bottomless wellspring of positivity, Miya. Vanguard Carnival Phantasm Casshern: Nothing can counter this much density It’s like a singularity.

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Well, I think this was Tsukasa’s best episode out of 6, if only she’d acted this was most of the time! Next one is Rihoko. Its a pity next arc is Rihoko’s arc, shes my least favourite.

Now if only that happened more in anime ; I want so badly fpisode see much more of this couple Me too. See you in future. PoorSae Second place though!