Meanwhile, King Zenoheld learns of Mylene and Shadow’s fall and blames their lose, as well as the Resistance obtaining the Alternative data, on his son Prince Hydron who he has tortured as a result. Before either battle can reach a conclusion, the Vestal palace explodes, barely giving Dan and Drago any time to escape as Spectra and Cyber Helios retreat with Gus, Brontes, and Elico whom were thrown out of the escape craft by Mylene. Unfortunately, the transporter must be repaired before another trip can be made. When Skyress begins struggling against Lync, Master Ingram decides to embrace his new powers and enters the battle, defeating Lync. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Michael locks onto the palace’s coordinates and the Resistance – minus Runo, Julie and Alice – head for the battle and arrive just in time to see Helios and Vulcan in trouble. Along the way, Mira reveals that only a few people of the Vestals realize that the Bakugan are intelligent creatures, while the rest of the people have not been told. Alice doesn’t like Lync one bit and tells him that when the transporter is repaired, he is “so gone”.

Baron, Shun and Marucho have beaten the other Vexos and arrive in time to see Dan and Ace win, claiming the mechanical Maxus Dragonoid traps. Runo gets into a fight with Dan and thinks that he thinks that she’s not strong enough to face the Vexos. Angered by his defeat in Vestroia, King Zenoheld has commissioned Dr. Just then, Gus shows up and starts to mess with Dan’s head, asking what he will gain from saving the Bakugan, leaving Dan with this question. The legendary warriors conclude that Drago should not have been able to access the Perfect Core’s power and change attribute while in his new body, but the power of the forbidden cards allows him to do so. Retrieved from ” https: Just then Marucho drops in and saves them. Spectra takes Mira to see a team of special mechanical bakugan that he and Dr.

Dan successfully launches Apollonir into Drago’s chest and Drago irses, defeated, returning to his normal self. Meanwhile, Shun checks the security tapes and notices Shadow and Mylene following Billy to Marucho’s house.


After an original order of 26 episodes, they revealed in the next time credits of episode 26 that the series was extended by Teletoon and Cartoon Network to be 52 episodes.

Not much is known about the Vestrpia Bakugan except that they are incapable or unwilling to communicate. Maron bids farewell and thanks everyone for the great day and departs Dan then notices that Drago is crying and that if he doesn’t stop Spectra from giving Drago so much power, Drago could die.

List of Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia episodes – Wikipedia

She heads to her home to search for clues on her brother’s computer but comes up with nothing. So Gus decides to take matters in his own hands and confront the Resistance, and bring pride back to the Vexos. During the battle, Master Ingram begins feeling doubt about his evolution and is taken out of the battle.

Michael’s transporter system is destroyed leaving Dan and his friends trapped on Vestal.

The two leave for New Vestroia, with Marucho following after overhearing Drago’s plan to leave the others behind. With the battle against the Alternative pressing on, Hydron shows up to lend a hand.

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Unfortunately, Farbros is completely destroyed in the process. As the battle wages on, Baron is defeated defending Drago, who taps into the power of the Perfect Core, defeating Mylene and Shadow easily as well as destroying the dimension controller.

Dan wakes up, with his fever broken, to find that Apollonir has crossed over to Earth. Everyone except Runo, Julie and Billy are transported to Spectra’s ship, since he states that he would only allow the brawlers and bakugan originally bestowed with the Bakugan Attribute Energies to go with him.

Most of the episodes originally premiered in North America on Teletoon except for episodes 27 through 29, 33 through 35, and episode 43, which premiered on the Cartoon Network. The final dimension controller is destroyed and Mira apologizes for betraying the Resistance, but they welcome her back into the group otherwise.

Baron, Mira and Ace decided to stay on Earth to train and head to Dan’s house for dinner. Marucho finds himself in a desert with Elfin.


Spectra takes Mira to see a team of special mechanical bakugan that he and Dr. Later she contacts Spectra asking to battle him and riaes that decide her fate: Spectra and Helios admit defeat and admit that Dan and Drago are the best brawlers.

Meanwhile, Marucho slowly awakens, despaired that Elfin was gone.

While the Resistance celebrate the success with Drago’s Battle Gear, the Vexos begin to finish their plans for planetary domination. Vstroia first it looks like things are going well but Dr. In a last-ditch attempt, the ancient warriors vanish and summons Drago, Elfin, Ingram, Wilda, Nemus and Percival and their partners to give the six bakugan their attribute powers, causing them to evolve.

Bakugan: New Vestroia Episode 31

Before he can, the massive overload causes Altair to crash and shut down, ending the battle. The match begins and Drago appears to have the upper hand, that is until Helios whips out his Twin Destructor Battle Gear, which gives Drago a hard time. By the time Shun realizes it’s a trap, Marucho and Ace fall for it. However, it results in vestrois portal opening in Bakugan Interspace causing it to collapse, which means if it continues further causing the Interspace to shut down with the four of them still inside, they could be trapped there forever!

Aranaut defeats Baron and Nemus and destroys the field of Bakugan Interspace. Dan, Runo, Mira and Baron make it to the human world but pick up some unwanted visitors in the form of Spectra, Gus, and Lync. Michael used the technology in Lync’s Gauntlet to repair the machine and only those with Gauntlets can go through, meaning that Runo, Julie and Alice must stay behind.

However, Drago continues to push forward and wins the nfw, but nearly passes out due to the amount of power needed to control JetKor.