The higher the performance of the watch, the more power it needs. If you don’t complete these calibrations on a daily basis or more often than that , you may find your altimeter reading is off — anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand feet. Watches could be off on altimeter readings by as much as feet based on the day of testing and we were surprised to discover that a watch with GPS does not always lead to more accurate measurements. September 1st, 3. If you encounter weather, continue to calibrate the altimeter manually at known sites using either a map or elevation markers on the trail. Submit a new link. If it also includes a GPS, you can determine your location and even navigate to specific coordinates. For those that are looking to pinpoint a location and calculate true vertical gain and loss for the day, you will have to pay a little extra for better accuracy.

A compass feature is great for a general point of reference. As a GPS-enabled watch, its battery life suffers, but it still lasts much longer than its closest feature-filled competitors, like the Suunto 9 Baro. The Casio models are difficult to use with thick gloves as the buttons are recessed a bit more. Many of the watches display altitude intervals of three feet, as opposed to the Casio’s five. If not, you should find out the barometric pressure where you are and manually enter it into your watch. I have an Avocet Vertech that needs servicing calibration and battery change. Updated December With northern hemisphere summer in the rearview and winter on the horizon, we have updated this review to bring you the latest info on the altimeter market.

However, my first Casio, after a couple of years, stopped developing enough power to give compass and altitude readings although it still tells the time, and the battery level meter says “high”. Battery life is of the utmost importance when heading out on any multi-day mission.

In addition, we tested each model side-by-side in a wide range of environments and activities. Over several months, we put each altimeter watch to the test. In a lot of ways, the more battery life a watch has, the more reliable it is.

Both awtch started fully charged.

The Best Altimeter Watches Review

If you are a seasonal backpacking guide or regular distance hiker, you will find value in watches that ultimately cost significantly more, but include a handful of features that are watcch and sometimes essential for those activities.

It only works for me in paragliding as an altimeter, compass, and weather info pressure. A traditional model has three primary functions; altimeter, barometer, and compass sometimes referred to as an ABC watch. Some folks are truly interested in this information, while others flr aren’t. Without the GPS, this watch lasts roughly one month in regular watch mode.


Best watch/fitness band for paragliding? : freeflight

I have tested my X10 with 1 sec intervalls and when fully charged, it will give me about 6 hours of operation. The simple answer is that it helps you and your watch track weather and make educated predictions about incoming storms. Submit alrimeter new link. After talking with mountain guides, ultra runners, hikers, and backpackers, we identified six key metrics to consider during testing; altimeter accuracy, battery life, ease of use and interface, the number and quality of features, display quality, and comfort.

Once you’ve learned about what an altimeter watch has to offer, and what alrimeter consider, check out our Best Altimeter Watch for Hikers and Backpacking review to make a selection.

Last edited by Joakim Agren; September 1st, at I appreciate the help! However, if you’re in the market for a timepiece and would also like to know the barometric pressure and altitude every now and then, this easy-to-use, long-lasting Best Buy winner may be your best bet. Altometer is the closest you are going to get and I have seen paragliders use it. Without the GPS, it lasts roughly two weeks before needing a recharge. When GPS is on, watches will last anywhere from just eight hours to 50 hours based on the settings and your location.

Welcome to Reddit, the paragoiding page of the internet. We love the large font and the options to change the watch from the digital format seen here to an analog format. As a result, the air pressure fro higher. Lastly, we looked at how well the watch was able to keep a stable altimeter reading while sitting in the same place for a few days ebst with weather changes.

However, these readings are not always precise. The Suunto Core Alu also has a regular watch battery but is only rated to last 12 months. Garmin Fenix 5x Plus Sapphire. It is easy to set zero when you have it on your wrist while passing by the landing site, which i forget to do most of the time with the vario in the bag. Amazing features, long battery life for GPS watch, awesome display, easy-to-use, colorful and clear font.

Paragliring the most accurate altimeter, poor battery life in comparison to non-GPS, lacks comfort. A little archaic in comparison, you have to keep your wrist level and horizontal to get an accurate reading.


Each watch that we tested is outfitted with at least a couple of sensors. In the end, we learned that the Garmin Fenix 5x Plus Sapphire was undoubtedly the best in this category featuring all the basic altimeter functions and a slew of others. The Casio PAGB-2 scores lowest; the rigid, thick, scratchy, cloth-like band is not very comfortable to wear.

On long trips and throughout the life of the watch, there is no need to worry about charging. Here are some pictures of the recent adventures, enjoy! We ran, hiked, and backpacked over miles with over 19, feet of vertical gain. See all prices 4 found. Mine gives me a reading every five seconds for paagliding minutes, watcu a reading every two minutes — but with two button pushes, you can start the process again. Since you’ve got the Solario, all you need is an altimeter watch.

I have two altimeter watches. These watches, like the Suunto 9 Baro or Garmin Fenix 5x Plus Sapphire provide health metric insights that go well beyond an ‘altimeter watch’. For this feature, we looked at the quality of the barometric graph and whether or not the watch allows you to manually change the sea level pressure. That said, wztch GPS is off, a watch can last anywhere from just 14 days to six weeks based on the model. One of the big pros of any GPS watch is the features.

We did these tests numerous times, in a variety of weather conditions, watcn see which truly performed the best.

As is often the case with shiny new things, we found that features we had never previously considered became more and more useful as over time. Qatch the watches we tested come with a stopwatch, countdown function, and some sort of alarm.


The lower watch is the Core while the watch above is the Suunto Ambit3 Peak. Here wtch see the left side of the watch with two buttons and the sensor. Comfortable, high quality, easy-to-use, highly accurate, GPS, many features, rechargeable battery.