Discovering a hidey-hole from Kurt underneath his house Working on his house above the arena village Starting to construct the rail line to the arena. Working on decorating the arena entrance. See Slaying of the Wither. Discovering another prank by the E Prankster , replicating an early house from “Building with BdoubleO” Working on a house near the prank. Working on buildings in the arena village Looking for adlingtont. Visiting Guude’s village and trying to trade with villagers Touring Doc’s treehouse Touring Etho’s base and killing cows. Explaining his lag problem Visiting his house by Guude and exploring a vine hallway Talking about the upcoming update Working on his rail line using new redstone blocks. Discussing and using shaders Talking about his plans for a contracting business on the server Building a store for his contracting business.

Making a skeleton trap with Etho and Guude. Working on the roof of the arena Caving. Rebuilding columns in the arena Following Shree’s clues to find his records Dealing with creeper damage. I can’t get this thing out of my mouth! Collecting animals Working on the exterior walls of the arena. Showing the enchanting setup Etho modified Discussing his Nether path Building a dock.

Wither Hunting with Doc! Showing his farm and bdouvleo beginnings of his house Getting lost in the nether Opening his Christmas gift.

Testing the Luck Box and watching Arkas’ show Talking about Doc’s planned witch farm Making a chicken farm Discussing building an arena. Mindcrack Server – Episode 56″. Meeting NewMindcracker at the Town Hall and noticing that some areas are dark enough to spawn monsters Reconstructing the bridge from his house to spawn Correcting what he had said about lighting in the Town Bdoublfo and changing some minor floor designs.

Mindcrack Server – Episode 71″.

Minecraft :: NEW Tree Building! :: Building with Bdo…

Hanging out at generikb’s base Trading with villagers Fighting mobs appearing from under thejims mycelium island Leaving the threat of a “horse head” at thejims. Working on the arena Touring thejims base. Bdoub,eo to solo kill a wither pt. Showing what has changed with the Town Hall Explaining why he didn’t film the entire building process and discussing lighting methods Making the pediment of the town hall. Receiving food from Etho in payment for killing mcgamer Working on the fountain in front of the arena Fighting with adlington for cobble Growing food and farming XP at the Ender Ender.


B Team Trial Epilogue. The playlist for this season is “The Mindcrack Minecraft Server”. Acknowledging Zisteau’s village house and discussing beacon properties Adding details to the arena village Talking about the livestream with the GhostCraft mod and shirts for MineCon. Please use the talk page for contact. Working bdoubkeo the bsoubleo Clearing his house of iron golems, cats, clay and gravel that Baj left.

Searching for diamonds and iron for his beacon Prepping to cure a zombie villager. Explaining how the classes are set up Inaugural Arena Games.

Working on the village roads Discussing his desire for a 108 counter and weddings. Working on the roulette table at the B-Team casino Watching generikb survive an anvil drop.

Talking about music from from one of his favorite authors Killing chicken montage Discovering mcgamer has encased the “E” in the arena with bdouble Discussing the identity of the pranker while removing the E. Repairing his diamond pickaxe Collecting clay from the ocean and finding a zombie spawner Completing the dome of the Nether Hub. Discovering a hidey-hole from Kurt underneath his house Working on his house above the arena village Starting to construct the rail line to the arena.

Exploring a mineshaft Working on building his house. Town hall ground breaking”.

Minecraft Building with BdoubleO – Episode – Where Bad Horses Go –

Adding aesthetic features to the pathway leading to his house like benches, bushes and custom pine trees. Turning the Arena into a courtroom Practicing their story for the court hearing Convincing Pause to be a lawyer for them Leaving a bribe for Baj.

Looking for quartz and discussing tactics Fixing the looting sword and making Feather falling boots and showing the arena Zisteau fixed Making a walk in closet that dresses you after selections are made.

Looking at the beginning of the thejims river Exploring a mineshaft under the arena. At the Arena village Checking out the villagers and constructing a new house in Guude’s village Discussing other games he’s playing. Talking about his livestream with generikb Confusion in the nether tunnels Leaving a note for the person bribing MCGamer to bdoubldo the B-Team Collecting materials from other epsiode Finding sand left over from adlingtont’s prank on the arena village Traveling to his previously claimed area to begin building.


Thanking everyone for their support at the trial Talking about the art show he went to with his wife Discussing mcgamer’s prank. Mindcrack Server – Episode 61″. Discussing armor classes and mechanisms for the arena battles Trying out a fight in the arena.

I’m Great at Cavin’! Moving sand and threatening Adlington with death Discovering Generikb’s trailer in the village Caving for diamonds and resources for Generikb.

Working on the village outside the arena Talking about being a contractor and becoming a full time YouTuber.

Showing a prank Etho built of his house in the Town Hall Being pranked with mushroom blocks by generikb. Working on the water feature in front of the arena Constructing roads in the village.

Going to Baj’s Treats Tearing broubleo mcgamers house in the arena village because of what he said during the trial Revealing the location of the B-Team base, seizing VintageBeef’s castle and talking about their plans. See Slaying of the Wither. Discovering the arena village has been walled in and covered by sand Cleaning up adligtont’s prank Modifying Guude’s village to increase villager breading Enchanting at the Ender Ender.

Mindcrack Server – Episode 67″. Showing off his new horses jumping skill Explaining the details epiisode added to his house. Testing TNT transport on his creative world Discovering Generik’s arrow noisemaker Searching 18 the morning explosion Working on the rail.

Building a house and a water wheel that harvests and cooks potatoes Talking about a shaders mod. Working on decorating the arena entrance. Preparing to build a Mayan temple Showing the finished facade. Making tweaks to his path Talking about Starbound Making trees for Arkas.

Caving with Guude Exploring a ravine. Caving Working on the entrance of his house and showing his storage system.